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Welcome to the South Coast Permaculture Guild Spring e- 
The Guild promotes permaculture education through workshops, fieldtrips, work
parties, lectures, videos, slides and having fun. 

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SCPG is open to all who want to learn and apply permaculture design
principles. We network among our members to help each other and the community.
Many of our activities take place at Community Environmental Council (CEC)
Gildea Resource Center, 930 Miramonte Drive, Santa Barbara, heading up towards
the mesa, off Carrillo Street. 

South Coast Permaculture Guild meetings are held the third Tuesday of each
month, 7 - 9 pm at CEC. All levels of experience are welcome. Members make
presentations, report on permaculture projects, discuss interests and news.
Future meeting dates: Apr. 20, May 18, June 15, July 20, Aug. 17, Sept. 21 Oct
19, Nov. 16, no meeting Dec.

Here, along with SCPG events, are calendar listings from Santa Barbara Botanic
Garden, permaculture design courses and other regional perma activities.
Please check all event dates for schedule changes. For more information about
the lectures and courses, please call CEC Gardens Program at 805-963-0583
x114, South Coast Permaculture Guild 805-962-2571, or email
sbpcnet at

SCPG is proud to work with Community Environmental Council on lectures and
workshops about growing food, connecting people with the source of their food,
and agriculture’s role in building and maintaining sustainable resources. SCPG
courses explore how people can incorporate these ideas into their lives. 

Holistic Management, our first Spring offering, is a comprehensive decision-
making and planning model applied to the management of farms, ranches,
businesses, and individual lives. It incorporates goal setting, the
appropriate use of tools, and careful monitoring of effects to move toward
social, financial and ecological sustainability. Created by Allan Savory, a
biologist from Zimbabwe, he challenges conventional decision-making with this
process for direct and prolonged observation. Holistic Management (Island
Press 1999). Savory is the founding director of the Center for Holistic
Management, Albuquerque, NM. 

March 26 Fri. Holistic Management: Welcome to the Decision Making Age, lecture
with Christopher Peck 7:30 PM at CEC, $3 donation requested. Christopher is a
Certified Educator with the Center of Holistic Management, Permaculture
Drylands Institute curriculum director and owner of Holistic Solutions, a
holistic management and permaculture-based consulting firm.

March 27-28 Sat./Sun. Two-Day Holistic Management Workshop with Christopher
Peck, and special guest Duncan Blair, local SB County holistic rancher. 9 am -
5:30 pm at CEC, cost $100 plus $25 for materials and handbook. Limited to 20
people. This workshop covers Holistic Management; history, brainstorming,
goals, planning income, ecosystem blocks and tools, monitoring for success and
beneficial impact of grazing animals on the landscape. We will also visit a
local holistically managed ranch. Permaculture Design grads Tom Drummond and
Ethan Zickler will assist. To register and for more info, contact Margie
Bushman, SCPG 805-962-2571 or email sbpcnet at 
Jim Lowery and Mary Brooks of Earth Skills have taught tracking, nature
awareness and earth philosophy for the past twelve years. Many skills in this
workshop were learned from Tom Brown Jr. This will be a hands on workshop, not
one of abstractions, introducing very specific skills.

April 17-18 Sat./Sun. “Sense of Place” A weekend by Earth Skills for our guild
at the newly-formed Sedgwick Reserve near Santa Barbara, owned by University
of California. Cost $150. Camping with dinner and breakfast included. This
weekend course will help you develop tools for reading the patterns of nature.
Get in touch with natural land rhythms using permaculture principles to work
in harmony with nature. Limit to 20 people, after March 30 please call to
check for space. Contact Wes Roe, 805-964-1555 or email lakinroe at
Please make checks to Wes Roe, send to 33 Paradise Rd., Santa Barbara, CA

