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*Introductory Special $50 for April 2nd & 3rd -Save $250!*

*Learn Permaculture with The Permaculture Academy*

This semesters session will focus on Creating Food-Producing Community

*[image: Inline image 1]*

Permaculture is the Art & Science of Environmental Design. ​At The
Permaculture Academy, students are taught problem-solving and
decision-making protocols based on the patterns of nature​. Our
Permaculture Design Course​s begin with a renewed understanding of
biodiversity with an overview of prevalent patterns found ​in nature. Once
these basic design principles are in place, students learn that these
ecological patterns can be translated into techniques​, ​technologies and
strategies ​that can be successfully ​applied not only to land management
and ecosystem restoration but to social, economic and community
developments as well.

Our classes are held year round​ in Los Angeles and elsewhere by
arrangement. The Permaculture Academy works closely with the land planning
firm, Earthflow Designs​ to offer experiential education and hands-on

Registration is now open for our Spring and Fall Semesters.


*Spring/Summer**:* ​April through September

·    $1450 for all six weekends

$300 per weekend workshop

·       Full enrollment includes a copy of *Gaia’s Garden *by Toby Hemenway
and extra curricular hands-on workshops​

·       Payment plans are available (Three installments of $525)

*The Permaculture Academy with Larry Santoyo*


Earthflow Designs  www.earthflow.com

Email: info at permacultureacademy.com

Telephone: (323) 206-5134

*Larry Santoyo, Director*
*The Permaculture Academy <http://permacultureacademy.com>*

*310 383-5495*
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