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Welcome to the Fall 98 email edition of the South Coast (California)
Permaculture Guild newsletter. The Guild is open to all who want to learn
and apply permaculture principles. We sponsor workshops and events, and
network among our members to help eachother  with projects. The only dues
so far are a positive attitude and willingness to uphold permacultural

Along with our SCPG events, in this edition you will find listings from
Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, Cal Poly, other design courses and perma
activities. If all this sounds good to you, tell your friends and
associates, and even consider helping out with time and/or money.

SCPG is proud to co-sponsor with Community Environmental Council, _Visions
of Gardens and Communities_, an exciting four-part lecture and workshop
series covering growing food, connecting people with the source of their
food, and agriculture's role in building and maintaining sustainable
resources. Each event will be led by some of the most knowledgeable experts
in their fields. Discussions will explore how people with homes, apartments
and gardens can incorporate these ideas into their own landscapes. All
events (except the Oct. 16 biodynamic farm workshop) will take place at
CEC's Gildea Resource Center, 930 Miramonte Drive, Santa Barbara, off
Carrillo Street. For more information about the lectures and courses,
please call CEC Gardens Programs at 805-963-0583 x 114, South Coast
Permaculture Guild 962-2571, or email lakinroe at

_Hard copy newsletters are being mailed soon with this same info, if you
rec'd one before you probably will again. If you'd like to be on our
mailing list please reply with your snail mail address. If you want this
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Calendar of Events

Michael Ableman is the nationally recognized local urban farm activist,
founder and director of the Center for Urban Agriculture at Fairview
Gardens, a 12 acre organic farm. He is author of From The Good Earth
(Abrams 1993) a first-hand farmer's look at agricultures around the world,
and currently touring with his latest book On Good Land (Chronicle Books
1998) an autobiography of a Urban Farm.

Oct. 6 Tues. Agriculture's Role In Building Community: A Discussion with
Michael Ableman, 7:30 pm at CEC - cost $3 (also in these listings, on
Nov.11 Ableman conducts a tour of his farm with Jeavons)

Steve Moore works his 60 acre family farm, certified as biodynamic since
1985. In 1992 he organized the first Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
Farm in Southern California. At his farm workshop he will discuss
biodynamic methods and principles and use of the different preparations. He
currently serves as president of the Biodynamic Farming and Gardening

Oct. 16 Fri. Biodynamics: A Holistic Approach to Food &Farming, lecture
with Steve Moore 7:30 pm at CEC - cost $3

Oct. 17 Sat. A Practical Workshop In Biodynamics at Moore Ranch in
Carpinteria, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm - cost $20

Kathryn and Larry Santoyo are partners in the permaculture land use
planning firm of Santoyo and Associates. Kathryn is a Permaculture design
course graduate with 10 years as a professional gardener and landscaper.
Larry is one of the leading permaculture teachers with over 20 years
experience. The lecture and workshop will cover permaculture principles,
designing in time and space, garden design, gardening basics for control of
erosion and fire, encouragement of wildlife.

Oct. 30 Fri. Permaculture Gardening: Way Better Homes and Gardens, Lecture
with Kathryn and Larry Santoyo, 7:30 pm at CEC - cost $3

Oct. 31 Sat. Permaculture Gardening Workshop,
9 am - 4:30 pm at CEC - cost $30   SCPG will accept half of this workshop
fee in Santa Barbara Hours (1.5 hours)

John Jeavons, internationally renowned biointensive gardener, author of
best seller How to Grow More VegetablesŠ (Ten Speed Press), and executive
director of Ecology Action, will be making a rare extended appearance in
Santa Barbara. If you garden or want to learn, see him and you will be
better for it. Carol Cox is Garden Research Manager at Ecology Action's
Mini-Farm in Willits, California. With Jeavons, she is co-author of the
recent book Lazy-Bed Gardening. The biointensive method, a small-scale
agriculture system whose goal is to create living soil and healthy food in
a beautiful garden, will be presented at the three day workshop. The method
is based on double digging, close plant spacing, compost, companion
planting and whole ecosystems awareness.

Nov. 13-15 Fri. to Sun. Biointensive Sustainable Mini-Farming Workshop with
John Jeavons and Carol Cox at CEC Gildea Resource Center. Workshop fee
$270, please call Ecology Action at 707/459-0150 to register, deadline Oct.
13, limited scholarships available.

