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From: Mushrooms & Permaculture Seminar
Charmoon Richardson
po box 1088 Forestville, CA  95436
charmoon at sonic.net


To: All interested and concerned individuals & organizations:

Greetings ~ On behalf of Sonoma Permaculture & Davis Bynum winery, I would
like to request your assistance in spreading the following press release
regarding our upcoming Mushrooms and Permaculture weekend seminar featuring
Paul Stamets. (This is the new, rescheduled date for this event, originally
planned for last September). Please pass along to appropriate newsletter
editors, newsgroups, e-mail bulletins, interested friends, etc. Any
questions? Please let me know. Thanks so much! Your time and attention is
greatly appreciated.

     - Charmoon Richardson,  seminar coordinator

NOTE:  This is an educational, non-profit event. Any funds left after
expenses will go into the Bynum Permaculture garden fund.


             Mushrooms and Permaculture Seminar
                   featuring Paul Stamets

       Learn how to integrate mushroom cultivation into Permaculture gardens
and land restoration projects within the surroundings of a three acre
Mediterranean Food Forest. Hosted by Davis Bynum winery and Sonoma
Permaculture, this knowledge-filled weekend course will introduce
participants to highly talented mushroom authorities, permaculturists, and

       Saturday will feature Paul Stamets of Fungi Perfecti, author of
*Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms*. Paul will discuss both the
integration of edible & medicinal mushrooms into Permaculture gardens, and
the applications of mushroom cultivation to habitat restoration. Lunch will
feature the talents of Nit Bynum, who will prepare Thai-California cuisine
using crops gardened on-site. The day will end with light food and a tasting
of the Bynum¹s award winning, organically grown wines.

       On Sunday, Tom Alexander of Bemushroomed, and Charmoon Richardson of
the Wild About Mushrooms Co., will discuss how to build and operate a small
scale mushroom cultivation laboratory. There will be a demonstration of the
procedures for growing oyster mushrooms, concluding with each participant
making an oyster mushroom kit to take home. In addition, there will be a
session devoted to inoculating logs & wood chips with several varieties of
gourmet & medicinal mushrooms. Relevant educational materials will be
provided. Lunch will include a mushroom cooking demonstration, and a
mushroom-filled meal from the Wild About Mushrooms co.

        Register soon. Participation will be limited to allow for individual
contact with the instructors.

        Visit the Seminar website at:   <http://www.sonic.net/mycoperm>
for a printable registration form, lodging & camping information, and other
pertinent links.

     DATE:                June 9 & 10, 2001

     LOCATION:            Davis Bynum Winery
                          8075 Westside Road
                          Healdsburg, CA  95446

     COST:                $275 for both days
                              Sat.  only - $175
                              Sun. only - $125
     CHECKS TO:           Davis Bynum Winery

     MAIL TO:             Permaculture Weekend
                              Box #1088
                              Forestville, CA   95436

     INFORMATION:         Charmoon Richardson - seminar coordinator
                              phone:  707-887-1888
                              e-mail: charmoon at sonic.net

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