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Thu Oct 5 07:39:30 PDT 2000

  Late breaking date changes.  CASBA is still on for Nov 3-5, but
the strawbale workshop has been changed to Nov 2-3 instead of Oct. 28-Nov.

  San Diego (CA) Update

This is a busy time for all of us ­ especially here in Southern California:

1) The California Straw Builders Association (CASBA) will be conducting our
Fall Conference in less than one month ­ November 3-5 in Imperial Beach, San
Diego County. CASBA membership is made up of Straw Bale Construction
professionals and nonprofessionals interested in this amazing building
material. If you live in California, and are either involved, or even just
interested, you should be a member.  Membership dues support research,
testing and documentation of the Straw Bale construction process.  The
meetings provide a unique opportunity for members to exchange information
and create valuable associations. As a special discount, annual dues have
been reduced to $35/person ­ but will return to the regular $50/person after
the Conference. The cost of the Conference for CASBA members is $100 (which
includes Friday and Saturday lodging in the 16 bunk cabins, and 3 meals
Saturday, and 2 on Sunday).
For more information on the Fall Conference, and how you can join CASBA and
participate, visit our website at
(if the information and registration forms are not posted yet, check back in
a few days)

2) There will be a special workshop/seminar on Thursday & Friday (Nov 2-3)
at the conference site. Experienced straw bale and energy experts will lead
a 2-day workshop to teach you the principles of energy-efficient straw bale
buildings and solar.  You will also learn about adobe, cob and earth, lime
and cement plasters.   Building with straw is fun, environmentally friendly,
and saves a fortune in energy costs!   Straw bale homes are not only
beautiful, but also more comfortable and more fire resistant than
conventional homes. And they reduce forest cutting and burning of waste
straw by farmers.    Learn about the benefits to you for your future home.

This workshop will feature numerous environmentally beneficial technologies:
photovoltaic electricity, wind power, passive (natural) heating, cooling and
ventilation, adobe, cob, water catchment and reuse, and permaculture
principles.  There will be many demonstrations, exhibits and opportunities
for hands-on experience.

The low workshop fee includes optional overnight stay in 16-bunk cabins and
two meals a day!  Attend the entire workshop or enjoy the beach at your
leisure.  Bring a friend or your family!  The YMCA offers many supervised
activities such as pier fishing, archery, hiking, etc. Fun for family or

And the best part is the price!  A mere $25 a day a person ($15 for
students) to participate in the workshop or play on the beach at your
leisure.   Overnight lodging in 16-bunk cabins, plus two meals a day are
included. It will be fun and educational!    Price for the entire 2-day
workshop is only $40 ($30 for students).  Family or group rates negotiable.
Send a check to SEE, P.O. Box 81271, San Diego, CA 92138-1271.  For
information, call Sharif Harris at 619-697-3215, or email Bob Bolles at
bbolles at  Directions will be sent.

3) Lathing workshop ­ Oct 11  in Vista ­ no charge
 From Christine Hammel
It's sure great to hear about so many strawbale houses, landscaping walls
etc. that are going up here in San Diego. I hope everyone's assorted
projects are going well!
Here in Vista, we're about ready to lath the exterior of our 900 square foot
house, and will be having a free workshop where Mark Tighe will come and
show us how it's done. The workshop will be on November 11, so it will not
conflict with the CASBA workshops, but will hopefully happen before the
rains come!
We have pictures and more info at or you
can e-mail me at cahoffer at

4) Wood framing workshops ­ Modified post & beam, 3,000 SF Straw Bale home
in Temecula, Riverside County. October 14-15 and 21-22. Come and learn how
to build the framework and roof for a nonloadbearing Straw Bale Home.
 From Analilia Wade
Hi everybody:
the first workshop will be Oct 14-15, and the 2nd on the following weekend
Oct 21-22; the slab will not be ready before that. This framing workshop
will be directed by Bob Bolles, make sure not to miss it.
There will be a fee of $35 per person, per day, or $50 per couple, per day.
make checks payable to Bob Bolles
more details to come.

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