Update: Organic U-Pick

awerbalo at calpoly.edu awerbalo at calpoly.edu
Tue Jul 28 19:38:04 PDT 1998

Looks like Sunday mornings from 8:30am to 11am will be our regularly 
scheduled U-pick at the Cal Poly Permaculture Center, always happening 
unless I post a message otherwise.

I am also willing to custom harvest for you during the week if I get an 
email, so you can arrange to pick it up to suit your schedule. Email 
orders will be accepted for Monday-Friday pick-up.

Last week we sold out of certain things very early (candy-like tomatos 
for example), so an email order could help you reserve the best we have 
to offer.

Now available: 

3 varieties of Basil, 3 varieties of LEEK, 2 varieties summer squash, 
our earliest TOMATOS, red Russian KALE, Dinosour KALE, red and green 
Swiss CHARD, fresh marjoram, oregano, anise hyssop, TWINKIES (just 
kidding), KOHLRABI, giant tasty orange BEETS, BROCCOLI, and plenty of 
organic seeds for your summer and fall gardens. Strawberries are pretty 
much done, but the memories will last forever.

Peace, love, and compost,

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