[Sdpg] 2005 Permaculture Design Course: Los Angeles FIRST TWO WEEKENDS OF MARCH, APRIL & MAY 2005

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Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions 
remain embarrassingly simple..."
-Bill Mollison, founder of the world wide Permaculture Movement

2005 Permaculture Design Certificate Course: Los Angeles, California
EcoUrbanism and the Future of Sustainability www.earthflow.com

Permaculture is the art and science that applies patterns found in nature 
to the design and construction of human and natural environments...

Homeowners, Land Managers and Design Professionals can learn simple and 
elegant ways to save time, save money and save the Earth's precious resources.

The Permaculture Design Course experience has truly transformed the lives 
and enhanced the careers of thousands of people around the world.

Dates: First two weekends of March, April & May 2005
Part One   March 5-6 and March 12-13

"Fire, Water, Earth & Air... New Ecology and Sacred Geometry":
Introduction to Permaculture and Natural Pattern Understanding

The first two weekends will cover an in-depth introduction to Permaculture 
Design & Ethics of Earth Care with a special presentation on reading the 
patterns of the landscape. A simple foundation for understanding indicators 
of sustainability and other patterns of the natural world.
Part Two   April 2-3 and April 9-10

"Food, Water, Shelter & Energy... Earth-Friendly Techniques & Technologies":
Sustainable Resource Management, Building the Home Ecosystem.

The second part will focus on: easy techniques for designing, remodeling & 
building a complete green home, alternative energy & fuels, restorative 
agriculture and natural building, as well as learning ancient techniques 
for earth stewardship and land restoration.
Part Three May 7-8 and 14-15

Creating Community... Self-Reliance, Eco-Village and Eco-Economics:
EcoVillage Design and Community Celebration

The final sessions will feature: community building & "creating a sense of 
place," patterns of human dynamics, intentional communities & eco-villages. 
We will also learn strategies for creating community-wide sustainability 
and methods for finding our own right-livelihoods. Design team 
presentations and awards. Very special MotherEarth Day celebration and 
talent show!

Six Weekend Intensive Features:

Join the finest gatherings of veteran Permaculture Teachers and 
Internationally Acclaimed Educators and Leaders in the Worldwide 
Sustainability Movement...

Teaching Team is led by:
LARRY SANTOYO , Director, EarthFlow Design Works & The Center of Natural 

With very special guest instructors including:
TOBY HEMENWAY, Author, Gaia's Garden;
SCOTT PITTMAN, Director, The Permaculture Institute,
PENNY LIVINGSTON-STARK, Founder, Regenerative Design Institute;

Special Presentations by:
MARK LAKEMAN, Founder, City Repair.
DR. BILL ROLEY , Director, Permaculture Institute of Southern California.
-PLUS other local experts and guest speakers.

The Los Angeles Eco-Home is an ongoing living research center that 
demonstrates ecological living in an urban environment.

The Green Building Resource Center , a partnership between Global Green USA 
and the City of Santa Monica.

Other venues and field trips will take us in and around Los Angeles...

Design Exercises, Observation Skills, Innovative Gardening, Natural 
Building, Sustainable Landscape Construction, Art in the Garden & More...

This course meets all requirements for Certification and also includes new 
and expanded material including: Natural Building with Cob, Straw, 
Earthbags, Bamboo, Alternative Fuels, Human Dynamics, Deep Ecology, 
Eco-Urbanism, MicroVillage Development & More...
In our final session, students will host a community Eco-Trade Show, Crafts 
& Culinary Fair... Featuring very special entertainment with the infamous 
Talent Show...
Each weekend is designed to build on what we have learned in the previous 
sessions -but any day can be easily attended on its own. Full attendance is 
required for Certification.
$80.00 per day
$150.00 per weekend
$850.00 for Certification (all six weekends)

David Silverstone at (323) 465-7653 or email david at greeningplanet.com

Larry Santoyo at (805) 459.0452 or email   permaculture at earthflow.com

In cooperation with:
Greening Development and Consulting, EcoHome, The Green Building Resource 
Center, HopeDance Media, Santa Barbara Permaculture Guild, The Los Angeles 
Permaculture Guild, The Permaculture Institute of Southern California, The 
Terra Foundation, The Permaculture Institute, PatternLiteracy.com, 
FoodForestry, City Repair, EarthFlow Design Works
The Design Course Experience
72 Hour Training Program

A more fun or informative course would be hard to find. Our text book, The 
Permaculture Designers Manual, by Bill Mollison, was once reviewed by Whole 
Earth saying "If information had density... this book would be a black 
Modern Approach to Ancient Wisdom

People have practiced Permaculture long before the term was invented, and 
many people practice it today without ever having heard of it. Permaculture 
Design Consultants evaluate and design biological and sociological systems, 
as well as business and industrial ecologies.

