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April 23, 2006

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If you are looking for an intentional community, ecovillage,
cohousing, commune, co-op, or other cooperative living
arrangement, visit our free online searchable Communities
database. You can filter your search on many key characteristics
of each community such as location, size, etc. as well as seeing
your search results mapped out.

Intentional Communities can update their listings online at any
time so you get the most up to date information possible.

Homepage of the Online Directory

Communities listed alphabetically

Communities listed geographically

Communities locations by Google mapping

Advanced search for communities

Instructions to add your community to the listings or to edit an
existing listing


A brief history of the Communities Directory in print and online


   Reviews by Catherine Nicosia, Community Bookshelf Manager

This month, we continue to offer special prices on our two most
recent ENews book specials.

REINVENTING COMMUNITY: Stories From The Walkways of Cohousing
   edited by David Wann

THE END OF OIL: On The Edge Of A Perilous New World
   by Paul Roberts

Both books are timely and offer fresh views of their subjects.
Reinventing Community provides a fascinating look at the world of
the people who have chosen to live in co-housing communities. The
End Of Oil will be of interest to those who want to find out more
about the Peak Oil And Sustainability theme of the current issue
of Communities Magazine (#130-Spring 2006).


We are also offering a special price on one of our favorite

RISE UP SINGING: The Group Singing Songbook
   edited by Peter Blood and Annie Patterson

This is the fifteenth anniversary edition and it has been
completely re-typeset to make it easier to read. Guitar chords
are included and the songs cover the range from folk, blues,
gospel, spirituals, country to popular music. If you love to sing
with others or want to learn the words to that favorite song,
this is the book for you.

Regular price $23.00            Special price $19.00


REINVENTING COMMUNITY  Special price $15.00

THE END OF OIL Special price $11.00

RISE UP SINGING Special price $19.00


     3.00 S/H for first item
     1.00 S/H for each additional item

Shop online for lower shipping rates, more shipping options, and
more sale items.


S/H prices are for Standard Mail postal delivery within US.
This eNews special offer is valid through May 31, 2006.

   Information, catalog, ordering

   Community Bookshelf RR 1 Box 156
   Rutledge MO 63563  800-995-8342
   bookshelf at ic.org


   Communities Conference at Twin Oaks
   Art of Community Northwest, Seattle area

   August 18 - 20, 2006
   Twin Oaks Community near Louisa, Virginia

Organizing has begun for the annual Communities Conference at
Twin Oaks. With over 25 different communities represented
annually, it is a prime opportunity to network amongst other
community minded folks. It is an ideal event for people who are
looking for community as well for those already living in
community to share and learn from each others experiences.  It is
a co-created conference, with shining eyed people, contributing
their helping hands, ideas, perspectives and energy. There will
be the famous Saturday night dance, campfires, singing, open
space, workshops by experienced and dynamic presenters, the
infamous mudpit, hammocks, good food and more. An unforgettable
weekend for many!

Join us at Twin Oaks' conference site in the woods! We'll be
delving into the nuts and bolts of community with a variety of
workshops on topics such as cooperative decision-making,
intentional relationships, forming community, community econmics,
and many more. Children are welcome.

The Conference is co-sponsored by three organizations
Fellowship for Intentional Community  http://www.ic.org
Federation of Egalitarian Communities http://www.thefec.org
Twin Oaks Community http://www.twinoaks.org

Communities Conference at Twin Oaks
   138 Twin Oaks Rd  Louisa VA  23093
   conference at twinoaks.org



ART OF COMMUNITY NORTHWEST: Building Sustainable Community
An exciting weekend of networking, learning, & fun!
   Friday September 8 - Sunday September 10
   Greater Seattle Area (venue to be announced)

Co-Sponsor: Northwest Intentional Community Association

* Meet People from Existing & Forming Communities; Ecovillages,
Cohousing, Egalitarian, Housing Cooperatives, Collectives

* Build Real Community Where You Are; at Home, at Work, at
Church, in other organizations

* Tools You Can Use; Facilitation, Consensus, Ecological

* Be More Sustainable; Ethical Consumption; Local Agriculture,
Bio-Diesel, Permaculture

Presenters include

* Diana Leafe Christian, Communities magazine editor; author:
Creating a Life Together

* Laird Schaub, FIC Executive Secretary; founder of Sandhill Farm

* Geoph Kozeny, the Peripatetic Communitarian from Communities
magazine & Visions of Utopia producer

* And many more...

Check this site periodically for updated Art of Community info


For many more event listings visit this page
(71 events are listed here at the time of this writing)



   Current and coming issues
   By Diana Leafe Christian, Editor

Peak Oil and Sustainability #130

Here are titles and authors of the theme articles:

Community Survival During the Coming Energy Decline
   by Jan Steinman & Diana Leafe Christian

An Energy Primer: How We Consume Our Ancient Sunlight
   by Jan Steinman

Peak Oil and Community Food Security
   by Ethan Genauer

City Repair and the Opportunity of Peak Oil
   by Lydia Doleman and Mark Lakeman

Peak Oil as "Opportunity"?
   by Jonathan Dawson

Helping Friends and Neighbors Prepare
   by Megan Quinn

Preparing For A Post-Carbon World: Why I'm Joining O.U.R.
   by Guy Prouty

Living the (Almost) Petrol-Free Life
   by Patricia Greene


Good Works: Communities in Service to Others
Summer 2006 #131

Has your community gone out of its way to be of service in some
way; for example, benefiting the environment, or helping people
in need? Or have members of your community individually supported
a service effort or created their own service project? Some
communities (or individual community members) have supported
relief efforts for tsunami victims or Katrina victims, set up
soup kitchens for the homeless, or offered help to Central
American political refugees.

If you or your community has a story like this to tell, we'd like
to share it with our readers. Contact us right away as the
deadline for submissions is very close at hand.

  communities at ic.org   828-669-9702


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E. B. White once said, "I arise in the morning torn between a
desire to save the world and a desire to savor the world. This
makes it hard to plan the day."

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