April 30 Fri. “Cities that Grow their Own Food - A Vision of the Future” a
panel discussion hosted by Oscar Carmona, CEC Garden Director; with Michael
Ableman, Center for Urban Agriculture Director; Steve Moore, biodynamic CSA
farmer; Michelle Moscone, Food Security Issues; Michael Feeney, SB Land Trust;
a member of the Interfaith Community, and a nutritionist. 7:30 pm at CEC, $3
donation requested. This panel will discuss how we can work together to grow
our food, adapt to eating seasonal foods, and growing safe, local food. We can
create a wealth of small-scale community food growers and avoid environmental
impacts of transporting food thousands of miles, by simply changing the use of
our lands and where we buy our food. We will discuss the unique south facing
topography of Santa Barbara and its ideal climate for year-round food growing.
Come join in the discussion. 

May 1 Sat. All day Workshops with members of the panel  further discussing
“Cities that Grow their Own Food - A Vision of the Future.” For more info
Contact CEC Gardens program at 805-963-0583 x 114, South Coast Permaculture
Guild 962-2571 or email sbpcnet at

June 4 Fri. Grains of the Planet slide show and talk by Lorenz Schaller,
International Grain Expert and Director of Kusa Seed Research Foundation, in
Ojai. Slide show 7:30 pm at CEC, $3 donation requested. Experience this
colorful slide presentation of humanity’s relationship with the sacred cereal
grasses such as barley, corn, millets, oats, rice, wheat, and other edible
seedcrops from around the world. Many of these seeds are remnants of vanishing
or disappearing heirloom crops. Kusa offers these seeds and information about
their culture and use as foods. The focus of Kusa is on production in “grain
gardens” and small-scale mini farms. Schaller has been growing rare and
ancient seeds in Ojai Valley for the past thirteen years. You can support his
work by joining Kusa as a Friend at $30; their Seed and Literature Catalog is
$5. Kusa, P.O. Box 761, Ojai, CA 93024. Co-sponsored by CEC, Herb Circle and
SCPG. For more info contact CEC Garden Program 805-963-0583 x 114, SCPG
962-2571 or email sbpcnet at

June 5 Sat. Grain Planting Workshop 10 am -12 noon, cost $30. This hands on
practical workshop is for beginners and experienced growers who are interested
in propagating  cereal grains for food or ornament. Learn to prepare a
seedbed, sow different varieties of grains, techniques for successfully
producing human food grain on a small scale, pretest seeds for germination,
irrigate, storage and much more. 

June 5 Sat. Plant and Seed Exchange 1:30 - 4:00 pm Join in and support this
great idea to bring seeds plants and people together in a celebration. If you
have no seeds or plants to exchange, a donation can be given. Herb Circle
Director Carol Ostroff will display her large collection of herbs grown at the
CEC for trade/donation. Home gardeners, and permaculture members bring their
seeds and plants, seed saving demonstrations, food and music. We are looking
for more co-sponsors to help with this special event. For info and to reserve
tables at the Seed and Plant Exchange - call Wes Roe 964-1555
lakinroe at Co-sponsored by the Herb Circle, 805-569-7616,
earthbound1 at, & CEC Gardens Program.

April 18 Sun. Earth Day De la Guerra Square 9 am - 4:30 pm. We will be there
for our second year with a South Coast Permaculture Guild booth to tell folks
about perma design and our activities. We need 4-6 folks to staff the booth
for the day. All materials will be provided. Call Margie Bushman 962-2571. SB
Earth Day is always a good time, join us !

April 24 Sat. SB Botanic Garden Plant & Book Sale Large selection of native
and drought tolerant plants and books. 1212 Mission Canyon Road. For more info
805-682-4726 x101

March 28 Sun., April 3, 11, 17, 25 Practical Preparedness Program in
Atascadero, CA. For more info call Larry Santoyo 800-469-5857 email
dotcalm at 

March 27 April 10, 24 Designing the Home Ecosystem at Cuesta College in Paso
Robles with Larry Santoyo, call 805-546-3132 for info/reg.

May weekends Permaculture Design Course in San Diego, CA with Larry Santoyo &
Bruce Bebe. See info for SDPC.

