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What is permaculture?
"Permaculture is a comprehensive, ecologically-based design process for 
meeting human and environmental needs." from the San Diego economic 
Conversion &Permaculture  Newsletter News&Resources Jan 2001

South Coast Permaculture Guild Contacts and other Organizations of Interest

South Coast Permaculture Guild  Margie Bushman sbpcnet at silcom.com 805-962-2571
Santa Barbara Permaculture Network:  Margie Bushman sbpcnet at silcom.com 
Ojai Permaculture Guild: Dave White        artdetour at mac.com   805-646-9809
Central Coast Permaculture Guild: Rob Kimmel  zigge at aol.com  805-438-5745
San Diego Permaculture Center: San Diego Economic Conversion Council 
sdecc at igc.org (619) 298-8879
Cal Poly Student Farm in SLO:Alexis Pouillon   alexis at value.net
                                 Hunter Francis    wfrancis at calpoly.edu
Long Beach Organics: David 
Krieger-DeWitt        dakd at earthlink.net  562-438-9000
Southern East Sierra: Tom 
Drummond                                       760-377-5011
Pc Institute of Southern Cal: Bill 
Roley                DrRoley at aol.com       949-494-5843
Santoyo&Associates                         santoyo at earthflow.com 
LA EcoVillage: Lois 
Arkin                       crsp at igc.org             213/738-1254
Permaculture Activist Magazine Website  <http://www.permacultureactivist.net>
PERMACULTURE CREDIT UNION               http://www.pcuonline.org

Hi everyone

January 2001 Newsletter Content:
1) List of Jan. 2001 Events,meetings staring in March, Compassionate 
Listening, Organic Gardening Club Meet
2) List of Future Events,   Permaculture Courses in CA and world
3) Perma News  International Permaculture Gathering, Permaculture 
Discussion Group in SB and NBN
4) List of interesting Websites -Permaculture Institute of Northern 
California (P.I.N.C.)
5) Subscribe to South Coast, Central Coast, San Diego Permaculture Guild 
6)Please send listings and events for next email news by Feb 28 to 
lakinroe at silcom.com

Wed Jan 17 at 7pm "It's Bare Root Season in Santa Barbara! with Bruce Van Dyke
at the Community Environmental Council 930 Miramonte Dr Santa Barbara.
The SB Organic Garden Club meeting in January will be
on The topic will be "It's Bare Root Season in
Santa Barbara! Buying the best Bare Root Fruit Trees and Berries for our
climate...Pruning Secrets...Non-Toxic Dormant Season Spraying and more."
Featured speaker will be pruning and grafting expert Bruce Van Dyke and club
member Baker Moore will moderate. For info call Linda or Larry Saltzman at

Tuesday Jan 23 7 PM Compassionate Listening Project in the Mid East and 
talk with the showing of her documentary film Children of Abraham, with 
Leah Green Director Mid East Citizen Diplomacy ,
Santa Barbara Public Library Faulkner Gallery Donation $5 website for MECD 
Cosponsored by Peacemakers www.peacemakercommunity.org, Community Mediation 
Program, Cohearts, Santa Barbara Hopedance, Santa Barbara Permaculture 
Network, Gene Knudsen Hoffman, Jim Smallwood
Supported by a grant from Fund for Santa Barbara

Compassionate Listening is a process of respectful listening developed by 
Quaker pastoral counselor Gene Knudsen Hoffman in the 1980's . The idea 
behind Compassionate Listening is to set judgment aside while listening to 
adversaries, and to look for the values and reasons behind their behavior.
The willingness to hear the other person establishes a relationship that is 
trustworthy and safe from judgment - a place where the transformative 
potential in Compassionate Listening really lies. It is the necessary step 
to establishing dialogue between conflicting parties. This message has a 
special meaning for environmentalists to use as a tool to move past 
conflict and confrontation to achieve sustainable solutions for the world 
and its environment.

