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Backyard Chicken Keeper Certification Course

Begins January 19, 2016

10 Online Classes: Tuesdays & Thurdsays, 7:30pm EST

If you miss a class or want to review
Replays of all classes available 24/7 

Register at ChickensAndYOU.com

Facilitated by popular speaker Patricia Foreman
Author of the course text books:
City Chicks and Chicken Tractor

We guarantee that after taking the
Backyard Chicken Keeper Certification Course
you will understand
how to keep and employ chickens
to help feed yourself, and others
 for the rest of your life!
There is a back to the land movement and it’s happing in backyards and on small parcels of land across the planet. By employing chickens’ skill sets, and permaculture design principles in kitchen and production gardens you can grow and produce much of your own vegetables, eggs and meat. This not only saves on grocery bills, but you are assured that your food is grown in living, clean soils and the food, using and preserving heirloom seeds, is high in vitamins and minerals. With small-scale, labor-saving methods, you will learn how to minimize work and maximize production in your spare time. Developing your own chicken have-more plan is the most practical way to stretch income and keep yourself, and your family, in good health with healthy foods. 
Participants earn the respected
Backyard Chicken Keeper Certification

With a certificate suitable for framing!
Class Topics

101. The Chicken Have-More Plan
102. Laying Hens 101
103. Brooding & Educating Baby Chicks 
104. The Chemistry & Art of Cooking Eggs
105. Chicken Whispering: Discover the
        Chicken You Never Knew!
106. Primary Poultry Health Care 
107. Intro. to Gardening With Chickens
108. Composting & Biomass Recycling
        with Chicken Helpers
109. Way of the Hen: Incubating Eggs 
         & Raising Chicks Naturally
110. Final Q&A and Certification

Gain skills that will serve a lifetime! REGISTER NOW! 
"The BYCK Certification course was an awesome experience.  It was very informative and practical.  I have learned a great deal about chickens, and also about the delicate balance in our current food production system, including the dangers with modern agriculture, and the benefits of organic and sustainable agriculture.  I am certainly more aware of buying locally produced food from living soils and humanely raised meats.  This class just made sense in general to me.  I am a psychologist and treat mental health patients every day, and if folks would embrace the concepts from this class, I think that many folks would be much better off. There is much to be said of quality, and this is something that is emphasized in this class, both for chickens and people." —Brad Croyle, Pennsylvania

"Pat is an amazing person and instructor!  The course was well worth the time and money." —Julie Chasse, Berryville, MD

"This course was more than I expected. I hoped to learn a lot about chickens and instead I learned about sustainability in so many different forms that are interdependent in our world. I now have a window to deeply understand and appreciate soil, food production, heritage chickens and how I can contribute to reversing the effects of choosing profit over quality in our world. In other words I learned way more than I expected to and I am deeply grateful for this." — Anahata Iradah, Georgia

"I didn’t realize how in depth the Backyard Chicken Keeper Certification would be.  Amazing as that is…it was lots for us to digest!  In fact, I feel like we could take this course, 10 times over and still keep learning!"  — Tamie Posnick, Santa Barbara, California

"I have had chickens forever, over 8,000 birds. This course was very helpful. Pat is a wealth of information and with each class I always learned something new to help my flock. She is so knowledable and experience and does such a wonderful job getting infirmation to us. I especially learned from her class is how to keep my flock healthy and happy. I'm a much better chicken keeper. Thank you and don't stop!" — Sandii Peiffer, Pennsylvania

"Great course, Pat! Thank you for taking the time to teach. This class was good for the newbie to the experienced poultry owner and you've done a great job of putting it all together." Dr. Laurel Eakin—Indiana

"I’ve enjoyed and benefited from the class tremendously.  Thanks for all you’ve done!"—Don Rowland, South Carolina

"Got chickens? Want chickens? Want to do right by them? Then The Backyard Chicken Keeper course is for you! Practical information that cannot be found anywhere else. Don’t settle for a chicken coop and run with nothing but mud. This course will teach you how to care for your soil in order to better care for your chickens AND how to have your chickens build the soil to better care for YOU! The class on brooding was the most useful information I have ever received on the subject, with many tips and tricks that you won’t get in any of the how-to books. This online course is interactive and super friendly, I have made many friends during the course and I am so excited to stay in touch. It is great to meet other people who share the same goal of sustainable, happy, healthy lives for their chicken flock. I hope to continue taking online classes or workshops in this format, Pat Foreman is a great teacher with an infectious attitude, and I can’t wait to learn even more!" — Karen Johnston, North Carolina
Class size limited — REGISTER NOW! 

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