May 9-22 Permaculture Design Course at Heartwood Healing Center in mountains
of Northern California. Teacher Penny Livingston Permaculture Institute of
Northern CA and Brock Dolman Occidental Arts and Ecology Center. Cost $400
Tuition ($50 early registration discount.) Camping and organic vegetarian
meals $450, total: $850 / $100 deposit by April 20. Contact Michael Smith,
707-923-5000, for more info - c/o Island Mountain Institute, 220 Harmony Lane,
Garberville, CA  95542 

June 6-12 Build Here Now - a natural Building and Permaculture Convergence at
the Lama Foundation, Taos County, New Mexico. Topics: sustainable timber
harvest and preparation, timber framing, saw bale, cob, straw clay, earthen
plasters, permaculture design, eco village design, watershed management, high
alpine forest ecology and ecosystem regeneration. Cost $500 till April 30,
then $550 after. Children 5-16 half price, includes three vegetarian meals per
day and on-site lodging. Sponsored by Permaculture Drylands Institute, Last
Straw Journal, and Lama Foundation. Contact PDI at 505-983-0663 email
pdrylands at

1999 Hands-on Workshops on Orcas Island, WA - at the Bullock brothers’ ranch -
featured in the the Global Gardener video with Bill Mollison. April 23-26
Horticulture for Permaculture $350, July 10- Aug. 6 Permaculture Skills
Intensive $1750, Sept. 17-20 Water Harvesting $350 Instructors Doug, Joe and
Sam Bullock, Michael Lockman and guests. For more info send SASE to Bullock
Workshops c/o WE- Design, PO Box 45472, Seattle, WA 98145, email
michaellockman at
May 1-14 Permaculture Design Course at intentional community Casa Las
Barrancas in Pojoaque, New Mexico. Strong emphasis on hands-on, community,
wetlands, fields, orchards and gardens, herbspiral, key-hole/mandala garden,
and plant identification. Taught by Permaculture Institute, USA director Scott
Pittman, 13 years experience teaching and designing on 4 continents; and Joel
Glansberg, food forest wizard and guild designer. Cost $950 includes three
organic meals a day + $130 limited space in double occupancy or $30 camping .
Call 505-455-0270, fax 505-455-0514 email pci at

Permaculture Institute of Southern California 

Designing and Planting a Polycultural-Agroforest Windbreak - Laganza Farms,
Aguanga, CA

March 27 Sat. Laganza Farms is Eos Institute’s certified organic/biodynamic
permaculture fieldsite. A series of workshops in design, planting and grow out
of a microclimate modifier for the garden and orchard. An intermixed
annual/perennial agroforestry system using legumes, canopy cover crops, trees,
shrubs, grasses and herbs will provide a saleable option to the farm while
creating frost-free microclimates. Intern opportunities. Please call for other
dates, carpooling and directions.

May 29 Sat. Food System Design for a Resort/Spa
Rancho La Puerta / Tres Estrellas Farm, Tecate, Baja California, Mexico

A demonstration orchard and raised-bed gardens supply fruits and vegetables
for guests at resort/spa Rancho La Puerta. This will be the site for our
hands-on bilingual exercises in composting and gardening technologies with an
emphasis on fertility management, crop rotation, planting patterns, irrigation
and integrated pest management. Sarah Liva Brightwood, Landscape
Architect/Permaculture Designer and Enrique Ceballos, Biologist and Nursery
Horticulturist will be our hosts. 

The landscapes are exceptional. Nearby Mt Cuchuma, an ancient sacred mountain,
was once surrounded by oceans and looked like an island to the Indians. Also
planned are visits to a local school educational nature center to see
sculptured outdoor classrooms for art, music and poetry.

