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South Coast Permaculture Guild Sept 2002 Newsletter

Sept 2002 Newsletter Content:
1) List of  Sept 2002 Events  ~ LOCAL The Permaculture Design Course 
Certificate Program in Los Osos Ca ~ Permaculture Discussion Group Downtown 
San Diego and Santa Barbara ~  Introductory Permaculture Class East County 
San Diego  ~ Las Gaviotas: Dialogue on Innovation and Perseverance NM ~ ~ 
Festival Santa Barbara ~ Permaculture Design Course Findhorn Scotland ~ 
Permaculture for Third World & Indigenous Peoples Course  and Permaculture 
Courses  in Australia ~ Ecovillage Design Course Module 1 & 2 Crystal 
Waters Australia ~  Heirloom Tomato Tasting: Windrose Farm SLO  CA ~ What 
do you do with your Organic Fruit Harvest SB Organics ~  Simple Cooking 
Classes SLO Ca  ~ Permaculture Design Workshop in Oaxaca Mexico 
~  Permaculture Design Course Occidental Ca ~ Basics of Building with 
Cob:Coquille, OR

2) List of Future Events  ~ Parade of Green Buildings and Landscapes Santa 
Barbara  ~ Growing Antique Apples Tree Organically SB Organics Club ~ 
Culture's Edge Black Mountain North Carolina  Ongoing Courses ~ Book 
Signing & Slide Show  Ianto Evan of Cob Cottage Company Oregon ~ Healthy 
Watersheds: A Permaculture Perspective Slide Show /Lecture ~ Healthy 
Watersheds: A Goal of Community Stewardship SB Ca ~  Ecovillage Design 
Course Crystal Waters Ecovillage AU ~ Intro to Permaculture Occidental Ca ~ 
PC Course with  co creator of Permaculture Bill Mollison Tasmania Au. ~ 
Earth Activist Training at Institute of Noetic Sciences in Petaluma CA ~

3) Perma News+Jobs  List of Local Permaculture Teachers/Designers ~ 
Permaculture Jobs and Internships ~ Permaculture Garden Service and Land 
Design ~ Rental Room Strawbale house SB ~ CoCreator of Permaculture 
Writings on Permaculture on CD ~ New Permaculture Book Gaia's Garden ~ 
Hopedance Magazine Special Permaculture Issue Nov/Dec 2001 ~ Permaculture 
Film Series planned Sites Needed ~ On Line Permaculture Course  ~ 
Permaculture  Internships in Baja Mexico ~  7th International Permaculture 
Convention N.Z.

4) List of interesting Websites -
   Living Routes offers college programs based in ecovillages around the world

5) Permaculture Credit Union  Question and Answer
     Loans for Permaculture Related Courses

6) Subscribe to South Coast, Central Coast, San Diego Permaculture Guild 

7)Please send listings and events for next email news by Sept 28 to 
lakinroe at silcom.com or to be removed from email list

What is Permaculture/ Sustainability?
Attending a permaculture design course can be a great opportunity to learn 
useful skills, to acquire unique information and to renew a   commitment to 
integrate life and work in the service of permaculture's ideals.
taken from the article "Under the Walnut Trees by Susan Newcomer " in 
Hopedance Magazine Issue Permaculture" A Quiet Revolution Issue no 31 
Nov/Dec 2001 http://www.hopedance.org/framearchives.htm. Read about a 
Permaculture Design Course that took place in Ojai Ca in 1997 in this article.

South Coast Permaculture Guild Contacts and other Organizations of Interest.

South Coast Permaculture Guild Margie Bushman sbpcnet at silcom.com 805-962-2571
Santa Barbara Permaculture Network: Margie Bushman sbpcnet at silcom.com 
Ojai Permaculture Guild: Dave White artdetour at mac.com 805-646-9809
Central Coast Permaculture Guild: Rob Kimmel zigge at aol.com 805-438-5745 San 
Luis Obispo
San Diego Permaculture Center: San Diego Economic Conversion Council 
sdecc at igc.org (619) 298-8879
Santa Cruz Permaculture Vince Pastori 831/763-3848 permasc at sasquatch.com
Cal Poly Student Farm in SLO:The SARC (Sustainable Ag Resource Center) 
Hunter Francis wfrancis at calpoly.edu San Luis Obispo
Long Beach Organics: Amy Lerner longbeachorganic at yahoo.com 562-438-9000
Southern East Sierra: Tom Drummond 760-377-5011 Ridgecrest
Pc Institute of Southern Cal: Bill Roley DrRoley at aol.com 949-494-5843 
Laguna Beach
Santoyo&Associates santoyo at earthflow.com 800-469-5857 Los Oso Ca
LA EcoVillage: Lois Arkin crsp at igc.org 213/738-1254
Permaculture Institute of Northern California 
info at permacultureinstitute.com 415-663-9090
Permaculture Activist Magazine Website <http://www.permacultureactivist.net>
Permacultura http://www.tortuga.com/permacultura/
PERMACULTURE CREDIT UNION http://www.pcuonline.org

