Hello from South Coast Permaculture Guild of Southern California

Santa Barbara Permaculture Network sbpcnet at silcom.com
Sun Aug 15 11:50:49 PDT 1999

ello Everyone
	I have just received the copy of The Permaculture Global Directory 3rd
edition May 99 and you where all listed including South Coast Permaculture
Guild. We put out a newsletter twice a year listing all our events plus
others in California and in the West. This next issue we would like to list
all known Permaculture  Groups , Guilds or organizations doing permaculture
Courses or workshopsetc here in California. If you know of anymore groups
in California please forward a way of contacting them. Please send us any
relevant info about your group/self and if there are changes from the
Directory listings . 

	South Coast Permaculture Guild is a decentralized organization with 
affilated Guilds in Ojai and San Diego and other Permaculture groups
sharing a central Newsletter. Right now the guilds main organizers are
located in Santa Barbara CA. The Guild is over two years old and runs most
of it Workshops and monthly meeting at the Community Environmental Council
Gildea Resource Center 930 Miramonte Dr SB.
Main contact is Margie Bushman 224 E. Figueroa St. Santa Barbara CA 93101
805-962-2571 sbpcnet at silcom.com.

ps Some of you are familair with us already but we would love your help to
prepare this list and will send you all a copy when completed

	thanks Wes Roe Margie Bushman South Coast Permaculture Guild
						Santa Barbara Organizers 

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