The Permaculture Design Course curriculum provides a new way to arrive at 
solutions. Patterning and observation skills are perhaps the most 
compelling aspects of a permaculture designer's training. You will learn 
"where and when you are" and how to "read the patterns of the landscape." 
Using ancient techniques and innovative methodologies, you will learn to 
make the most appropriate choices for techniques, practices and placement 
of elements used in any design.

The curriculum is a combination of intuition, creativity and hard science. 
A Permaculture Design Certificate Course is a 72 hour long training program 
that typically runs as a two-week residential intensive or a six-weekend 
Who Should Take This Course

The Permaculture Design Course has truly transformed the lives and enhanced 
the careers of thousands of people around the world, including architects, 
landscapers, community developers, social workers, city planners, teachers, 
students, farmers, gardeners, homeowners and business owners...Most 
students find the course life-changing, and form strong personal bonds with 
each other. Some students have made Permaculture Design a career, while 
others choose to incorporate the principles of natural design into their 
own discipline.

Through lecture, video, guest speakers, field trips and plenty of hands-on 
work opportunities, students learn the basics of Permaculture site planning 
and evaluation. Final course work includes student design presentations and 
(the infamous) talent show. Though it may cause some temporary anxiety, the 
talent show has proven to be the best stress release strategy (especially 
after the intense learning experience). It has become a tradition in all 
certificate programs. From the ridiculous to the sublime... poets, dancers, 
musicians, mimes!

Patterns, Patterns Everywhere

The training teaches a sustainable approach to site planning, natural 
building, energy, waste, food production, eco-village design and more. 
Starting with an ethic of earthcare and an in-depth look at the natural 
world, you will gain an understanding of ecological factors and natural 
patterns and learn to recognize the "indicators of sustainability."

 From its foundation of natural patterns, the course moves on to their 
application to practical solutions. You will learn innovative ways to solve 
food production, water, housing, energy and waste issues using the most 
ecologically practical and socially responsible methods. "Low-tech and 
No-tech" become the priority. The latest in natural building trends and 
materials are thoroughly examined.

The course culminates with those same principals applied to personal 
empowerment, community and EcoVillage development. Right livelihood and 
alternative economics are also practiced. Permaculture strategies include 
developing community wide barter systems, hours banks and more 
sophisticated local employment and trading systems. (Even a federally 
insured Permaculture Credit Union was formed in recent years which provides 
loans for earth-friendly projects and investment opportunities for its 
Practical Solutions

Permaculture Design is simple. It is common sense, yet profound in its 
application. It has helped thousands of people and hundreds of villages 
around the world and has started to influence many planning and building 
departments around the US. The training provides the tools for a wholistic 
approach to finding solutions to every issue that human settlements 
require, and provides strength to the long-time, weakest link of the 
sustainability equation: meaningful livelihoods and profitable enterprise.
Taught by a Gathering of Veteran Permaculture Teachers from around the country

The Teaching Team is led by
Larry Santoyo, Designer/Director, the Center of Natural Design
as well as other veteran teachers, guest speakers and local experts.

Read about the instructors working with the Center of Natural Design.
The Curriculum

This course has something for everyone.

Click here for course outline

Curriculum includes inspiring examples of sustainable land use and human 
ingenuity from around the world. The core curriculum will, of course, 
include chapters 1-14 of the Permaculture Designers' Manual and 
additionally, include new, updated and expanded material: Eco-Literacy, 
Designing and Building your own Home-Ecosystem, Natural Building 
Techniques, Food-Forests, Fossil-less Fuels and Energy, Industrial Ecology, 
Patterns of Human Dynamics & Community, Practicing Democracy, MicroVillage 
Networks, EcoUrbanism and more...

Also Field Trips, Design Exercises and a variety of Hands-on Learning 

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