Hi everyone
        Just got the Cob Cottage Company 2001 Newsletter  listing all the courses for the year

        Listed was a Cob workshop near San Diego, CA May 19-25, 2001
        Cost is $560 which includes all meals and indoor accommodation
          To support deconsumerization, they offer part work trades and scholarships to people who can  demonstrate serious movement towards simplification and away from cash economy.

        Check out there website for more details www.deatech.com/cobcottage
        Cob Cottage Company P.O. Box 123 Cottage Grove, OR 97424 phone/fax 541-942-2005
        newsletter  $20 for two year .

Basics of Building with Cob:

Our most popular workshop teaches professionals and owner-builders the basics of cob construction in 7 to 9 intensive days. Even complete novices leave the workshop confident in their ability to build the cob parts of a cabin, studio, or greenhouse. Learn how to locate and test soil, sand, and straw, create the right cob mix for any situation, and build strong, durable,sculptural earthen walls.  Get practical experience with foundations, windows and doors, arches and niches.  Lectures coversiting, passive solar design, drainage, heating, plumbing and electric, and natural roofing and flooring.

Since 1993, Cob Cottage has taught over eighty, one to four-week workshops, teaching practical skills to people who want to apply Natural Building to their lives.  Each day includes demonstrations and hands-on learning on real buildings with discussions,slides and lectures.  Expect long days of hard work, wholesome food, peaceful scenery, and high satisfaction.  We offer a wide variety of trainings in natural building.  Phone us for help choosing the workshop that suits you best.