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Hello everyone
        The South Coast Permaculture Guild is proud to be the main  organizer 
for bringing the producer Jeff Gersh and his film to Southern California.
will be showings in Santa Barabara June 22 and Santa Ynez June 22. Bill Roley
is organizing a showing in Laguna Beach June 23 , Laguna Beach showing  for
time and location please contact Bill Roley DrRoley at

South Coast Permaculture Guild &
Santa Barbara Permaculture Network 
Contact: Margie Bushman
(805) 962-2571

Santa Barbara Permaculture Network Presents:
Film Screening & Discussion
with Producer Jeff Gersh, Thurs June 22, Faulkner Gallery

        Suburban Sprawl laps at the American Landscape like wildfire,
over two million acres of land each year.  SUBDIVIDE AND CONQUER shows how
sprawl impacts peoples’ lives in cities, suburbs and towns, and what some
people are doing to change the way we grow.
        Narrated by Dennis Weaver, SUBDIVIDE AND CONQUER explores the
consequences of sprawl, history of this automobile-centered pattern of
development, and the notions about  the endless frontier and rugged
individualism. The film suggest remedies, and takes us to places where sound
public policy and good land planning have stemmed the tide of sprawl.  We
that when given a choice, many Americans want to live in distinct,
well-designed neighborhoods, with all the amenities and attractions they
provide, and they want driving to be one among numerous transit options rather
than a lifestyle requirement.  
        The way in which cities & towns  are designed affects the well
being of
all its citizens, rich and poor.  The social implications of bad design are
reaching according to the film,  and devasting if the places we live are not
designed as if people matter.  Dis-investment in central cities, with the
replacement by placeless sprawl, increases separateness by race & income.
SB Permaculture Network
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        Winner of  "Best Environmental Film" at the 1999 Telluride Mountain
Festival, SUBDIVIDE & CONQUER is the first independent film production to
explore the complicated issue of sprawl.  The film takes us to Montana,
Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Oregon, but sprawl is not confined to
the West; it has become front-page news in every region of the country.
        Jeff Gersh, co-producer of the film with Chelsea Congdon, will be in
attendance to facilitate discussion and answer questions at two showings of
film in both Santa Barbara  and Santa Ynez..  Gersh has a B.A. in Biology and
an M.S. in land use from University of Wisconsin-Madison. Former executive
director of environmental management in Duchess County NY and environmental
extension agent with Cornell University.  He started Environmental
Communications Inc. and Red Oak Films in 1994 and produced an award -winning
film for Potawatomi Indians called “Keepers of the Fire”.   He lives in
Portland Oregon.  
        SUBDIVIDE & CONQUER will be shown at the Santa Barbara downtown
Library's Faulkner Gallery, at 7 p.m. on June 22 for a donation of $3.  It
also be shown in Santa Ynez  at the Little Theater of Santa Ynez High School,
on June 21 at 7:30 p.m.
        Subdivide & Conquer is co-sponsored by the SB Permaculture Network,
Citizen's Planning Association, the Community Environmental Council,
Environmental Defense Center, Surfriders Fdn.SB Chapter, We Watch, Sierra Club
SB Group, Gaviota Coastal Conservancy, and others.  For more information
call 805/962-2571, or email sbpcnet at  Visit, to
learn more about Sprawl.
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