" The Compassionate Listening Project is on the cutting edge of 
Jewish-Palestinian dialogue. It is healing precisely because it does not 
pretend to have the answers. Rather , it engages the participants in 
processes that have each side seeing the humanity of the other, even when 
they disagree"
Rabbi David Zaslow

The Compassionate Listening provides an opportunity to advance Jewish 
Palestinian healing and reconciliation, and to help prepare the ground for 
true peace between people.

Santa Barbara Permaculture Network and co-sponsors see the chance to bring 
the idea of reconciliation & Compassionate Listening to some of our most 
difficult community issues. An evening presentation of the work of Leah 
Green & the Mid East Citizen Diplomacy Compassionate Listening Project, 
with the showing of her documentary film Children of Abraham, will share 
the idea of reconciliation as used in one of the most tense and difficult 
political & human right situations in the world. Using this Compassionate 
Listening model, our hope is that this idea can be seen as possible here 
too, for such issues as homelessness, hate crimes, teen conflicts, and to 
ease conflict & confrontation between north & south county around land use 
and environmental issues.
Check out Website Mid-East Citizen Diplomacy www.mideastdiplomacy.org
For more Info contact Santa Barbara Permaculture Network at 
sbpcnet at silcom.com 962-2571

Saturday, February 3, 2:00-4:00 p.m. UC Sedgwick Reserve
Creekside Restoration Workshop
Dr. Michael Williams, Director of Sedgwick Reserve, will lead a hands-on
riparian restoration workshop along Figueroa Creek. We’ll meet at the
Sedgwick Studio for a short introductory talk, and then go into the
field to plant.
Before coming to Sedgwick, Dr. Williams operated a Seattle-based
consulting firm that developed and implemented landscape restoration
projects throughout the western United States.
To sign up for this free workshop, please email cachuma at silcom.com or
call 686-1941. Sponsored by Santa Ynez Valley Natural History Society.

Feb 9 2001 Permaculture Design Course Anihue, Chile
Contact CRMPI  970-927-4158 jerome at permaculture.net   www.crimpi.org

Feb 10-23 Permaculture Design Course
Occidental Arts& Ecology Center
15290 Coleman Valley Rd Occidental ,CA 95465
707-874-1557, fax -1558  oaec at oaec.org, www.oaec.org

Wed Feb 21 at 7pm Santa Barbara Organic Club Meeting
Community Environmental Council 930 Miramonte Dr Santa Barbara
  Topic "Permaculture Tips for the Back Yard Gardener," with Permaculture 
Designer Pierre Constans
For info call Linda or Larry Saltzman at 563-2089. Cosponsored by SBOGC and 
SOuth Coast Perm. Guild
Santa Barbara Organics Garden Club has a new webpage 
http://www.islandseed.com/sbogc.html -- many thanks to Eric Werb, our 
webmaster, and to Island Seed & Feed for hosting us!

March 23-25 Building a Community Through Ecologically -based Design
Ongoing Permaculture Workshops organized by the San Diego Permaculture Center
For more info contact  SDECC and SDPC 619 298-8879 sdecc at igc.org website 

Permaculture Design Certificate Courses April 1-14 2001 and Sept 30- Oct 13 
Permaculture On Ground Training April 16-27 and Oct 15 -26
These course supports efforts to develop a North American demonstration
of sustainable agriculture and commerce at the deactivated Louisiana
Army Ammunition Plant, where plans are under way to renovate the area
using Permaculture practices. It is amazing place to learn permaculture.
Contact for more info
Northwest Louisiana Commerce Center
2618 York Ave
Minden, Louisiana 71055
877 459-5120 and 318-459-5185

Hopedance Magazine Pathways to Sustainable Living and Positive solutions
A magazine that comes out every two months is a great source of information 
on activities for the Permaculture Community in Southern Ca and our 
activities we Santa Barbara Permaculture Network are involved as editors 
and distributors latest issue Jan/Feb is working with Conflict
Please subscribe to support this great regional magazine at $20 per year 6 
P.O. Box 15609
San Luis Obispo Ca 93406
hopedance at aol.com   www.hopedance.org

