IMPORTANT! Changes in the CCPG list

John Howe Dragon at
Tue Sep 29 18:47:27 PDT 1998

Hey All!

In case you haven't noticed, the CCPG list has gone through a domain change
recently. Due to political and managerial changes in operational ethics at
Seattle Antioch College, the entire <>
domain has changed to <>.

The change is transparent to most, as the old address is forwarding
messages to the new domain. Configuration files have changed and we have
moved to a faster platform ( AMD K6 233 MHz, 128M Ram, 8+ Gig HD Space,
Apache 1.3.2 w/PHP 3.0.4 w/MySql 3.21.33 on an OC3 Backbone ) running
Solaris 2.6+.

The most major change is to change your addressing to POST messages from
<ccpg at> to <ccpg at>. Majordomo subscribe,
unsubscribe, change e-mail address requests should be redirected from
<majordomo at> to <majordomo at> in the
immediate future. 

I am still running Hypermail to webify the posts and that address has
changed from <> to
<>. I think I need to reset the
automagical transformation of e-mail to web since it seems to have stalled
after Aug. 3rd, 1998 ( that was the time of the most recent move ) and I am
still finding out stuff that I haven't completely got back into place. Hey,
I am a Graduate student working on my thesis, time is very unrelatively to
me lately! >;}~ <smirk, grin>

Any hoo, this should be the last major domain change for this list as is my personal domain and I don't mind lending this service to
y`all. If you got web stuff or other telecommunication ideas that you would
like to see implemented, send me an e-mail @ my new address
<Dragon at>.

Currently, there are @ 51 subscribers to this list and growing about one a
week. Traffic is sporatic at times and I have strict anti-spam measures in
place. CCPG is an unmoderated list. If you would like another type of list
for environmental issues, please feel free to ask.

That's all for now, back to my thesis!

Peace and keep mulching!

John Howe 

John Howe
John Howe Dragon at>
Un*x SA, Permaculture, and other systemic design practices
PGP Sig on Request >;}~

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