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From: Shepherd Bliss <sb3 at pon.net>
Subject: [CVF] No Spray in State & Natl News

No Spray in the State and National News

An LA Times reporter informs us that their article on Sonoma County's
growing No Spray movement is scheduled for this week, perhap even
today, though the publication date may change.  It is currently
scheduled for the front page with pictures of threatened local
organic farms and gardens.  It includes interviews with Sebastopol
Mayor Larry Robinson and Sonoma Mayor Larry Barnett.  Available
online at www.latimes.com or at Sawyers News in Santa Rosa.

A National Public Radio (NPR) reporter from the morning news is
scheduled to interview us March 6.  Judging from the sympathetic Feb.
1 SF Chronicle article entitled "Wrath Over Grape Spraying," the
further we get away from the "wine country mystique" the more
objective the media tends to be, prioritizing human, animal, and
environmental health over the benefit of a single industry.  At this
point, of course, we do not know how the LA Times, NPR, or the
growing national and eventual international media will portray our
efforts to defend our private properties and health from chemical

Bill Moyers PBS TV expose on the chemical industry, called "Trade
Secrets," is scheduled for March 26 and will include a major section
on pesticides.  This program will give us a boost.  Another national
TV program on toxics will apparently air on the Canadian CBC during

As the state government and wine industry step up their propaganda
campaign on the horrors of the glassy-winged sharpshooter insect, we
will meet it with an escalating national press campaign.  While the
PD virtually excludes us from its editorial pages, op/ed pieces are
scheduled to appear soon in various smaller local weeklies.  As MIT
linguist Noam Chomsky describes it, the PD is trying to "manufacture
consent," so that spraying can occur.  It has recently published two
op/ed pieces by grapegrowers and denied us the opportunity to respond.

No Spray wants to avoid a confrontation, but in recent days, with the
pending arrival of spring and the sharpshooter, it is clear that the
Ag. Commissioner does plan to spray.  So we are preparing to defend
our homes and farms from chemical assault.  We welcome your support
in whatever way is appropriate for you.
Shepherd Bliss, No Spray Action Network

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