1. Sept 2002 EVENTS

HAPPEN   !!!!!!!!!!!
Fall 2002- LOCAL The Permaculture Design Course Certificate Program in Los 
Osos Ca
community - ecology - education
6 Weekend Sessions: Saturdays & Sundays, 9am to 5pm
PART 1. Introduction to Permaculture, Natural Pattern Understanding & More...
September 14 & 15 and September 21 & 22
PART 2 Sustainable Resource Management, Building the Home Ecosystem & More...
October 5 & 6 and October 12 & 13
PART 3 EcoVillage Design, Community Celebration & More...
October 26 & 27 and November 2 & 3
Teaching Team led by Larry Santoyo and includes Local Experts and Special 
Student Teachers (design course graduates) can also contact us to schedule 
a session
Curriculum Includes Inspiring Examples of Sustainability from Around the World
-Lecture, Videos, Field Trip and Hands-on Learning Opportunities.
-Successful completion of all six weekend includes Permaculture Certification.
Tuition Costs
-$550.00 for all 6 Weekend Sessions -includes, materials, field trip, 12 
lunches and certification
( * $50.00 discount before September 1st)
-$100.00 per weekend -includes materials and lunch.
-$55.00 per day -includes materials and lunch. -SLO HOURS accepted
Discounts Available
-Work Trade- Labor at $10 per hr. credited for up to half of tuition.
( All work trades must be completed before first day of class )
-Trade Goods- Contact us with trade proposals
-Groups of 5 or more receive 25% discount
-Payment Plans Available
-email for more information
Marketing Representative Positions Also Available
-Recruit other students to earn cash or credit
-Contact us for details
To Register Contact santoyo at earthflow.com 800.469.5857 www.earthflow.com

Permaculture Discussion Group to Cover Permaculture Principles and 
Practises in Santa Barbara CA
Next meeting Sept 5 7pm is in Ojai at Jodi Womack House 1309 Foothill 
Road  Ojai, CA 93023 646-4450 for directions on thurs.
This will be an interactive meeting showing video covering many parts of a 
lecture series on Permaculture Design by Bill Mollison one of the founders 
of Permaculture , audio tapes, other Permaculture Videos, slides and 
discussion each month.
For more info and directions and location contact Margie Bushman 
805-962-2571 or lakinroe at silcom.com

Permaculture Discussion Group Meetings in Downtown San Diego Ca
Contact San Diego Permaculture Center sdecc at igc.org (619) 298-8879
Permaculture Talks lead by Marcia Boruta followed by a walk and discussion 
around the immediate community

Introductory Permaculture (PC) classes East County San Diego
The newly-formed East County Permaculture Circle (ECPC) of San Diego
The East County Permaculture Circle was launched January 5 by a group of 15
East County residents. It is intended to be a study/do group that meets
once/month for classes, and in between at members' houses to help each other
with PC projects in "barn-raising" fashion. We are currently evaluating a
number of PC-learning options such as instructors/lecturers, Internet
(distance-learning) courses, videos, books, discussion groups, etc.
Send the following to bslind at earthlink.net: Your name, address, tel#, email
address ... and a short bio (<100 words)telling about your background,
interest/experience in permaculture and anything else of interest to other
ECPS/class participants.

September 9-11, 2002 Mon-Wed Las Gaviotas: Dialogue on Innovation and 
with Paolo Lugari, founder of Gaviotas and Gunter Pauli, director of ZERI
Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico  near Sante Fe
Registration fee $230
The workshop will start with dinner on Monday evening and conclude with 
lunch on Wednesday
Go to website for meals and accommodation options 

Join Paolo Lugari and Gunter Pauli for a unique workshop based on the story 
of Gaviotas, an
extraordinary village in Colombia. The 30-year history of Gaviotas 
demonstrates how human creativity
and commitment can overcome enormous environmental, economic and social 
obstacles. Mr. Lugari
will describe exciting new developments at Gaviotas and explain how they 
are relevant to current
environmental problems in the US. Multimedia presentations will provide 
participants with a glimpse of
life in the village. Mr. Pauli will provide examples of other innovative 
communities around the world and
speak about the 12 axioms of new economics. Together we will also reflect 
on the difficulty of
translating vision into action and sustaining long-term change efforts. 
Come to be inspired and energized
about tackling the challenges in your own life, work and community.
Mr. Lugari is visiting the United States for the first time in 17 years, 
and Santa Fe will be his only stop.

