[Central Coast CA Permaculture] Today is Global Oneness Day - show your support for Our Global Family Village Natural Building project

Teresa Lees treelees at charter.net
Wed Oct 24 08:25:28 PDT 2018

Today, October 24th is Global Oneness Day.
<https://globalonenesssummit.org/> https://globalonenesssummit.org/ 
Amazing line up of speakers today!

The theme is "Living Your Life for the Benefit of All."

By focusing on this year's theme of "Living Your Life for the Benefit of
All," we hope to inspire greater levels of compassion and care in every word
you speak and every footprint you leave behind you as your consciousness
continues to expand into new and exciting places, and as you begin to live
from that ecstatic place of Oneness throughout each and every day!

The good news is that the Oneness movement is growing bigger every year, as
more and more people wake up to the ultimate reality of our deeper
connection to one another, the Earth and the Universe itself.

Locally, we are practicing Global Oneness at Our Global Family Village at
SLO City Farm. Teresa Lees was interviewed by KSBY at the family Fall
Harvest Festival held on October 21st and the story made the news. 


"The whole premise is that we are all one family on this planet and let's
appreciate and honor and respect and celebrate our diversity and our
cultures our foods, how we live and how we can live," said Lees.


You can watch the video clip here:


Here are photos from the event:


We were also on KCBX radio:


And Josh Carmichael and Teresa Lees were on the Dave Congalton Show:


Our next project is the Natural Building Cob Workshops to be held on
November 3rd and 4th and November 10th and 11th.  You can support our local
efforts to create a humanity based on unity and sustainability. Your support
and participation are greatly needed and appreciated. 


REMINDER!! Only ONE WEEK LEFT to SIGN UP for the COB WORKSHOPS right here in
SLO!!! There's still a few spots left, don't wait! Lunch included!

Sign up today by emailing Chad Franco at Chad at cobjobs.com 

Nov 3 & 4 --> $120 Beginner 
Nov 10 & 11 --> $120 Intermediate

SAVE $30 when you sign up for both weekends for ONLY $210!


->Keep in mind you can show your support by donating to this community
funded project at GoFundMe...


->For more info visit our FB event page at... Please share the Facebook



Here is a link to a Facebook post that has a great video showing cob
workshops that Chad Franco put together:



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