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There are a growing number of campus's solving problems by demonstrating and practicing permaculture in and out of the classroom. We are looking for presenters to share their stories so we can learn from each other and figure out how we can functionally interconnect to amplify the regenerative solutions we are demonstrating. 

If you are participating in campus permaculture we want to hear from you. Please help us get the word out by passing on this invitation others practicing permaculture in campus settings.


Lisa DePiano
Umass Permaculture 

Call out for Proposals – 2013 Permaculture Your Campus Conference

The UMass Permaculture Initiative invites you to submit a proposal by Sunday April 7, 2013 to give a “Lightning Talk” presentation at the 2nd annual Permaculture Your Campus Conference this June 2013. 

About the Permaculture Your Campus Conference

The Permaculture Your Campus Conference is not your typical sustainability conference. We began two years ago because we saw an opportunity for campuses to play a unique and integral role in transitioning our culture into one that is truly sustainable. Globally we face some significant challenges, including climate change, peak oil, and social and economic instability, to name a few. It's critical that we find solutions fast.

But, we believe there is hope. Over two million freshman students enter colleges every single year in the United States alone. Campuses can and should play an important role in shifting culture for the better. What if those students learned the "basics of sustainability" during their college experience, and brought that new paradigm out into the world with them, into hundreds of different fields?

The mission of the 2013 Permaculture Your Campus Conference is to bring together participants from international colleges, universities, and businesses to learn why and how permaculture design is being used as the guiding framework for some of the most cutting-edge sustainability programs around the world.

At this conference, attendees will examine diverse models of institutional sustainability that were designed using permaculture. Participants are also able to gain hands-on permaculture experience and explore transformative strategies for creating a culture of sustainability at college campuses and other organizations. 

What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is an ecological design science based on principles and patterns found in nature. It provides a "how to" and a set of tools to help us transition our communities, campuses, and our culture to become truly sustainable.

About the “Lightning Talks”

These “Lightning Talks” will be given by colleges, universities, and organizations practicing permaculture in a campus setting. Each presenter will have 5-10 minutes to share how permaculture is being used on their campus. We view these talks as a way for attendees to hear from diverse permaculture programs (from start-ups to veterans) to celebrate their successes and give advice to those who want to create or expand their own campus’ permaculture program.

Presentation Content

The focus of these presentations is to provide conference attendees with a wealth of campus permaculture models and to give practical advice related to entry points and best practices. Within this time, each campus might consider covering the following topics in their presentation:

Brief overview of the program
How the program was created (Entry points)
How you are using the permaculture principles and ethics to design your program
Any challenges you encountered, and their solutions
Best Practices 
How you are funded
How you have sustained your program

The Permaculture Your Campus Conference will be held from June 23-26, 2013. These “Lightning Talk” panel discussions will take place on the morning of Monday June 24. 

How to Submit a Proposal

To submit your proposal, please fill out this application http://bit.ly/PYCproposals. Applications must be submitted by Sunday April 7, 2013 (anytime). 

Be sure to register to attend the conference by Earth Day on Monday April 22, 2013 to be eligible for our early bird discount! 

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