For more information about the event, email robert.schorlemmer at usa.net or 
call Karen at
(510) 548-4401

The Convergence will begin with the ‘10 Day Training in the Art of Natural 
Building’ in Asheville, North Carolina and conclude with the ‘Natural 
Building Colloquium’ in Oregon. Participants will visit sites that are on 
the cutting edge of the natural building and sustainable living movement. 
Affordable, durable and locally available natural materials such as mud, 
straw, bamboo and stone will be used in hands-on projects. Innovative and 
traditional techniques include adobe, strawclay, cob, earthen finishes and 
passive solar design.

The Convergence will empower participants to share and adapt these skills 
within their local communities. Upon returning to their respective 
countries participants will host trainings, reaching hundreds of people 
thanks to their involvement with existing grassroots networks. This group 
of visionaries and teachers have specifically been invited because they 
have already shown a remarkable ability to create positive change.
Contact to find out info and cost and to make contribution to help bring 
folks from outside USA
Janell Kapoor, janell at kleiwerks.com
Max Edleson, max at intermax.net
Co-organizers of the Convergence

Sat,Sun Sept 14,15 10-5 pm 3rd Annual Organics Festival Santa Barbara Oak 
Park ,
VOLUNTEERS FOR Permaculture Booth
Need Folks to help man/woman the Permaculture Booth 3rd Annual Organics 
Festival Sat,Sun Sept 14,15 10-5 pm, http://www.organicfestival.com/ please 
volunteer a couple of Hours on Sat or Sunday 10- 12 , 12-2 , 2-5 . Let us 
know what times you can come 962-2571 lakinroe at silcom.com. . Great day to 
hang and meet people and talk about our community.

September14 -October 5 2002 Permaculture Design Course Findhorn Scotland
Lesley Bradley and Jane Hera
Are you ready to change the world? To move towards sustainability and 
social justice?
Do you want to bring yourself into alignment with the rhythm of natural 
systems, foster
beneficial relationships with yourself and others? Then this permaculture 
course is for
you. It blends training in technical design for sustainability with 
strategies for bringing
about visions of world change.
The learning process is creative and dynamic, we will learn from 
theoretical concepts,
experiential exercises, practical sessions and the wisdom within the group. 
'classroom' extends to our emerging ecovillage where we will encounter a 
number of
initiatives including: ecological housing, solar and wind power, biological 
treatment, community supported agriculture and visionary projects such as 
the Phoenix
Community Store and Trees for Life.
Cost: £1,050 includes meals and accommodation for 21 nights (£785 for 
campers). http://www.findhorn.org/college/permaculturedesign.html
Booking/Reservation queries, please contact  bookings at findhorn.org

Venue: Crystal Waters College, Crystal Waters Permaculture Village - the 
award-winning Australian ecovillage.
Cost: AU$950 (includes all meals, field trips, materials, comprehensive 
course notes)
Focus on community food systems, community gardens, local economics and 
Accredited, international permaculture teachers - Morag Gamble, Evan 
Raymond plus guests
Practical, participatory and holistic programs. Internationally attended 
Contact Details:
Morag Gamble and Evan Raymond
50 Crystal Waters Kilcoy Lane
Conondale, QLD 4552 AUSTRALIA
PHONE AND FAX: +61 (0) 7 5494 4833
EMAILS: info at permaculture.au.com info at crystalwaterscollege.org.au
WEBSITES: www.permaculture.au.com www.crystalwaterscollege.org.au

September 9-14 Permaculture for Third World & Indigenous Peoples Course
preparing to work with other cultures & in developing countries
with Robyn Francis & guests
September 23-28 Ecovillage and Sustainable Community Design
In-depth and inspiring with innovative insights into integrated
ecological social planning for human settlements, urban and rural.
Advanced course with Robyn Francis, Peter Cuming, Wendy Sarkissian &
other guests.
October 26-Nov 8 Permaculture Design Course
with Robyn Francis, Janelle Schafer, Peter Harwick & other guests

