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March 4-8, 2015Sheraton San Diego Hotel & MarinaMore information on Permaculture Voices 2015 at permaculturevoices.com/pv2
Tickets start at $249. Scholarships available through February 8. 
Information on scholarships is available HERE. 

Permaculture Voices 2015, agathering of some of the top minds in permaculture, non-destructive foodproduction, and individuals who are living the lives that bring them the mostamount of happiness is less than a month away. 
If you haven't registered yet, then there is still time.  
Now I get it that you've got a ton of things on your plate right now... 
If you're involved with permaculture, non-destructive food production andbuilding a happy life, you've got to have many irons in the fire, but I wantedto make you aware of a few things around the event this year. 
The goal for the conference this year is to take the next step beyond PV1 andreally start addressing the question of how to make a permaculture life areality.
So here's my ask... 
If you've thought about Permaculture Voices, but dismissed the idea ofcoming back this year, or of telling others about it, consider revisiting theidea.
Because I think it might be a very good fit for you and help to solve...
How to transition to a permaculture livelihood.  Connect with otherpeople doing it, what’s working for them, and what isn’t.  Leverage theirexperience.
How to fund that transition.   Grants, value adding ontoother businesses, small side businesses, and low capital cost businesses aresome of the ways to do that. 
The specific technique information for the enterprise you want tostart.  How is the X year veteran running their enterprise, and howcould their experience save you time and money?
Would that idea work?  Is someone else doing this successfullyoutside your bio-region?  Does someone have more experience in this areathat I could shares ideas with over coffee?
The inspiration needed to bolster your spirits for not only 4 days but for 4seasons.  If you need a boost to get unstuck or started you willget a heavy dose of inspirational content from people at every level of thesuccess ladder giving you an educational, motivational four day adventure withsome of the best people in the world...
It's really hard to present all of the ways which Permaculture Voices deliversvalue because I think it is different for everyone.  As an attendee of PV1I am sure you can list several ways which PV1 affected you, and those reasonsmay be only unique to you. 

PV1 touched a lot of people in a powerful way,  and I think PV2 can be alife changer for some people.  Not for everyone, and maybe not for you,but for many permies PV2 will provide that missing piece.  A missing piecethat isn't identifiable now, but one that will have a huge leveraging affectwhen found.  
If you are looking for a change, a kick-start, or a bit of recharge and thinkthat PV2 is a fit for you take a look at the pricing structure at http://www.permaculturevoices.com/pv2/scholarships/

The pricing structure has scholarships based on paying what you canafford.  I've tried to make PV2 as accessible as possible while stillpaying the bills - it's no secret, big events cost a lot of money to puton. 

Scholarships are priced in the range of last year, no applicationrequired. 

At all pricing levels I think that the event is very affordable considering thevalue that you will get back. 

If you want to pursue a career in a permaculture related field then the valuethat you get out of these 5 days at PV2 will be measurable.  Listen tothe Adam Klaus interview below if you don't want to take my word for it.

Many of the leaders in permaculture will be at PV2.

Many of the doers will be at PV2 as attendees and speakers. 

There will be a huge body of collective knowledge and experience all in oneplace.  Take advantage of that.  Come in with a plan, and maximizeyour time and the value that you get out of the event.  You won't regretit.  

If you think that PV2 might be a fit for someone else that you know, I wouldappreciate it if you could share this information with them.  Thisevent is a huge amount of work and I would really appreciate help getting theword out there as the event nears.

Keep pushing forward and being the change that you want to see in theworld.   I'd like to thank you for helping to bring more change intothis world and creating the world I want my daughters to grow up in... 
>From the bottom of my heart, my thanks to you for reading this.  Iappreciate it. 
Diego     JOIN US & REGISTER TODAY    PV1 was a start. PV2 is the next step.Together we can change the world.
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