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*Profitable Urban Farming with Curtis Stone - Full Day Workshop*

January 23 at The Shed

1355 Lincoln Ave - Pasadena, CA  91103

For more information visit: permaculturevoices.com/pasadenapuf



Learn how you can farm on just a quarter acre of land and make $50,000, or
even $100,000 on half an acre.

It’s possible to farm profitably on a small land-base when you focus on how
you farm and what you crow.

Most people aren’t successful at farming because they don’t use the correct
farming techniques and they are growing the wrong crops for their farm and
their market.

Learn how you can farm profitably by specializing in high value crops with
short growth cycles as well as selling to niche market streams such as
restaurants and CSA’s..

Curtis Stone is the farmer and owner of Green City Acres, a commercial
urban farm in Kelowna, BC. Since 2010, he has been successfully farming on
multiple urban lots in the cities downtown, and will demonstrate to you,
that you can farm on very small plots of land without the debt burden of a
mortgage or the high capital expenses of the usual infrastructure that most
farms need.

Curtis wants to show you how you can shave off two to three years of the
mistakes he made, and get you off to a strong start now, making a great
living doing something you love!

In this full day workshop <http://www.permaculturevoices.com/pasadenapuf>,
you will learn about strategic small farm production techniques that Curtis
has used and refined during his six year farming career.  You will also
learn how to use modern technology to better manage your business that will
save you time and money!

*Topics Covered*:

   - Market Research
      - Is there a demand for market vegetables in your area? And where is
      that demand coming from – farmers market customers, CSA customers,
      restaurants? Learn to analyze who you market is and what type of products
      and methods of transaction they will support.
   - Site Selection
      - How to find land for farming, and how to convert that land from
      lawn to farm plots.
   - Site Negotiation
      - A lot of land can be accessed for free or for very little money.
      Find out how.
   - Crop Selection
      - Identify the best crops for your market and farm.
   - Crop Planning
      - Not just what to plant. But when to plant.
   - Bed Layout
      - Maximizing planting space to get the most out of a limited supply
      of land.
   - Tools and Infrastructure Selection
      - Save money by not buying what you don’t need.
   - Transplanting and Seeding Techniques
      - Sometimes transplanting is more effective that direct seeding and
      can lead to less crop failure and better germination. Find out when.
   - Weed Prevention
      - Forget weeding. Focus on preventing weeds from forming in the first
   - Harvesting
      - How to efficiently and effectively harvest your crops to save you
      labor and time.
   - Processing
      - The crops are harvested now what? Depending on your market
      different crops can be processed in different ways.


*Who is this workshop for?*

Someone who wants to go into an urban food production business.

This workshop is about serious, high production urban farming and focuses
on the business of urban farming - specifically how to produce high value
crops and how to sell them.

This isn't a how to garden workshop, this is a how to garden
bio-intensively and profitably so you can make a living doing it workshop.


You can see one of Curtis' plots in this video.  Urban Farming in Kelowna
with Curtis Stone <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2r16LEhieoo>

And you can watch an introduction to the workshop in this video.  Profitable
Urban Farming with Curtis Stone - Workshop Intro

*The workshop will take place in Pasadena on January 23 and costs $99.*

*For full workshop details, schedule, videos, and registration
visit: permaculturevoices.com/pasadenapuf


Questions: info at permaculturevoices.com

Founder, Permaculture Voices
PV3 | March 2-5, 2016 | San Diego
Tickets for PV3 are on sale now <http://www.permaculturevoices.com/pv3>.
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