Djanbung Gardens Permaculture Education Centre
Permaculture Education
ERDA Institute Trust
Nimbin Eco-Village Project Office
Robyn Francis - permaculture designer & educator
PO Box 379, Nimbin NSW 2480 Australia
Ph 02-6689 1755 Fax 02-6689 1225
permed at nor.com.au www.earthwise.org.au

Sunday, September 15th, 2002 Heirloom Tomato Tasting: Windrose Farm SLO  CA
The event features tomato tasting of over 60 varieties, a buffet style 
meal, special guest chef
Charlie Fredericks of Bouchon Restaurant in Santa Barbara, a drawing for
prizes, and farm tours - both guided and self-guided. This event also kicks
off the first San Luis Obispo County Slow Food convivium. Tickets are $15.00
per person with kids 10 and under free. Festivities will take place from 2:00
- 6:00 PM. Tickets must be purchased in advance as space is limited, and can
be attained at numerous local farmer's markets, by calling Windrose @ (805)
239-3757, or by e-mailing your request to windrose at tcsn.net.

Sept 17 (9/17, 9/24 and 10/1) from 6-9 p.m. Three Tuesdays SLO Ca Cooking 
Simple Meals
Cost $25 per class The Sustainable Ag Resource Center at Cal Poly
Nutritionist/Herbalist/Whole foods chef, Craig Lane (a Cal Poly grad in Food
Science and Nutrition, and chef at the former "Natural Flavors" Cafe' in the
Cremery) will travel to San Luis Obispo to teach (and demonstrate) how to
prepare simple, delicious, well balanced meals using natural food ingredients
(in particular grains, beans, fresh organic produce, sea vegetables and some
animal products).
For more information, wfrancis at calpoly.edu or contact me at 756-5086.

The Santa Barbara Organic Garden Club will present a free talk with
Mary Luce Wellington of Wellington Farm (www.wellingtonfarm.com) will teach 
us the
old-fashioned way to use seasonal fruits.
Location: Community Environmental Council, 930 Miramonte Drive, Santa Barbara
Call for info: (805) 563-2089

September 20, 21, 22, 2002  Permaculture Design Workshop in Oaxaca Mexico
Many individuals perceive themselves as impotent in the face of an 
increasingly-present planetary crisis. Permaculture offers positive 
solutions to this global dilemma utilizing ecological principles as the 
basis for the design of: integrated food production systems, sustainable 
construction techniques, appropriate technologies and sustainable natural 
resource management practices. During the three-day course, this integrated 
design methodology will be described and applied to real situations 
presented by participants interested in establishing sustainable and 
diverse production systems that maintain a harmonious balance with their 
surrounding ecosystems.
Contact for more info at pacificos.org .To read Newsletter in English and 
Spanish http://www.pacificos.org/lunas.htm

Sept-28-Oct 11 Permaculture Design Course Occidental Ca
Cost $1200 : $100 deposit residential and meals included
Penny Livingston and Brock Dolman Permaculture Teachers
Occidental Arts and Ecology Center 707-874-1557fax -1558 oaec at oaec.org 

Sep 22-28 Basics of Building with Cob:Coquille, OR
Our most popular workshop teaches professionals and owner-builders the 
basics of cob construction in 7 to 9 intensive days.
Even complete novices leave the workshop confident in their ability to 
build the cob parts of a cabin, studio, or greenhouse.
Learn how to locate and test soil, sand, and straw, create the right cob 
mix for any situation, and build strong, durable,
sculptural earthen walls. Get practical experience with foundations, 
windows and doors, arches and niches. Lectures cover
siting, passive solar design, drainage, heating, plumbing and electric, and 
natural roofing and flooring. $520
Ianto Evans Cob Cottage Company http://www.deatech.com/cobcottage/
P.O. Box 123 Cottage Grove, Oregon 97424 (541) 942-3021 or Telephone/FAX 
(541) 942-2005


