[Sdpg] Basics of Building with Cob:Workshop in Santa Barbara CA April 2 -12

Wesley Roe and Marjorie Lakin Erickson lakinroe at silcom.com
Wed Mar 16 06:46:19 PST 2005

Basics of Building with Cob: in Santa Barbara CA April 2 -12  2003

Our most popular workshop teaches professionals and owner-builders the 
basics of cob construction in 6 to 10 intensive days.  Even complete 
novices leave the workshop confident in their ability to build the cob 
parts of a cabin, studio, or greenhouse.  Learn how to locate and test 
soil, sand, and straw, create the right cob mix for any situation, and 
build strong, durable, sculptural earthen walls.  Get practical experience 
with foundations, windows, doors, arches and niches.  Lectures cover 
siting, passive solar design, drainage, heating, plumbing and electric, 
natural roofing, and flooring.

Early April (10 Days)	Santa Barbara, CA	
**	Basics of Cob (Betty, Bob, Ianto)

or more information or to learn about any new workshops not yet listed on 
this site, please contact the Cob Cottage Company:
Cob Cottage Company
Box 123
Cottage Grove, OR 97424

Phone (541) 942-2005, FAX (541) 942-3021
Office hours are usually Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 10:00 - 5:00 PST

Discounts, Trades, and Scholarships:

For most workshops we offer discounts as follows:
20% discount for FULL payment received 90 days in advance
10% off for full payment over 30 days (60 days for Mexico workshops) in advance
10% off for families and friends coming together (cumulative)
25% discount to graduates of previous Cob Cottage Co. week long or longer 
Maximum total discount is 25%
Some workshops are not handled by CCC, so our discounts may not apply.  Ask 
for contact info.

To support deconsumerization, we offer some partial trades and scholarships 
to people who can demonstrate serious movement towards simplification and 
away from the cash economy.  Ask us for more information.  We encourage 
others to help improve the world by doing the same.
Fees and Registration:
The basic fee for all Cob Cottage workshops includes tuition, materials, 
three vegetarian meals daily (unless otherwise noted), and usually camping 
(see "notes" column on workshop schedule for your workshop's specifics).
Group size is limited, so workshops often fill early.  Phone us to verify 
that space is available.
A non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a space, $150 for up to 
10-day workshops, $400 for longer ones.
The remainder of the fee should be paid 30 days before the workshop begins.
Withdrawals within 10 days of the workshop may forfeit the fee.  All 
payments are cash or POSTAL MONEY ORDERS please.  We cannot process checks 
or bank drafts or cashiers checks.

Expect some changes.  We suggest you contact The Cob Cottage Company before 
making travel plans.

2005 COB Workshop Schedule - Preliminary

Date	Location	Cost(US$)	Notes	Workshop	
Jan 9 - Jan 21	Zipolite, Mexico	
** HA	Cob and Natural Building (Rogmans) 	
Feb 22-March 5	Tlaxcala, Mexico	
** SD	Natural Building and Ecological Living (Alejandra and Paco) 	
Feb 18-Feb 20	Coquille, OR	
**	Pyromania! - Rocket Stoves (Ianto) 	
Early April (10 Days)	Santa Barbara, CA	
**	Basics of Cob (Betty, Bob, Ianto) 	
Late April (2 parts - weekend, then 5 days)	Coquille, OR	
**	Woodwork for Cobbers:Doors, Windows, Roofs 	
Early June (10 Days)	Cork, Ireland	
* IR	Basics of Cob (Ianto, Linda) 	
Mid June (2 Days)	Cork, Ireland	
* IR	Pyromania! - Rocket Stoves (Ianto) 	
Mid June (2 Days)	Cork, Ireland	
* IR	Natural Earthen Plasters (Linda) 	
July 1-3	Coquille, OR	
**	Drainage and Foundations (Alan Ash, Ianto) 	
July 6-8	Coquille, OR	
**	Building Stone and Urbanite Walls (Alan) 	
July 10-20	Coquille, OR	
**	Complete Cob (Betty and Others) 	
July 26-Aug 6	Tlaxcala, Mexico	
** SD	Natural Building and Ecological Living (Alejandra and Paco) 	
August 7-27	Coquille, OR	
**	Cob Start to Finish for Owner Builders (Ianto, Betty, Others) 	
September 2-11	Coquille, OR	
**	Complete Cob (Betty, Ianto) 	
September 13-17	Coquille, OR	
**	Lime Plasters, Mortars and Paints (Linda, Haddows) 	
Early October (3 Days)	Coquille, OR	
**	Green Woodworking 	
Nov 22 - Dec 3	Tlaxcala, Mexico	
** SD	Natural Building and Ecological Living (Alejandra and Paco)


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