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Dear friends,

Some time ago we received the calling for help from Forces of Light
organisation working in Ghana, West Africa. 

Problem explained: Immunity/health of children and people there is decreasig
by industrial agriculture food products and country/land is loosing the
quality of ecology by continuing of this kind of agriculture.

Solution found: Help to get/secure them/there enough of healthy food by the
local and ecologically sound production through applying of the permaculture

Strategy suggested: Set up one of permaculture demonstration/education
centres (the place was suggested by themeselves), to train the local team
for the centre and start permaculture education programm on the schools in
Ghana. (details in letters received)

We had been able to help only by the information and suggesting the strategy
yet. Tried to get the support through FAO organisation, Slovak Aid Programm,
etc., but unsuccessfully yet.

If you think you can help by any kind of supportive way (information,
finance, free publications and permaculture education resources/services,
etc.), please contact us, you will get all the detail information.

If you have any available resources which can help, please contact us on the
pramen.zivota at permakultura.sk

Minimum support we need to get is amount to cover the travel expenses which
is appropriately 20000,-Sk (= 530 EUR) 

All of you are welcome into the co-operation.

Thank you beforehand.

Marcel Susko



LIFESPRING - Community for a Living Country
Zahradna 70/7, 076 61 Visnov, Slovakia
00421-904-994 159
pramen.zivota at permakultura.sk
cleanriver at pobox.sk

P Before printing, think about your responsibility and commitment with the

´feel free to share´
´feel free to put this information on your websites, newsletters and media´

Santa Barbara Permaculture Network
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