Permaculture Discussion Group to Cover Permaculture Principles and 
Practises to Start  in March 01
South Coast Permaculture and Santa Barbara Permaculture Network will be 
holding meetings starting March and ongoing in Santa Barbara CA hopefully 
at the Community Environmental Center .
         This will be an interactive meeting showing video covering many 
parts of a lecture series on Permaculture Design by Bill Mollison one of 
the founders of Permaculture , audio tapes, other Permaculture Videos, 
slides and discussion each month. First series will last 4 months and cover 
Design, Water, Natural Building etc
         For more info contact Margie Bushman 962-2571 or email 
sbpcnet at silcom.com

Plans for International Permaculture Conference 7
         A web based discussion group to plan for the International 
Permaculture Conference 7  has been formed, and can be subscribed to at 
http://www.egroups.com/group/IPC7 this conference is tentatively scheduled 
for March 2002 at Raglan, New Zealand. Anyone interested in helping build 
support for this event is invited to subscribe . Plans are afoot to 
collaboratively construct a web page for the event. For more info email 
IPC7 at groups.com

The Natural Builders Network listserv
For those folks who are interested in a listserv that is primarily about
networking natural builders, please see the following:

The Natural Builders Network listserv was birthed after a half-day workshop
with Gary Duncan from smartshelter.com (on November 11, 2000). The listserv
is a way to keep the energy flowing and the communications moving regarding
creating a Network of Natural Builders in the area from San Luis Obispo to
San Diego. The idea is to create a network of engineers, builders,
architects, insurance agents, lenders, contractors, strawbale construction
folks and attorneys "to compete with the non-renewable toxic and
environmentally destructive aspects of conventional building." (Gary Duncan)
If you are interested in joining, simply send a message to
majordomo at omnipost.com and type in subscribe NBN.
bob banner
temporary coordinator of the NBN listserv

SDECC San Diego Permaculture Center Newsletter and Fund raiser
The SD Permaculture Center is supported primary by membership dues and 
contributions. this year the center hopes to raise $12,000 to sustain the 
Permaculture Center. they are asking folks to become members of San Diego 
Economic Conversion Council which is the umbrella organization of the 
Permaculture Center. Become a member and get there great newsletter.
Memberships are $35 individual, $50 family, $100 sponsor, $500 retainer, 
$20 student/fixed income
Checks payable to SDECC mail to 4452 Park Blvd Suite 205 San Diego CA 92116
Permaculture Center (619) 298-8879 fax (619) 298-2298 sdecc at igc.org 

Permaculture and Organic Gardening at New Wilderness Retreat in Santa 
Barbara Ca plus Rental
Sasha has asked me to post this announcement of a New Wilderness and 
Permaculture, Organic Gardening Center beginning in the Mountains of Santa 
Barbara Ca
Wilderness Center is open to groups who want to camp over
Also the Center has A RENTAL ROOM for $500 per month on month to month 
the rental has no electricity, but has well water propane and phone
,looking for someone with Permaculture and organic Gardening interest
Call Sasha 683-3711

Morning Valley Farm looking for Helping Hands
We are looking for helping hands on Morning Valley Farm and we can provide 
a special place to live and possibly more for the right people. We are 
especially looking for a multi talented type man to manage the gardens and 
help with some of the natural. building and other projects. But what ever 
your skills or interests you can probably be of help!
         Morning Valley Farm is a 21 yr. old service project dedicated to 
demonstration and education of natural life alternatives: permaculture/ 
organic gardening, natural building, nat. energy, nat. healing etc. A key 
element to the farm is the expression of love in beauty. Embellishment with 
many forms of art is intended to attract media attention as well as higher 
consciousness to the sustainability movement. Much has been accomplished on 
the 190 acre farm over the years but more help is needed!!!
You can read more about Morning Valley Farm on our web site: 
Candace and Loren Stolley P.O. box 1744 Lower Lake, CA. 95457-9411 (707) 
bindujewelry at jps.net .