Saturday October 12 10 am- 6pm The third annual Parade of Green Buildings 
and Landscapes Santa Barbara
A day-long tour of green buildings in Santa Barbara County (both north and 
south) will take place on .
Over 20 notable green sites, residences, gardens, and 
commercial/institutional buildings will be open to the public for touring.
The Sustainability Project of Santa Barbara originated the project and is 
presenting the event with the Santa Barbara Contractors Association, Santa 
Barbara Bank & Trust, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, and Santa 
Barbara City College's Continuing Education Division.
Ticket prices are $10 and include entrance to the Friday night lecture, 
Saturday’s Parade of Buildings and an informational guidebook about 
sustainable building with special emphasis on the buildings featured on 
this year’s Parade. (Carpooling and bicycling to tour sites are encouraged.)
Tickets may be purchased in advance at the Schott Center (310 W. Padre 
Street) or Wake Center (300 N. Turnpike) or any of the following Santa 
Barbara locations:
• Jessica Helgerson Interior Design; 232 Anacapa, #2C 560-0691
• livingreen; 218 Helena Ave. 966-1319
• Santa Barbara Contractor’s Assn. 964-9175
• Watershed Resource Center(Arroyo Burro Beach)2981 Cliff Dr. - 682-6113
Tickets may also be purchased at the lecture or at any of the green 
buildings featured on the tour.
For further information, see The Sustainability Project website 
www.thesustainabilityproject.org or contact Emilio Casanueva at (805) 
893-2661, ext. 2208 or April Wethe at (805) 963-1955, ext. 110.
On Friday evening, Oct. 11, Bill Browning, an expert on green building 
principles from the Rocky Mountain Institute in Snowmass, Colo. presents a 
public lecture at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History's Fleischmann 
Auditorium. This special event begins with a reception for Browning at 6 
p.m. The lecture begins at 7 p.m.

Neil Collins, owner of Trees of  Antiquity in Paso Robles (formerly Sonoma 
Antique Apple Nursery) will teach
us how to choose varieties for our climate, how to order and plant bare root
stock, and how to care for young apple trees throughout the year. Neil is at
(805) 467-9909.
Location: Community Environmental Council, 930 Miramonte Drive, Santa Barbara
Call for info: (805) 563-2089 Santa Barbara Organic Club

Culture's Edge Black Mountain North Carolina  Ongoing Courses
Oct 20-25 Permaculture Teacher's Training Open to graduates of the Pc 
Design Course. $375
Write: Culture's Edge, 1025 Camp Elliott Road, 
Black Mountain NC 28711-8628. Phone: (828) 669-3937 or (828) 669-0619. 
E-mail:culturesedge at earthaven.org.

Book Signing & Slide Show with Author Ianto Evan of Cob Cottage Company 
Oregon for a rare visit to Southern California Tentative Schedule  EARLY NOV.
Ianto Evans of Cob Cottage Company (www.deatech.com/cobcottage) is an 
applied ecologist,
landscape architect and pioneer in earth structures (cob), with building 
experience on six continents.
Southern California book tour/slide show of the newly released book
The Hand -Sculpted House A Practical and Philosophical Guide to Building a 
Cob Cottage
Early November 2002 dates, times, & locations to be announced
Cosponsored by Santa Barbara Permaculture Network and Hopedance Magazine
For more info: (805)- 962-2571 / e-mail: sbpcnet at silcom.com

Nov. 2 Saturday Roadtrip to visit visionary Architect Nader Khalili at
Calearth in Hesperia Ca. this is an all day annual trip to visit the 
site, the Nature Center and new housing in Hesperia all using earth 
architecture to
build them. This is an amazing adventure see what can be done with earth
and it is truly low cost beautiful housing that does not tax the earth's 
We will leave Santa Barbara at 6:30am . for more info call Wes Roe
964-1555 or email lakinroe at silcom.com, potluck lunch
Check his Website for pictures of the Earth buildings and more info and 
articles below

Nov. 8 Friday 7pm, Healthy Watersheds: A Permaculture Perspective Slide 
Show /Lecture Donation $3
CEC's South Coast Watershed Resource Center Arroyo Burro Beach, 2981 Cliff 
Drive, Santa Barbara
Join Dr. Bill Roley Permaculture Teacher/Designer to explore watershed 
issues applying Permaculture principles and design techniques that 
interconnect your home and backyard to the whole watershed. The land around 
your home is a vital part of the watershed. How that land is managed - one 
lot at a time - can have a significant impact on your city's flood 
protection, water supply, air and water quality.
Cosponsored by Santa Barbara Permaculture Network and Hopedance Magazine
For more info: (805)- 962-2571 / e-mail: sbpcnet at silcom.com

