Web Site and Bibliography

Susan Newcomer snnewcomer at earthlink.net
Sun Jul 5 21:15:21 PDT 1998

Hello Guild members, and a special hello to the Ojai
Course alumni.  How can it be that an entire year has
slipped by since June of 1997?  

Anyway, I want to let everyone know about the 
permaculture section I have added to my web site.  
Included in the web site is a bibliography with materials
of interest to students of permaculture, or such things
as organic agriculture, solar energy, appropriate 
technology, water shed, orchards, etc.

I am planning on adding additional entries to the 
database, and additional material to the rest of the

The URL is:


Have a great summer, and I hope to see everyone at 
various Guild events.

			--Susan Newcomer

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