Announcing the Opening of The Permaculture Credit Union
The Permaculture Credit Union is a reality. A new kind of environmentally 
responsive financial institution has been created and chartered. It is 
possibly the first credit union founded upon the Earth Care principles of 
Permaculture ethics, namely respect for natural systems, respect for 
people, and no waste ( which in banking will mean the reinvestment and 
recycling of surplus back into the community being served). Our mission is 
to pool the financial resources of people who subscribe to these ethical 
principles and provide a financial vehicle that will allow these resources 
to be put to work creating a sound sustainable, environmentally responsible 
future. We believe we have targeted a market that is severely unserved by 
existing financial institutions- those people who are committed to a 
cleaner environment, healthy food and water, sustainable energy use, and a 
more conscious lifestyle. It will create the opportunity for members to 
control the use of money in the community and contribute to the 
revitalization of local well-being.
Permaculture Credit Union
4250 Cerrillo Road
Santa Fe , NM 87505 (505) 954-3479 fax (505) 424-1624  perma at pcuonline.org

Permaculture Institute of Northern California (P.I.N.C.)
PO Box 341; Point Reyes Station, CA 94956.
Contact Penny Livingston: 415-663-9090.
<pinc at nbn.com>http://www.permacultureinstitute.com/ The Permaculture 
Institute of
Northern California is an educational organization providing courses and 
workshops that enable
people to develop the skills necessary to live a more sustainable life on the
planet.CONTRACTING SERVICES: PINC works with architects, designers, home owners
and co-housing groups in the designing, consulting and constructing of 
ecological Permaculture
systems, ponds and swales, sculpted earthen pizza ovens, straw bale, rammed 
earth, cob, light
clay construction, orchards, gardens, and edible/native landscaping, site 
planning and
development of grey water systems.
We have garden tours the 1st Sunday of every month. One starts at 10:00 is
and one starts at 11:00ish. If you are interested in coming I will email you


To get Up to Date Permaculture Ongoing Announcements for courses , events 
and posting of articles of interest try subscribing to our local 
Permaculture Listserves ccpg serves San Lois Obispo ,scpg serves Santa 
Barbara down and including Los Angeles, and sdpg serves San Diego area. 
Below are the instructions how to sign up
thanks to John Howe for setting them up
this works the same for each separate list:
central coast list(ccpg at arashi.com), south coast(scpg), and the san diego
list (sdpg at arashi.com)

TO SUBSCRIBE to this mailing listserve

send mail to: <Majordomo at arashi.com>
with the following command in the body of email message:
subscribe sdpg
There will be a return message requesting your confirmation/authorization
that you want to subscribe, so respond to it as requested.
use the word unsubscribe instead of subscribe as above
Hope this helps took me a few times to get it right

Please send listings and events for next email news by Feb 28 to 
lakinroe at silcom.com

Mail Address    South Coast Permaculture Guild and Santa Barbara 
Permaculture Network
                 224E Figueroa ST #C
                 Santa Barbara CA 93101

"What permaculturists are doing is the most important activity that any
group is doing on the planet. We don't know what details of a truly
sustainable future are going to be like, but we need options, we need
people experimenting in all kinds of ways and permaculturists are one of
the critical gangs that are doing that."
Dr David Suzuki geneticist, broadcaster
and international environmental advocate

Permaculture education includes principles and practices of
sustainable soil, water, crop, forest, architectural, business, and
finance systems ­ ethical investment, community loan support and small
business management.

Permaculture, from PERMAnent agriCULTURE, is an integrated system of
design including not only agriculture, horticulture, architecture and
ecology but also land access strategies and economic systems for small
businesses and communities.

Taken from the Latin, permanens, to endure or persist through time and
cultura, cultures - permaculture is an interdisciplinary design
science focused on sustainable system design. Sustainable systems are
defined as those that, over their lifetime, produce energy equivalent
to or in excess of what they consume.

Permaculture operates on three ethics: care of the earth, care of the
species and return of excess to the first two.

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