Nov 9 Sat  Healthy Watersheds: A Goal of Community Stewardship with 
Permaculture Teacher Dr Bill Roley
Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens Santa Barbara
This class explores the factors necessary to maintain regenerative cycles 
within our healthy watersheds. A series of plans and strategies, based on 
permaculture techniques utilizing soil-water-plant designs and 
methodologies, have been used around the world. Demonstrations of 
bioengineering and landscape features, with an emphasis on local watershed 
designs, illustrate successful projects that can be integrated into the 
community environmental fabric. Efforts in ecological restoration and water 
harvesting features improve our sense of stewardship and the biological 
integrity of the ecology of watersheds.
To Register contact Santa Barbara botanic Garden 805-682-4726 ext 102

Nov 4-8 2002 Ecovillage Design Course - Module 1  Crystal Waters Ecovillage 
  AU$1025. BOOK BY AUGUST 31 AND SAVE $50!
For those interested in design and development of ecologically designed 
settlements - rural or urban. Includes eco-design principles and processes, 
project assessment and management, financing options, legal possibilities 
and structures, demographics and density, clusters, meeting places, energy, 
sustainable building, water and wastewater, working with Council, community 
building, skills required in starting such a project, in depth tours of 
Crystal Waters Ecovillage, presentation - and much more! Examples of 
sustainable building, design, waste water treatment systems, road design 
etc etc can be seen throughout the 640 acre, 200+ person community. 
Includes all tuition, notes, tours, materials, meals.
Nov 11-14 2002 Ecovillage Design Practicum - Module 2  Crystal Waters 
Ecovillage Australia
A hands on design workshop including field work, using the skills obtained 
in Module 1. (Note: Module 1 is a prerequisite for Module 2) AU$300. 
Includes all tuition, notes, tours, materials, meals.
Ecovillage & Permaculture Internships  Two internships in 2003 - April 
14-May 12 and Sept 28-Oct 26th.
Experiential learning combined with a full permaculture course in an 
established ecovillage of 200+ people.
Places limited to 12 to allow individual attention. 4 days a week formal 
tuition and extensive hands on work, 1 day community service/interaction, 
weekends free. Includes all tuition, notes, tours, materials, food, 
Crystal Waters EcoCentre
All courses will be based in the new, award-winning EcoCentre at Crystal 
Waters. The EcoCentre is an example of sustainable building in itself, and 
is very comfortable and well equipped. See 
for details.
More details and photos can be seen on www.crystalwaterscollege.org.au or 
by contacting us at study at crystalwaterscollege.org.au

Nov15-17 Fri,Sat Sun Intro to Permaculture Occidental Ca
Cost $350 $100 deposit residential and meals included
Occidental Arts and Ecology Center 707-874-1557fax -1558 oaec at oaec.org 

12 to 25 November, 2002. Permaculture Design Courses with co creator of 
Permaculture Bill Mollison
Brochures available on request
tagariadmin at southcom.com.au
Tagari Publications - Permaculture Institute
31 Rulla Road
Sisters Creek Tasmania 7325
Australia Ph: 61 (0)3 6445 0945 Fax: 61 (0)3 6445 0944
Hours 9.00 am to 5.00 pm Mon, Tues & Wed Eastern Standard Time

Dec 6-20 2002 Earth Activist Training at Institute of Noetic Sciences in 
Petaluma CA
With Penny Livingston and Starhawk
For more info contact Capra J'neva at: 415·663·9583 voicemail 
eat at sonicinema.com
Earth Activist Training P.O. Box 341 Point Reyes Station, CA 94956


Local Permaculture Teachers & Designers in Southern and Central California
Larry & Kathryn Santoyo; Santoyo&Associates santoyo at earthflow.com 
800-469-5857  Los Osos Ca
Bill Roley; Pc Institute of Southern Cal DrRoley at aol.com 949-494-5843 
Laguna Beach CA
Dave White Happy Valley School artdetour at mac.com 805-646-9809 Ojai Ca
Pierre Constans Box 353 , 402 West Ojai Ave Ojai 93023 805-640-7686 Ojai Ca
Jonah Dusi Land Dance permaculture at ojai.net 805-640-3782 cell 805-455-5842 
Ojai Ca
Forest Glen Owen  Atwater Village Los Angeles Ca   323-661-5234
Loren Luyendyk  805-452-8249. Santa Barbara
Permaculture Teachers only
Marcia Boruta San Diego Permaculture Center sdecc at igc.org (619) 298-8879 
San Diego Ca
Wes Roe Santa Barbara Permaculture Network lakinroe at silcom.com 805-964-1555
Jane Higginson (619) 668-3104, janehigginson at earthlink.net   San Diego Ca
Dave Blume        831-688-0338    farmerdave at permaculture.com 534 La Honda 
Drive, Aptos, CA 95003

