[Orange_County_Permaculture] Earthflow PDC at Four Elements Farm, Central Coast, CA

Matt Finkelstein matt at fourelementsorganics.com
Mon Jun 18 20:42:49 PDT 2012

Hello Orange County Permaculture Guild!

My name is Matt Finkelstein and I'm the Farm Manager at Four Elements  
Organic Farm in San Luis Obispo County.  I'm writing to see if we  
could enlist your help or offer opportunities to co-sponsor our next  
big event coming up on the farm.

This September, we are excited to be running a Permaculture Design  
Certificate Course with Larry Santoyo and Earthflow Design Works.   
Annually, the event draws dozens of high-minded folks from around the  
world for a 2-week hands-on educational experience.  I'm including  
further details about the course's curriculum, guest speakers, and  
location below.

We're hoping to enlist your support in promoting the course.  If you'd  
like to simply email your networks or connect with us on facebook,  
that would be great!  Or if you'd like to offer yourself as a co- 
sponsor, we can exchange special promotional opportunities for  
additional  support.  Please let me know as soon as you can and if you  
have any questions :).

Thanks so much and blessings,

Matt Finkelstein
Farm Manager, Four Elements Farm
415.999.4419 (cell)

Earthflow Permaculture Design Certificate Course
Four Elements Organic Farm
San Luis Obispo County
September 2nd-15th, 2012
Tuition: $1600
includes meals & campsite

An experiential education program.  The curriculum includes inspiring  
examples of sustainable land use and human ingenuity from around the  

We begin the training with the ethics of earthcare and and in-depth  
look at the natural world.  We move from natural patterns to learning  
innovative techniques to solve local and global issues of food, water,  
shelter, energy and more.  Hands-on training will include many facets  
of sustainable farming & gardening and also construction of a cob  
oven.  The course concludes with the patterns & principles applied to  
EcoVillage Design and Economic Development.  Final Design work is  
presented before the Course culminates with a community celebration.

The teaching team is led by Larry Santoyo and includes other leaders  
in the world-wide sustainability movement, such as:
Toby Hemingway, author of Gaia's Garden
Brock Dolman, watershed ecology expert from Occidental Arts & Ecology  
John Valenzuela, Chairperson, California Rare Fruit Growers, Golden  
Gate Chapter
Scott Pittman, Permaculture Institue

Nestled amidst the coastal mountain range of San Luis Obispo County  
and surrounded by national forest, the farm's location features  
wonderful living and working examples of permaculture design,  
including three orchards, a biointensive garden, rare herb garden,  
straw-bale greenhouse, composting toilets, bio-diesel production  
station, and several types of habitations.  Farm-fresh meals from here  
and other local farms will be included.

For any questions and to sign-up, please email Four Elements Farm  
Manager, Matt Finkelstein at matt at fourelementsorganics.com

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