[Orange_County_Permaculture] 2-Day Biogas Workshop June 2-3 Eugene, Oregon

Wesley Roe and Santa Barbara Permaculture Network lakinroe at silcom.com
Tue May 8 07:30:16 PDT 2012

Due to Popular Demand!

2-day intensive biogas workshop with a working biogas digester.

Participants will enjoy hands-on experience with a 600-gallon biogas 
digester. This is not a demonstration model, but a working digester that 
converts organic waste from approximately 25 people at Maitreya 
Ecovillage in Eugene, Oregon into clean-burning biogas for year round 
cooking fuel and high-quality fertilizer and soil amendment for gardening.

*Home Power • Permaculture • Peak Oil • Gardeners • Farmers • Renewable 
Energy Contractors *
*Entrepreneurs • Public Officials • Wastewater Professionals • Educators 
• Students*
Workshop will include everything needed to successfully build and 
operate a biogas digester, a basic introduction to the microbiology 
taking place during the anaerobic digestion process with an emphasis on 
troubleshooting problems.
Participants are GUARANTEED to come away with the skills needed to 
consistently produce flammable biogas wherever they are, day or night, 
rain or shine!

Workshop cost: $225

*Includes: Copy of Warren Weisman’s full-color “Energy from Organic 
Waste: Vol. 1. Introduction to Biogas” booklet; complete building plans, 
material list and step-by-step instructions for building a heated, 600 
gallon home biogas digester; organic, vegetarian meals provided.*
Space is limited to maximize your educational experience! Reserve today!

Payments can be made by following the WePay link on the website…

*Or by clicking here…*

*Workshop instructor Warren Weisman owner of HESTIA Home Biogas is an 
internationally-recognized expert on biogas and anaerobic digestion with 
over 20 years experience as a builder, heavy equipment mechanic and 
power plant operator. He has written articles for Renewable Energy 
World, Post-Carbon Institute Energy Bulletin and Permaculture Magazine.
Email: w.weisman at hestiahomebiogas.com or call +1 (541)337-5690 for more 
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