U Pick Organic Strawberries

awerbalo at calpoly.edu awerbalo at calpoly.edu
Mon Jul 13 17:21:03 PDT 1998

Those amazing Cal Poly organic berries just keep coming, and they taste
better than any strawberries I've ever had.

There aren't many students around to pick them to take to Farmers Market
or the Co-op, so I'm making a special offer to CCPGers and the general
community to PICK YOU OWN at the special price of 75 cents a basket, or
four baskets for $2.

The first day this will be available is this coming Thursday morning,
July 16 from 8:30am to noon. If you need directions, let me know. I'm
willing to arrange other times if people would appreciate that. (Do
Sunday mornings sound good?) I will probably make available other fresh,
certified organic, heirloom produce which you would not find elsewhere,
but only if I get the kind of response which indicates people care about

Bon appetite,

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