Debra Baker debibaker at
Fri Apr 2 22:02:13 PST 1999

You know,
that yahoo return address is probably a forged return
address (according to my computer expert partner,
Greg), apparently these spammers need a mail server to
do their deed, it isn't realy sent via yahoo, can't be
even in the quantities it's done. Anyway, by banning
all yahoo mail, you are banning alot of perfectly nice
normal permaculture people like me, who use yahoo to
avoid paying $20/month for email.

BTW, Greg says that we can easily have our list not
accept mail from people who are not subscribed, and if
it comes from a subscribed person, boot them off of
the list. If help is needed in changing our mail list
to do these things, he's willing to help. Let me know.


--- John Howe <Dragon at> wrote:
> Right,
> has made it into my new permanently banned
> list.
> Worms, baby, worms!
> mucho amore`
> JH 
> John Howe
> <>
> John Howe <Dragon at>

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