Instructors: Gabriel Howearth, Designer, Bionational Coevolution Gardens,
Baja, California, and co-founder Seeds of Change; Bill Roley, PhD., Director,
Permaculture Institute of Southern California. Courses are $65 per workshop,
scholarships and work trades are available for a limited number of folks.
Another trip will be held in the fall, on Sept. 25. Contact Dr. Bill Roley
<DrRoley at> Permaculture Institute of Southern California, 1027 Summit
Way, Laguna Beach, CA 02651  
tel. 949-494-5843  fax 949-494-0129

June 13-26 Permaculture Design Course on Big Sur Coast CA, Summer solstice
1999. For more info call Larry Santoyo 800-469-5857 email dotcalm at

Regional Permaculture Guild Listserves
South Coast Perma Guild uses an email listserve for specialized local info,
requests and discussion. Thanks to our web wizard John Howe,,
there are now three regional lists for scpg, ccpg (central coast), and sdpg
(San Diego). 

The subscription process is very simple, just try it: send to:
Majordomo at, no subject, message text: subscribe scpg. To subscribe
to the other guild lists, use their name instead of scpg.

Ojai Perma Guild 
The Ojai Permaculture Guild is developing classes and events. Please contact
Dave White, PO Box 973 Ojai, CA 93024, 805-646 9809   email:
ArtDetour at

San Diego Permaculture 
San Diego Permaculture Center (SDPC) is seeking to network (worknet) with
other organizations as a permaculture design resource for the coastal and
inland chaparral desert bio-region. A Sustainable Community workshop is
planned for March or April, and a Permaculture Design Certification course
will be held in May over five weekends at a central San Diego location. Larry
Santoyo and Bruce Bebe will present the course. Please contact us for more

San Diego Permaculture Center, address: 3639 Midway Drive Suite 267, San
Diego, CA 92010.  Tel: 619-860-2123, Fax: 619-221-8006, email:
permaculturecntr at (Bruce Bebe)

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden
Many classes are offered every quarter. Call for a current class schedule
805/682-4726 ext. 102.

A two year Certificate program is offered in California Plant Diversity. Learn
about California native plant species and their habitats, including the basics
of plant biology, plant identification, plant communities and the role of
plants in California ecosystems. 

April 25 Sun. Lecture on Sustainabilty by local landscape design architect
Owen Dell. Owen is a great instructor, teaching sustainable landscape design
before they invented the word.
 2 - 4 pm, $12 general public. SBBG, 1212 Mission Canyon Rd.

Garden of Hope 
Villa Garden at the Juvenile Hall ( Villa Esperanza) in Goleta would like to
thank all guild members and friends who put in the water system, gateway
trellis and  benches.These efforts helped so much. 

Another shameless request for more flower and vegetable seeds, avocado, fruit
trees, citrus, and ornamental plants are still needed to keep the Villa
Gardens flowing, it is truly appreciated Contact Jill Cloutier 963-5433 or Kim
Redmond 565-8509

Eco-village Discussion Group
SCPG members Michael and Carol Lind invite people with dreams of living in a
community that lives in harmony on the land to come together to discuss their
vision. They are seeking a group to explore locating and purchasing property,
creating meaningful work, and living in earth-based houses using renewable
energy. Please send your name, address, phone, fax, email & your interests,
skills, history and dreams to Michael and Carol Lind, 155 Verde Oak Drive, Oak
View, CA 93022-9702, or email: HiDesigns at All info received in strict

Earth Charter Movement 
Earth Charter Movement is a part of a worldwide effort to get the U. N. to
adopt a sustainable Earth Charter by 2002. The Earth Charter would encourage
communities to respect all living life forms, biodiversity, native people
rights, social rights, and change the way they use resources. The SB County
grassroots group is spearheaded by Stephen Aizenstat, president of Pacifica
Graduate Institute, Carpinteria. Plans are to set up a local chapter if there
is interest and plan a major local event. SB contact Phyllis Jackson director
of continuing education (ext. 159) Pacifica Grad Institute, 249 Lambert Rd.,
Carpinteria, CA 93013 805-969-3626 fax 805-565-1932,

Santa Barbara Hours Accepted Here
Santa Barbara Hours is an alternative to cash known as community currency
designed to create more community links and recognize the value of our time in
new ways. SCPG is proud to accept half our workshop fees and full payment for
lectures, when possible, in Santa Barbara Hours (except Earth Skills' Sense of
Place workshop.) To find out how to participate in SB Hours (it's free) please
call 682-9972, e-mail: sustain at

New CEC Executive Director
Former SLO County Supervisor Bud Laurent has recently taken the helm of CEC as
its new Executive Director. Good luck and welcome, Bud!

