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Those who are interested in the thoughts of kids on permaculture may
want to keep an eye on this blog by my 8 year old friend & occasional
intern, Thurman O'Herlihy.



On Nov 19, 2009, at 2:46 AM, ChildrensPeaceGuild wrote:

>  the following is a partial list for parents, teachers, educators,
>  and anyone working with children:
>  'Permaculture for Children', Permaculture Activist magazine, Vol.3
>  #1 Feb. 1987
>  'Permaculture Goes to School' (1997) compiled by Fiona Campbell and
>  Russ Grayson
>  'Children Gardening: First Steps Toward a Sustainable  Future' by
>  Robin C. Moore
>  'The Principles of Permaculture' Green Teacher magazine, #78 Spring
>  2006
>  'The Seed Ball Project' Green Teacher magazine, #75 Winter 2005
>  Kids in Permaculture - Permaculture Activist magazine, #67 Spring 2008
>  Education: Learning to Change the World - Permaculture Activist
>  magazine, #53 Fall 2004
>  'Deeper Yet: School & Orphanage Permaculture Project' - Talking
>  Leaves magazine, Fall 2000
>  All Round (children's magazine) issue no.12 "All About Plants You

Robin Clayfield's massive 'Manual for Teaching Permaculture 
Creatively' has a chapter on working with youth.

Heather Coburn Flores excellent 'Food Not Lawns' has a chapter titled 
"The Next Generation"

Green Teacher magazine #78 focuses on Permaculture and #75 focuses on Seedballs

Carolyn Nuttall's excellent 'Children's Food Forest'

and Carolyn's newest book with Janet Millington called 'Outdoor Classrooms'
though the latter is only available in the states through PRI's 
store:  http://permaculture.org.au

unfortunately this means shipping and handling is almost as expensive 
as the book itself. It would be nice if a place like the Permaculture 
Activist online store could carry it state-side...

Happy reading,
Roman Shapla

Children's PEACE Guild
>  Can Eat"
>  http://childrenspeaceguild.webs.com/cprn.htm
>  Enjoy,
>  -Roman Shapla
>  Children's Peace Guild

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