Hopedance Magazine Nov/Dec 2001 Issue #31  Special on PERMACULTURE THE 
To get a copy go to the webpage www.hopedance.org the Issue is on line to 
on the Hopedance Website
  The Permaculture issue includes Interview with Bill Mollison, an article 
by David Holmgren the co-originator of the Permaculture concept, Larry 
Santoyo column , course calendar, poetry, story telling,Permaculture Credit 
Union and more. Please support the Magazine and show your appreciation for 
the Hopedance Special Issue on Permaculture. Hopedance has created a 
special place for Permaculture Activities and Article here in Southern and 
Central California
Single Issues $3,subscriptions $15/year for 4 Issues, also new local 
edition for SLO,Santa Barbara and Ventura 6 times/yr
POB 15609, San Luis Obispo, CA 93406

Rising Sun Designs Permaculture Garden and Design Service in Santa Barbara CA
Permaculture Design Grad is Offering Services in Santa Barbara in 
Permaculture Design , Organic Gardens and more
Contact Loren Luyendyk  805-452-8249.

Land Dance Permaculture Specialists Now Available in Ventura and Santa 
Barbara County
Services offered: Permaculture Landscape Design, Bio-intensive Gardens, 
Structured Landscapes and Land Maintenance
Contact Jonah Dusi 805-640-3782 cell 805-455-5842  Permaculture Design 
Graduates www.landdance.com

Rental Room in Strawbale House in Santa Barbara
Garden loving roomate wanted
Clean & green & quiet Large garden space to share Furnished room with 
organic bed Health orientated
No smoking & no drugs Furnished Room for $750  Includes, utilities & dsl 
We already have dogs & a cat & chickens & donkeys 
so no more pets
Call If you want to live where you can grow your own food organically: 
687-6319               San Roque  area
Contact "Glorianna Buynak" <glorianna at gloryb.biz>

Permaculture intern opportunities available in San Luis Obispo CA
12 week Permaculture Internships
Session 3 July through September
Work trade positions available.
Larry Santoyo
EarthFlow Designs
santoyo at earthflow.com

CoCreator of Permaculture Writings on Permaculture
David's Holmgrens Collected Writings 1978-2000 on  CD
Experience some of the writings by going to his website 
To purchase the CD, it is now available from
the Permaculture Activist
PO Box 1209,
Black Mountain NC 28711
pcactivist at mindspring.com


The first book to locate Permaculture in the American Landscape

Activist Editor Toby Hemenway has assembled a practical and user friendly 
guide to backyard permaculture. Skillfully written and full of examples 
from the foremost permaculture gardens across the country, the text 
introduces permaculture principles at work, explaining the basics of this 
ingenious language of design. Chapters cover Soil, Water Management, and 
Choice of Plants, as well as more advanced subjects as Interplanting, 
Guilds, Forest Gardens and Garden Evolution. Drawing on a wealth of 
Permaculture Lessons and Lore, the author documents the dramatic successes 
of ordinary men and women in bringing barren landscapes to life and in 
doing so, he swings wide the permaculture gate for all garden lovers to enter.

A Guide to Home-Scale PERMACULTURE
240 pages copiously illustrated with table of useful species organized by 
size, type, hardiness requirements and yields plus glossary, bibliography 
and resources, list suppliers, and a forward by John Todd
$25.00 + 2.50 shipping
Send check to
The Permaculture Activist
PO Box 1209
Black Mountain NC 28711

Permaculture Film Series planned Sites Needed
I am embarking on an ambitious video series about sustainable communities 
and permaculture systems. I would be interesting in hearing from anyone 
(particularly in Southern California -- but I would be willing to travel to 
very special and unique projects elsewhere) who currently has a complete 
permaculture system, passive solar house, earth sheltered building, straw 
bale home, innovative water catchment systems, food forests, or any other 
system that demonstrate aspects of sustainable living. I am also seeking 
individuals who are planning any type of such systems and about to begin 
the design phase. Designers, teachers, and other experts in the above field 
are also needed to lend their expertise to the program.

Participants would be expected to appear on camera to explain their system 
and take our small video crew on a tour of it and each one will get a 
finished copy of the video.

