[Sdpg] PERMACULTURE & ORGANICS SKILLBUILDING IMMERSION Tui Community, Golden Bay, Aotearoa/New Zealand Sun 24 SEPT - Sat 4 NOV 2006

Wesley Roe and Marjorie Lakin Erickson lakinroe at silcom.com
Mon May 22 06:37:36 PDT 2006

- an internship style course at Tui Community, Golden Bay, Aotearoa/New 

6 WEEKS:  Sun 24 SEPT - Sat 4 NOV 2006

This is a very practical hands-on course where participants put directly 
into practice in-situ on Tui land what they learn theoretically.  Teaching 
style is interactive, energizing and fun.  It is a balance of head, heart 
and hands! The main tutors are Tui Community residents, Robina McCurdy and 
Huckleberry Leonard. For their backgrounds, check out their 
website:  www.greenworld-earthcare.org  >From time to time, other residents 
of Tui Community and Golden Bay may also tutor in their specialized fields.

The course includes covering the standard international two week 
Permaculture Design curriculum, spread in an integrated way over the full 
duration, culminating in a main design project, applied near the 
residential area.  A permaculture Design Certificate (from Earthcare 
Education Aotearoa) will be issued.  For newcomers to Permaculture, this is 
a very grounding way to learn it 'in your bodies'.  For participants 
already holding the Permaculture Design Certificate, this will be an 
excellent refresher, with the possibility of also doing a little tutoring. 
During the course, participants will be given guidance in the designing of 
their own properties/a property of their choice, and will be given research 
to do in this respect, in advance of the course.

Course programme broadly covers:
-       organic growing (emphasis on vegetables),
-       rural land management (eg orchards, pastures, trees),
-       permaculture design & implementation
-       intentional community integrated land-use (this community being one 
of the models amongst many)
-       personal & community development/empowerment,
-       bioregional wildcrafting, outdoor adventuring & nature connection.

The home-base for this residential course is in the Tui Treefield - a 
separate cultural & education area in a land-based community operated by a 
Charitable Trust.  The Treefield is a purpose-created outdoor events field, 
with kitchen-dining room area, shower-toilet facilities, two gathering 
centres/classroom spaces, plus some tipi, dome & caravan accommodations.
Internet access will be provided, and there is an excellent library of 
relevant books available. To find out more about Tui Community and Tui 
Trust, visit:  www.tuitust.org.nz

It is planned for the first two weeks of the course to happen elsewhere 
than Tui, with the first few days in a retreat type situation to begin 
building our learning community and establish the basis of learning, 
followed by a tour of Permaculture and organic properties in the top of the 
South Island.

Whilst on Tui, the course will operate Monday to Friday, and every 
alternate Saturday morning.  The rhythm of each day would be shaped 
somewhat as follows:
Early Morning:  Community-building time & introduction to theme of the day
Mornings:  Outdoor hands-on learning
Early Afternoon:  Own time/self study
Mid Afternoon:  Indoor tutored session on the theme of morning's practical 
Some Evenings:  relevant slideshows, videos, cultural experiences.

Number of Participants:  8 - 12, full time.
Cost:  Aiming to be affordable. Course is still being budgeted.

This is the first course of its kind on Tui, and so is somewhat of a pilot 
for us.  However, the organiser has had substantial experience through 
running the year long course 'PLANET Organic', in Golden Bay in 2002 and 
2003, and is applying the learnings from that to create this new programme. 
We plan to run this course twice a year, and possibly to increase its 
duration.  For further information, contact Robina 
McCurdy:  robina at win.co.nz    Phone 03 5258399
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