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Santa Barbara Permaculture Network Presents :

Human Permaculture: 2012 Transformation
/-knowing your place in the ecosystem-
/ with Larry Santoyo

Tuesday, December 4, 2012
  7:30-9:30 pm

Santa Barbara Downtown Public Library
Donation $5
/"To prepare for the future, we can love the present"
/Larry Santoyo
The future is abundant, asserts permaculture designer Larry Santoyo.

His vision of living in the present suggests an antidote to fear about 
uncertain times and the future.  Humans can rediscover that they are a 
part of the ecosystem, and apply permaculture design principles to the 
many problems we face.  Larry teaches sustainable permaculture design as 
a discovery of the world around us.

Santoyo credits his early training as a police officer for giving him 
some of his most profound human insights.  Trained to respond to 
stressful situations with calm, clear thinking, and keen observation 
skills while staying centered in the present, he was able to help those 
in distress while keeping them and himself out danger.

In our eco-anxiety ridden times many are also in distress with stressors 
that threaten to endanger and paralyze us.  But Santoyo suggests that we 
needn't let these fears shape us, but instead by choosing what we love 
about the present, and developing useful skills to benefit ourselves and 
others, we have a solid foundation upon which to build the future.

Larry Santoyo is the Director of EarthFlow Design Works 
(http://www.earthflow.com), a community planning and design firm that 
integrates economic development strategies with ecological systems 
management.  Born in East LA, Santoyo has been teaching Permaculture 
since the1980's both nationally and internationally, most recently 
returning to Los Angeles, teaching Urban Permaculture classes to a large 
and receptive audience.  ?Permaculture for Humanity? is his forthcoming 

The evening talk takes place on *Tuesday,* *December 4 , 7:30 pm - 
9:30pm, at the Santa Barbara Downtown Public Library Faulkner Gallery*  
40 E Anapamu St Santa Barbara. CA 93101 $5 donation , no reservations 
required.  No reservations required. More info: (805)962-2571, email: 
margie at sbpermaculture.org <mailto:margie at sbpermaculture.org> 

Sponsored by:
Santa Barbra Permaculture Network

_Additional Info:
_Larry Santoyo, Director  EarthFlow Design Works http://earthflow.com/

Permaculture for Humanity

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