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Dear Marion,
It's in places you'd never dream. I've been doing cob construction for almost ten years in LA. I've built all kinds of things and most of the time it's right below your feet. Along the coast it's silty and will work, but will powder off in time. Closer to the mts. it has dg in it and it quiet effective and almost a perfect mix of sand and clay. In  the SF Valley it's in everyones yard below the 1/4" of top soil.I even found it on top of the highest level of the Santa Monica mtn. range in bright orange. Construction sites have tons of it and all you do is ask, but you really need to be careful your not getting waste. I also found some really sticky stuff along side an industrial road that turned out to be from a sewer and when I added water it was so bad I nearly threw up. Don't add top soil to it thinking it's clay, because you'll have a Chi Chia pet (http://guestofaguest.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/barack.png) really fast and it's weak. When you get
 into the clay you learn more about it and find out it's a life saver as it extracts toxens out of your skin and the air around you into a big way.I made a gift for my mom who lives near the 405 and the surface was orange when I gave it to her and it now a darken grey from the polutants and rubber from the hwy. I also know of a Bentonite clay mine that can make any itch or hang over go away today. In LA their is more clay than any substance other than sand. So let's get building.

p.s. some of my cob creations to check out:


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> Hi there,
> we want to build a little cob web playhouse at my daughters
> school. Does anyone know where I can get claysoil in the LA
> area? 
> Thanks for your help, Marion :-)
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