More Jeavons Events

Nov. 10 Tues. Biointensive Sustainable Mini-Farming: A Better Sense of
Humus for the Future with John Jeavons, at Fleischmann Auditorium at Santa
Barbara Museum of Natural History, 7:30 pm.  Admission $5

Nov. 11 Wed. guided farm tour of Fairview Gardens in Goleta, with John
Jeavons and host Michael Ableman, 3:00 to 6:00 pm, free, call SBCC Adult Ed
to register, 687-0812.

Nov. 12 Thurs. site tour of Tummy Acres with John Jeavons and host Ano
Tarletz, a permaculture mini-farm in Summerland 10:30 am - 12:30 pm, For
more info on all Jeavons events contact Deborah Boyar 805-565-9915 fax
805-565-9956, e-mail: deborah0 at

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden Events

Oct. 7 Wed. Plant Communities of California, Their Environmental Settings
Understanding native plant communities and habitats with Dr. Bob Haller at
the S. B. Botanic Garden 7 - 10 pm, cost $20, call 682-4726 ext. 102 to

Oct. 17 Sat. Annual Santa Barbara Botanic Garden Fall Plant Sale members 10
am - 12:30 pm, general public 1 - 3 pm. Native and non-native plants. Santa
Barbara Botanic Garden, 1212 Mission Canyon Road.

Nov. 6-8 Fri. to Sun. Sustainable Landscapes:  Bridging the Chasm Between
Aesthetics & Ecology Santa Barbara Botanic Garden sponsors a three day
symposium of talks, tours and workshops to help landscape professionals and
home gardeners move towards sustainability. Keynote speaker on Friday will
be Dr. Ian McHarg, whose landmark book Designing with Nature  changed the
face of landscape architecture and urban planning. Fri. at 7:30 pm ,
lectures Sat. 8 am - 5 pm, Sun tours 8:45 am - 4 pm. Other speakers
include: Owen Dell, Darrel Morrison, Mark Francis, Joni Janecki, Louise
Mozingo, and Bill Wilson. Location for events Santa Barbara Community
College and Manning Park (tours} call 682-4726 ext. 102 for registration.
For a symposium brochure, please contact Stanley Bernstein at 805/682-4726
x139; or sbernstein at

Nov. 14 Sat. Ethnobotany and Drug Discoveries in the 21st Century lecture
by Dr. Paul Allen Cox, director of the National Tropical Botanical Garden,
chairman of the Seacology Foundation and author of Plants, People and
Culture, Santa Barbara Botanic Garden Library, 1212 Mission Canyon Road, at
2 pm, cost $18/person, $30/couple, reservations required call 682-4726 ext.
CEC Fall Garden Series

CEC Fall Garden Series

Oct. 3 Sat. Wormcomposting Workshop with Tahari Ezharti, 10 am - 12, cost
includes bin, bedding, worms, at CEC Gildea Resource Center, 930 Miramonte
Dr., cost $60, registration 963-0583 x 115 also Dec. 6 Sat. 11 am - 1 pm

Oct. 10 Sat. Fall and Winter Gardening for teachers, parents, volunteers
and community residents, 10 am - 1 pm with Oscar Carmona, director of CEC
Garden Programs Come and learn organic gardening in the fall and winter.
Discuss school gardens  how to integrate the garden with class curriculum
Registration 963-0583 x 114 at CEC

Nov. 1 Sun. Harvest Cooking Class with Lynne Deboer, Culinary Herbalist,
lots of picking, preserving, identifying, cooking,  enjoying herbs, 2 - 5
pm, $28, at CEC Gildea Resource Center, registration call 969-4819

Other Local Events

Oct. 14 Wed. Preserving Family Lands in California; Estate Planning
Workshops for Rural Landowners and their Families co-sponsored by the
Calif. Oak Foundation and The Land Trust of Santa Barbara County, 8 am -
noon, costs $25 per family, scholarships available. Contact Land Trust to
reg. 966-4520

Nov. 1 Sun. Workparty at Villa Esperanza Come help Jill, Kim, Wes, Jim and
teenagers at the Villa transform their site using the materials supplied
thru a grant. This is an important day to help get the water, benches and
trellis etc. in place and learn hands on stuff. Contact Jill Cloutier
963-5433 or Kim Redmond 565-8509 for times

Nov. 7 Sat. Roadtrip to CalEarth in Hesperia All day roadtrip to see the
work of Nader Kahili, architect and visionary designer/builder of modern
earth houses using the ancient methods of domes and arches. Come see the
site, visit with Nader, check out various houses built with earth sandbags
and ceramics from the site. We will also see the Hesperia Museum being
constructed using his methods. Contact Margie Bushman 962-2571 or Wes Roe
at lakinroe at for information. Great web site

Nov. 18 Wed. South Coast Permaculture Guild Meeting Come talk, share
projects, see videos and slides (Village Homes Trip & video on Permaculture
Garden in New Mexico). Meeting will travel where members want it to go, CEC
Gildea Resource Center 930 Miramonte Dr. at 7 pm

Some are ideas for future workshops and workparties include field trips
(Ecovillage L.A. in Feb./ March) pondbuilding, strawbale, urban
permaculture, Permaculture Teachers Course and cob workshop. Join us as
members of SCPG to organize / co-sponsor more perma events.

