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Tuesday Jan 23 7 PM Compassionate Listening Project in the Mid East and 
talk with the showing of her documentary film Children of Abraham, with 
Leah Green Director Mid East Citizen Diplomacy ,
Santa Barbara Public Library Faulkner Gallery  Donation $5  website for 
MECD www.mideastdiplomacy.org
Cosponsored by Peacemakers www.peacemakercommunity.org, Community Mediation 
Program, Cohearts, Santa Barbara Hopedance, Santa Barbara Permaculture 
Network, Gene Knudsen Hoffman, Jim Smallwood

Compassionate Listening is a process of respectful listening developed 
by    Quaker  pastoral counselor Gene Knudsen Hoffman in the 1980's . The 
idea behind Compassionate Listening is to set judgment aside while 
listening to  adversaries, and to look for the values and reasons behind 
their behavior.
  The willingness to hear the other person establishes a relationship that 
is trustworthy and safe from judgment - a place where the transformative 
potential in Compassionate Listening really lies. It is the necessary step 
to establishing dialogue between conflicting parties. This message has a 
special meaning for environmentalists to use as a tool to move past 
conflict and confrontation to achieve sustainable solutions for the world 
and its environment.

" The Compassionate Listening Project is on the cutting edge of 
Jewish-Palestinian dialogue. It is healing precisely because it does not 
pretend to have the answers. Rather , it engages the participants in 
processes that have each side seeing the humanity of the other, even when 
they disagree"
Rabbi David Zaslow

The Compassionate Listening provides an opportunity to advance Jewish 
Palestinian healing and reconciliation, and to help prepare the ground for 
true peace between people.

Santa Barbara Permaculture Network and co-sponsors see the chance to bring 
the idea of reconciliation & Compassionate Listening to some of our most 
difficult community issues.  An evening presentation of the work of Leah 
Green & the Mid East Citizen Diplomacy Compassionate Listening Project, 
with the showing of her documentary film Children of Abraham, will share 
the idea of reconciliation as used in one of the most tense and difficult 
political & human right situations in the world.  Using this Compassionate 
Listening model, our hope is that this idea can be seen as possible here 
too, for such issues as homelessness, hate crimes, teen conflicts, and to 
ease conflict & confrontation between north & south county around land use 
and environmental issues.
Check out Website Mid-East Citizen Diplomacy www.mideastdiplomacy.org
For more Info contact Santa Barbara Permaculture Network at 
sbpcnet at silcom.com 962-2571

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