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ne-ingham/>  Food Web Course with Dr. Elaine Ingham

By Owen Habluzel, Permaculture Research Institute USA


"A wise person once said that soil is not only more complex than we know, it
is more complex than we can ever know! The good news is humans have lately
achieved a level of practically applicable knowledge and experience in soil
biology to be absolutely capable of massive, positive impacts on sustainable
soil use world-wide! It is undoubtedly true that we'll never know
everything, but no matter - we already know enough to get very, very busy!
Renowned microbiologist Dr. Elaine
<http://www.soilfoodweb.com/brief_bio.html>  Ingham kicked off the West
coast leg of the first-of-its-kind Carbon Economy Course
<http://www.carboneconomysb.com/>  with a powerful three-day learning-fest
centered on the soil food web. The bionics of biology, miracles of
super-charged soils, blessings of extra-strength compost, and explosive
results of super-activated compost teas were all on abundant offer in this
powerful course. Such topics sparked a highly-charged, enlivening energy in
the 'brain-food-web' of the attending students, while setting an inspired
tone for the modules to follow in the series."



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