Permaculture Group at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

Oct. 9 - 10 Fri./Sat. Autumn Harvest Festival Begins with a 7 pm Friday
talk and slide presentation by Michael Ableman, music, presentations by
Central Coast growers, demonstrations of cultural food harvest techniques,
garden tours, and a special "garden foods taste contest" with prizes. All
free. Anyone interested in entering their homegrown specialties please call
Akiva Werbalowsky, manager of Cal Poly Permaculture, at 756-5086.

Cal Poly SLO Extended Education Fall Perma Courses
Principles of Permaculture Tuesdays, 7-9:15 pm, beg. Sept. 15
Permaculture in Depth Thursdays 7-9:15 pm, begins Sept. 17
Permaculture and Ecological Design Sundays, 9 am-3 pm, begins Sept. 20.
Each class runs 10 weeks, registration for individual class sessions is
also available.

The courses will be team taught by Larry Santoyo, senior permaculture
designer; Julian Kayne, designer of Cal Poly's Permaculture Center; and
Akiva Werbalowsky, manager of Cal Poly Permaculture. To register, or for
more information on these classes, call the Extended Education office at
(805) 756-2053. For more information on the Cal Poly Permaculture program
call or e-mail Akiva - awerbalo at

Other Perma Events/ Design Courses

Oct. 9-11 Fri. - Sun. Introduction To Permaculture - $200 contact
Occidental Arts and Ecology Center, 15290 Coleman Rd., Occidental, CA
95465, ph. 707-874-1557 oace at

Oct. 18 Sun. Sustainable Forestry Practices $15, Occidental Arts and
Ecology Center, 15290 Coleman Rd., Occidental, CA 95465, ph. 707-874-1557
oace at

Oct. 18 to Nov. 1 Permaculture Design Certification Course at Arcosanti
project, Arizona. $950 includes great food. Discounts for PDC grads and
SCPGers. International Institute of Ecological Agriculture, 834 West
California Way, Woodside, CA 94062    phone: 888-PERMACUlture or
650-365-2993   fax: 650-366-2241
e-mail: dblume at
web site:

Oct. 23 -25 Fri. - Sun. Bioneers Conference - Improving the environment by
changing the World held at Fort Mason Center, San Francisco. Since 1990
this conference is the Lollapalooza of EcoSpeakos, plus lots of Asian
cuisine nearby, highly recommended. Organized by Collective Heritage
Institute, 826 Camino de Rey #A6, Santa Fe, NM 87505  ph. 505-986-0366    chisf at

Oct. 27-28 Tues. - Wed. Bio-Dynamic Agriculture Workshop with Peter Proctor
& Hugh Lovel at Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, CA, cost - $195 also
organized by Collective Heritage Institute, same contact info as Bioneers

Oct. 24-25 Permaculture Class at Southwestern College with Bill Roley and
others, contact coordinator Skip Fralick at 619-565-2603.

Nov. 9-14 Advanced Permaculture Design Course Permaculture Drylands
Institute is offering an Advanced Design Course for graduates of a Basic PC
Design Course. Featuring presentations from the permaculture community,
each day will be organized around a specific theme such as design process
or community building. If you are interested in doing a presentation and/or
attending the course, or for more information, please contact Permaculture
Drylands Institute. Course will be held at the Black Range Lodge in
Kingston, NM. cost: $350, Permaculture Drylands Institute, PO Box 156,
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504, ph. 505.983.0663    e-mail:  Pdrylands at
web site:

Nov. 29 - Dec. 13 A Permaculture Village Design Course with Larry Santoyo
and Guests at Harbin Hot Springs. The course runs in three parts and will
focus on Eco-village Design. Students (including Harbin residents) will
participate in a variety of activities including field trips and hands-on
learning. Along with tree crops, market gardening, water harvesting and
wilderness preservation, this class will emphasize exercises in human
dynamics, communication skills and social patterning. We will learn skills
for designing a complete home ecosystem and learn practical economic
strategies for creating community-wide sustainability and methods for
finding our own right livelihoods.

