[Lapg] City Repair Venue

camille cimino camcim at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 26 09:37:33 PDT 2006

Mark Lakeman is coming to Los Angeles!

His schedule will be posted shortly.

I have reserved Fri. Nov 10 for a semi-private slide
show from him.

I am looking for a cool venue that we can hang out in

The venue will get a percentage of the door plus extra
credit points for doing some thing good for everyone!

If you wanna host the event or if you know of a venue
please contact me via email or (213) 480-8002.

I'm looking for a place preferably EAST side, seating
for up to 50 people, and a place to have a potluck

If you don't know who Mark Lakeman is or what city
repair does.............

Look it up!!!!   Just Kidding!!!

Here is the website:


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