Herb Circle
Herb Circle meets Sunday, 2 - 4 pm at the Community Environmental Council’s
Gildea Center, 930 Miramonte Dr. Fees are $10 per class or become a member for
$30 and pay $5.  Classes started Feb. 7 and will continue and include April
25. Classes cover planning, planting, propagation, herbwalk, wildcrafting,
home remedies, energetics/smudgings and flower essence. Call Carol Ostroff,
Herb Circle Director at 569-7616 earthbound1 at

Herb Circle offers a three month Certified Apprenticeship. The program
includes 10 hours of work study, working in greenhouse, propagation,
harvesting, planting, herbs maintenance in the garden, healing and crafts with
herbs, and also marketing skills. Limited to 10 people. $25 registration fee,
free attendance to Herb Circle Sunday 2-4. “These times are critical for
people to reconnect with the Earth, learn sustainability and understand
natural ways to maintain health.” For more info call Carol Ostroff 569-7616,
<earthbound1 at> or write CEC 930 Miramonte Dr. SB, CA 93109

Permaculture Activist 
Great mag on US perm, lists courses, events, sells perma books articles, etc.
cost $19/year   Subscriptions, PO Box 1209 Black Mountain, NC  28711 pcactiv at 

Cool Sites to Check Out
This newsletter, and other SCPG news online at www.ewerb.webjump/scpg.html -
mention this ad for your discount!
American Bamboo Society
American Permaculture Directory a listing of grads services and courses 
Million Solar Roofs Initiative (MSR)

Fall 1999 Permaculture Design Course in SB

South Coast Permaculture Guild and the Santa Barbara Permaculture Network is
proud to announce Santa Barbara’s first PDC with Larry Santoyo and guest
teachers. Larry is a leading permaculture teacher with over 20 years
experience. He and his wife, Kathryn Santoyo, run Santoyo & Associates, a
permaculture consultancy. 

The course will be held at the CEC Gildea Resource Center - five weekends
leading to a Permaculture Design Certificate. The Design Course is for people
interested in sustainable living practices and includes practical training for
gardeners, land managers, farmers, architects, planners, community service
volunteers, environmental educators and students. Sessions include
presentations, training and “learning-by doing,” collaboration with
permaculture designers and others. There will be guest speakers some evenings
from the community to share skills, videos and slide presentations.

Weekend Course Outline

Sept. 18/19 Introductions, Permaculture Design Principals Observation, Pattern
Understanding, Design Teams

Oct 2/3 New Ecology: Fire, Water , Earth and Air (sectors) Methodologies of
Design Sunday Afternoon Making a Base Map, Finding contour; A-frame and bunyip

Oct 16/17 Techniques and Technologies for Home Ecosystems (Zone 1 & 2) Sunday
afternoon Hands on project TBA

Nov. 6/7 Techniques and technologies for Earth Stewardship (Zone 3, 4, 5)
EcoVillage Design, Sunday afternoon hands on project TBA

Nov. 20/21 Right Livelihood & Community Strategies Sunday Afternoon: Design
Team Presentation/Critiques Pot Luck Dinner/ Talent Show

Tuition for Design Course Certificate is $600 or $65 per day. To register and
for more info, contact SCPG, Margie Bushman 805-962-2571 sbpcnet at,
or write SCPG, 224 E. Figueroa St. #C, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Hopedance is a great mag out of SLO, now moving also south to help promote
sustainable community growth, right livelihood, permaculture, voluntary
simplicity, local currency, and lots of other cool stuff. Subscribe and
support $10 per year 6 issues Hopedance PO Box 15609 CA 93406             email hopedance at