The Harbin Community is located on over a thousand acres near Napa Valley's
wine country. The geo-thermal pools, and miles of hiking through meadows,
creeks and woodlands are complemented by a wide offering of bodywork, yoga,
meditation and regular community festivities. Fees include meals, campsite
(or indoor group lodging), and full use of Harbin facilities.

Costs: $105 per day / $385 per four day session / $1050 for all

Group discounts - 10% for couples, 15% for 3 or more together.
33% discount for Design Course Graduates, 2 for 1 specials for limited
number of SCPGers. Several tuition scholarships will be granted. Trades and
payment plans will be considered.

To register, send name, address, phone numbers and e-mail along with a $100
non-refundable deposit to: Santoyo and Associates
309 Cedar St. #85, Santa Cruz, CA 95060
For more information contact: 800-469-5857
e-mail:  dotcalm at        web site:

Guild Member News

Ojai Guild Forming
The Ojai Permaculture Guild (OPG) is a newly organized cell of the South
Coast Permaculture Guild. Dr. Dave White, Permaculture Coordinator at Happy
Valley School, a private high school in the upper Ojai, is leading the
organizing effort. OPG's goals are to create more local linkages and events
to support the Ojai Valley's growing interest in permaculture. Any
organizing help is welcome, such as forming a board, seeking 501c3
non-profit status and financial support for our projects.

Happy Valley School is on a 450 acre site with endangered live oak and
vernal pool habitats. The school participates in an active valley oak
regeneration project which has been receiving input from the USFS.

Dave is incorporating permaculture into his curriculum to teach biology,
chemistry and environmental science. There are areas for water harvesting
and tree planting and we are gathering supplies of trees suitable for the
area. They will be planted in an endowment forest containing time-stacked
mixed species. Dave is open for input and help with teaching Permaculture
at HVS.

Please contact him with further information on skills offered and services
for barter; trade items and wants and needs.
David R. White PhD, Ojai Permaculture Guild (OPG)
PO Box 973 Ojai, CA 93024, (805) 646 9809
e-mail:  DrDave at

Santa Barbara Hours Accepted Here
Santa Barbara Hours is an alternative to cash known as community currency
designed to create more community links and recognize the value of our time
in new ways. SCPG is proud to accept half of workshop fees, when possible,
in Santa Barbara Hours. The Oct. 31 Perma Garden Workshop will accept 1.5
hrs for $15 credit. To find out how to participate in SB Hours (it's free)
please call 682-9972, e-mail: sustain at

Three Members Receive Design Certificates at SLO
SCPG was happy to send 3 members on scholarship to the design course at Cal
Poly SLO in July thanks to the generous spirit of course organizers.
Marcelino Sepulveda, Jason Cordova, and Ethan Zickler attended the
June/July course.

More Gardens - Less Need for Prisons
Villa Esperanza, the garden at Juvenile Hall in Goleta needs bananas for a
banana circle; sub tropical fruit trees - citrus, avocado and nut trees;
and flowers and plants for fall planting. Please try to help, it is needed.
We operate on a shoe string budget and lots of hope. Contact Jill Cloutier
963-5433 or Kim Redmond 565-8509

Permies Dig CEC
Thanks to CEC as an organization and especially garden director Oscar
Carmona for providing us with a great place to hold our events. CEC is a
membership organization we all need to support.

Info Resources

Just Add Water, weekly radio show with Pat Allen, an active Surfrider
member, on KCSB, 91.9 FM, Monday evenings from 7-8 pm, discusses state and
local water issues, and other environmental concerns

California Rare Fruits Newsletter Ventura and Santa Barbara chapter, great
sources for rare sub tropic and other plants that grow in our region, meet
people and exchange knowledge and plants. Send $5 check to CRFG (Ventura
and S.B.), Roland Messori 355 Sierra Vista Rd., Santa Barbara CA  93108

The New Garden Journal Runs one to two articles on permaculture in almost
every issue. From the PBS series of the same name, with garden site
reviews, permaculturist interviews and offers perma videos/books. Cost
PO Box 6121, San Antonio, TX  78209 ph 201/821-3700

Permaculture Activist Great mag on US perm, lists courses, events, sells
perma books articles, etc. cost $19/year
Subscriptions, PO Box 1209 Black Mountain, NC  28711
email:  pcactiv at

publication notes -

copiled and written and imagined by Wes Roe 805.964.1555
<lakinroe at> and Margie Bushman <mbushman at> 805.962.2571
edited and cyber-licked by Eric Werbalowsky 805.652.1142 <ewerb at>
if you've read this far we need you on our events team!

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