[Ccpg] Re: Latinamerican Permaculture Congress CORRECTED HOMEPAGE ADDRESS

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Sat Mar 10 13:00:50 PST 2001

Hello Friends!
I hope that this contact will work out! It wiould be a most interesting
Please note the corrected address for the congress homepage:
(I wrote "com" instead of "net"..)
Marsha Hanzi here, from Brazil. We are organizing the Latinamerican
Permaculture Congress in a beautiful mountian valley in the state of Bahia
here in Brazil for end-September of this year. As you are in Southern
California, you may have contact with Spanish-speaking people who would be
interested in participating. It would be very good to have some
Spanish-speaking USA representatives present...

Best wishes!
Marsha  "Marsha Hanzi" <hanzibra at svn.com.br>

I understand there are a number of Brazilians residing in California, too.
Just in case there are Brazilians in contact with you, I have written aa
little manual in Portuguese about the " abundant homestead" which is in
fact the manual for our weekend course. It is a good starting-point for
someone who never put his/her fingers in the soil..

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