International Permaculture Gathering Aug 18-20

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Mon Jun 26 19:53:03 PDT 2000

18-20 AUGUST 2000
at Djanbung Gardens Permaculture Education Centre, Nimbin NSW

Djanbung Gardens will host a 3 day gathering in August for permaculture
designers, teachers and activists to look at where permaculture stands as
movement and develop strategies to meet the challenges of the year 2000 and
beyond. This will be a Œno-frills¹ convergence following the PC Expo in

To keep both costs and the workload to a minimum, numbers will be limited
to 75 participants. There will be no prestigious key-note speakers or fixed
agenda, the Friday afternoon will be allocated to catching up with what¹s
happening in the movement and creating a programme of workshops, discussion
groups and forums for the Saturday and Sunday according to the needs and
priorities of those present.

The 3-day convergence cost:  $75 ($60 unwaged/conc.) The fee does not
include accommodation or meals, but there will be tea and coffee facilities
available and the Djanbung canteen will be open for low-cost organic meals
& snacks.
- Robyn Francis


Friday 18-Sunday 20th August
Office opens 10am Friday for registrations
Gathering will commence at 1.30pm Friday, dinner break 5.30-7pm
Saturday: start 8.30am, Lunch break 12.30-2pm, dinner break 5.30-7pm
Sunday: start 8.30am, Lunch break 12.30-2pm, wrap-up by 4.30pm

Space will be made available for displaying 
information about your Pc activities/projects.
Meal breaks can be utilised for Show-¹n-Tell, Swap -Œn-Sell. We ask people
selling goods to donate 10% of sales to ERDA Institute. 

Please register a.s.a.p. - limited numbers on Œfirst-in¹ basis - minimum
deposit 50%
Registration Fee: $75 ($60 unwaged/conc.)
Registration fee does not include accommodation or meals - see below for
further details.
Complete the registration form and send with payment to: 
ERDA Institute, PO Box 379 Nimbin NSW 2480.
You will receive a receipt and confirmation of your registration.

- Please bring your own cup/mug. Tea making facilities will be available.
- Djanbung Canteen will be open for low-cost refreshments and meals
featuring organic produce fresh from the gardens.
- Out-door BBQ facility available.

Please arrange your own accommodation and book in advance to avoid
disappointment. The following are listed in order of their proximity to
Djanbung Gardens.
- Djanbung Gardens Farm-stay Ph 02-6689 1755
- Jarlanbah Homestay (next door to Djanbung Gardens) on Jarlanbah PC
community  Nigel & Yoko  Ph  02-6689 1716
- Nimbin Caravan Park  Ph 02-6689 1402
- Nimbin Guest House (Grey Gum Lodge) Ph/Fax 02-6689 1713  Private
- Freemasons Hotel, Nimbin Ph 6689 1246
- Granny's Farm Backpackers & camping Ph 02-66891333.
- Rainbow Retreat Ph 02-6689 1262  Backpacker accommodation 
- Nimbin Motel Abode of Peace  Ph 02-6689 1420, 6km out of town
- Black Sheep Farm - extra special place to stay: s/c cottage on edge of
rainforest, private retreat. Ph 02-6689 1095
- Garden Retreat B & B, Tuntable Falls Community Mandie & Steve Ph 02-6689
1145 (6km from town)
- Klassic Lodge Country Retreat (Motel) Ph 02-6689 9350, 13km out of town

Lismore (30km from Nimbin) is serviced by 
- NSW RAIL - CountryLink 
- Coach (Brisbane/ Sydney) 
- Airport (Hazelton Airlines - Syd/Lis).  
Daily shuttle bus service from Byron Bay to Nimbin Ph 02-6687 2007.
Marshes local bus service runs weekdays:
	Lismore-Nimbin:  8am, 2.35pm, 3.25pm
	Murwillumbah-Nimbin:  7.10am, 2.25pm
Contact Djanbung Gardens if you have problems with transport connections
Lismore to Nimbin.

Please print and complete the registration form

Permaculture Designers Gathering August 2000
Name   (1)________________________________
Ph (W)_______________(H)_________________
Key PC activities: _________________________________

__ I completed my PDC with tutor:__________________________

__ I was awarded a Diploma in Pc Design in 19___ in the following areas:
__ I would like to present my portfolio for a diploma endorsement at the

Please register me/us for the August Gathering. 
Enclosed find cheque/other for the 
*full fee $75/$60 or *deposit $________ payable to ERDA Institute 
*Non-refundable unless all places are full in which case your
fee will be fully refunded.
Signed___________________________ Date____________

APC-7, our last Permaculture Convergence was three years ago and there have
been no offers to host the next convergence (due last year). Meanwhile the
years roll by, things change, the world around us changes and we need to
get together again as fellow permaculturists to share our insights and
strengthen our networks. We also need to look at what¹s happening with our
convergences and gatherings, on a local, national and international level.
The international convergence is also long overdue and looking for a host
group again now that South Africa has withdrawn.

The loss of PIJ as our international publication needs to be addressed as
does the future of Permaculture International Ltd and effective affordable
ways to meet the needs of facilitating communications between
permaculturists around the world. The gathering will provide an opportunity
for Permaculture International to hold a special meeting to formalise
decisions made by members about it¹s future direction and role.

There have been other issues raised in articles and letters in PIJ over the
past few issues that you might like to discuss in an open forum, or that
need clarification. 

Since APC-7 there have been a lot of changes in the PC network here in
Australia and our Asia-Pacific neighbours. In the past three years
permaculture groups, organisations and projects have been initiated, others
have transformed or moved, some have waxed and others waned. There¹s much
to catch-up on and learn from each other about what works and doesn¹t and
why. There is also a need to share strategies for ways to sustain ourselves
through the challenges that shifting economic climates and political
landscapes impose on our survival.

Diploma Awards
In the UK, designer¹s convergences include a session for people to present
their PC work to fellow designers for assessment and to endorse their
application to the Permaculture Institute for a Diploma.  If you would like
to use this gathering to present your work for your diploma, please bring
your port-folio with you and a session will be allocated for this process.
- Robyn Francis

A beneficial outcome of Robyn's proposed gathering would be to develop a
picture of the situation regarding the practice of permaculture today ­
aŒsituation report¹ or the like.

Then, on the basis of this, to identify some ideas which could be used in
the development of strategies to reinvigorate the practice of permaculture
in the changed social, technological, economic and political landscape of
contemporary times.

For those who are not at home with change, all I can offer is the
suggestion that, like any living organism, permaculture too has to evolve
and adapt.

Failure to do so leads down the road to irrelevance, marginalisation and

Grasping the challenges of the times, developing workable strategies to
deal with them, even to take advantage of them, can only move us along the
to renewed relevancy, progress and sustainability.

It¹s all up to us. Nobody else. I can do no better than repeat the advice
from the back page of the Whole Earth Catalog -
   Live smart. 
      Think for Yourself. 
         Transform the future.
	- Russ Grayson & Fiona Campbell, Pacific Edge Permaculture

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