Designers, teachers, and technical experts who are interested in 
participating in the development of this project are invited to also get in 
touch and become involved. Those who lend a significant amount of time to 
the project will be granted licensing rights to the completed series 
depending on their level of involvement.
Please address all replies to:
PERMACULTURE SERIES (in the Subject line)
pracko at earthlink.net Paul Racko Long Beach, CA

The 7th Elfin Permaculture Design Course Online begins Sept. 15, 2002. The
six-month course includes weekly sets of lectures sent by email, reading
assignments, four reports from each student including a full permaculture
design report and class discussion of all this work via email. Instructors
include Dan Hemenway, Cynthia Hemenway, CNM, and Dr. Willem Smuts. For
details, download (separately), the course protocol, the course reading list,
and the course assignment schedule from

East Maui Hawaii
Looking for families with skills to join our small permaculture community in
Call Zach at 808-870-8570 to discuss visiting possibilities.

Baja California Mexico Permaculture Internship Nov-March up to 3 interns
Check  for details http://www.organicvolunteers.com/farm_finder.asp?Mode=1&S=5
Also contact Mike Collins permizoink at yahoo.com

Unique opportunity for a permaculture enthusiast in Baja Mx
Santuario Retreat Center www.el-santuario.com  Position to start fall of 2002
offers a work-exchange opportunity for someone  interested in developing a 
large permaculture gardening site near two Mexican
villages on the Sea of Cortez.  Someone with enough basic Spanish to 
teach  local villagers sustainable gardening techniques and to help them 
develop a marketing plan (basic) to sell produce to local businesses and 
their  neighbors.
Contact for more info deniseandbill at el-santuario.com

International Permaculture Conference Feb 2004 Auckland New Zealand
Permaculture in New Zealand(formerly Permaculture Institute of New Zealand)
PO Box 56-107 Dominion Road AucklandInt 64+ 7 8666735 www.permaculture.org.nz
Contact: Joanna Pearsall pinz at eartheal.org.nz
We have now established a convening group to hold an International 
Conference (IPC7?)
This is planned for February 2004 in Auckland.We are working very fast to 
                                    that this event will happen.


Living Routes offers college programs based in ecovillages around the 
world, which empower students, educators, and communities to help build a 
sustainable future. Questions? Please contact us at 
programs at LivingRoutes.orgLiving Routes
85 Baker RoadShutesbury, MA 01072-9703 Toll free - 888-515-7333


Loans immediately available to members from any state

         We now have 286 members and $2,000,000 in total assets.  Join the 
only Credit Union that is based on Permaculture Principles and Ethics. 
Signature loans for amounts up to $5,000 at competitive rates and 
shared-secured loans at even cheaper rates up to $100,000 are available 
immediately to members.  Anyone who has taken a Permaculture course, is a 
member of an affiliated Permaculture Institute, or believes in the 
Permaculture ethics is eligible to become a member for $5 membership fee 
plus a $50 share deposit.
         Teachers/Organizers we can help you by offering credit-worthy 
students the ability to borrow money to pay for Permaculture courses. 
Contact the PCU to inquire about these and other loan programs.
. Please call us at 505 954 3479 or FAX 505 424 1624. Visit us online at 
www.pcuonline.org, email perma at pcuonline.org, or write to us.
Permaculture Credit Union
4250 Cerrillos Road
PO Box 29300
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87592-9300

Permaculture Credit Union Mission Statement

We pool the financial resources of the people who believe in the ethics of 
Permaculture and strive to redirect those resources to Earth-friendly and 
socially responsible loans and investments.

The credit union promotes thrift among its members and provides credit at 
reasonable rates. It creates the opportunity for members to control the use 
of their money and contribute to the revitalization of their community and 
the planet.

Q. What is a Credit Union?

A. After successive years of bad weather during the mid-19th century, 
European farmers needed a way to save their farms from foreclosure by urban 
banks. To do this they formed groups to pool their savings and lend to each 
other. The first credit union in the US was organized in 1909. However, it 
took a severe drought, the Great Depression, and the courage of President 
Franklin D. Roosevelt to stand up to the banks and create the Federal 
Credit Union Act of 1934.

Credit Unions continue to be a cooperative of individuals with a common 
bond who save their money and make loans. Credit Unions are member-owned, 
not-for-profit institutions. Banks are corporations operated for profit. 
Credit Unions are regulated by the chartering state and the Federal 
government and, as with banks, all deposits are Federally insured for up to 

Q. How can I get more information on the Permaculture Credit Union?

A. Please call us at 505 954 3479 or FAX 505 424 1624. Visit us online at 
www.pcuonline.org, email perma at pcuonline.org, or write to us.
Permaculture Credit Union
4250 Cerrillos Road
PO Box 29300
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87592-9300


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