Clifton Smith Remembered
The SB Botanic Garden bookstore, 1212 Mission Canyon Rd., carries an extensive
variety of botanical and horticultural titles. Shopping at the Garden
bookstore does not require paying admission, and members receive a 10%
discount on all purchases. New in the bookstore is the revised edition of
Clifton Smith’s A Flora for the Santa Barbara Region. Clif Smith spent over 50
years studying the flora of the Santa Barbara region. Although not for
beginners, this book is an illustrated guide to over 1900 plant species in
Santa Barbara County, including the Channel Islands. It also discusses the
regions geology, topography, climate, and botanical history. Stop by and
support this great resource. 

California Native Plant Society 
Matilija Copy is the California Native Plant Society local Channel Islands
chapter newsletter listing native plants sales, hikes, ways to learn about and
observe our native habitat. $5 donation, P.O. Box 5628, Ventura, CA 93005.

Permaculture Drylands Journal  
Permaculture Drylands Institute publishes a great resource of NM /AZ area
expertise to tap into, useful articles on projects, long term permaculture
sites, classes and news. Send $35 - $49 for student rate or $50 - $99 for
Nutrient fixers to help support the Permaculture Drylands Institute includes
two issues of the Permaculture Drylands Journal plus the quarterly PDI
newsletter, Branching Out PDI, P.O. Box 156 Santa Fe NM 87504-0156  

Ecohomes Homes for the Future
LA-based Ecohome promotes alternative and energy saving architecture.
Newsletter, tours, events, extensive networking. Spring fund-raiser to tour
the house of author/architect James Hubbell 310-542-2525. Eco-Home Network
4344 Russell Ave. LA 90027 213-662-5207 fax 213-662-4744
ecohome at
Island Seed & Feed 
Guild members Matt Buckmaster and Brenton Kelly bought established South Coast
organics headquarters, Island Seed & Feed in January. This unique store
carries the finest selection of natural Pet, Garden, & Farm Supplies.
Knowledgeable service, good prices, organic starts in season, bulk amendments
by the pound or 50# bag. A little effort to find but worth it. 29 South
Fairview Ave., Goleta, CA  93117   (805) 967-5262
IslandSeed at

Something Good to Eat
Kim Redmond, 805-565-8509, is selling totally organic Banana Ranch Tamales,
using local produce. They are wrapped in banana leaves, and carried by Lazy
Acres and Wild Oats in SB.

Primitive Skills Classes 
Denise Bourque has started teaching Primitive Skills Classes  in SB. Contact
Sandy Danaher 805-965-2325 to signup for her classes. Starting March 6
Firemaking without Matches, followed by Primitive /Shelters , Food -hunting
and gathering, water collecting, purification. Classes are Sat. 9:30 am -12:30
pm, cost $15/class.

Permaculture Heart and Practice
Cultivating sacred space, personal skills, and nourishing relationships, we
ride the surge of Spring toward Summer Solstice and beyond. Workshops, shared
meals, discussions, resource exchange, and celebrations honor nature as
teacher and provide opportunities to enjoy seasonal abundance. We’ll explore
powerful patterns in nature which breathe vitality throughout the cosmos, on
the living earth, and in own bodies. Our focus starts with fun and

Unique gatherings, site visits, and patient guidance are coordinated by
progressive designer/educator/heartist Akiva Werbalowsky and linked with
ongoing activities throughout the bioregion. Benefits to participants include
awareness, skill development, and growing community for those actively caring
for the earth or simply deepening their capacity to care. Sliding scale
donation/offerings encouraged, everyone welcome. 
For more info and schedule updates, email or phone Akiva: akivaw at

publication notes –

writers/gatherers - Wes Roe 805.964.1555 <lakinroe at> and Margie
Bushman <sbpcnet at>   805.962.2571
editor-designer  Eric Werbalowsky 805.652.1142 <ewerb at>
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