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Tue Nov 24 10:16:04 PST 2009

 Starhawk program is happening!  Spaces available, please register by Nov
27th.  Check out the newsletter below for more exciting programs!
           *November 2009
* *
*     [image: Entrance]<http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1102842776893&s=1622&e=001iWT-s45dNF1L2457kZqXtipi9Sf4apgjqsZznypcEei3bN2IuUXxzvCQmNnwUsSh6WHGR-88d5DeTTquKfNJ0IJpOsJiT8b03Gx-nIAkK01xetTePn_vZtzjUvDxPJjP>
*Dear Rachel,*  The Ojai Foundation is thankful for the love and support
from all of our friends and families.
Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving.
    *Feast of Thanksgiving

The acorns are dropping at The Ojai Foundation!  We need your help.  Please
contribute to the fall harvest by making a much-needed donation today and

Make a donation or view what we have harvested at

The Ojai Foundation seeks a Program Manager

          Click here for           Job

  [image: Join Our Mailing
*The Sacred Actor - November 28
* [image: Mask]<http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1102842776893&s=1622&e=001iWT-s45dNF1aNyU0ryOw2LXGoEQVeHvtfS9SEsW-7fRPcNaXb2_45zfaB4fgTipTUdmKLULbBfEi8I2WSn8qaTHi1YjxMb1wtoca8IubuAbfUKLwMJdJCQ==>The
Shamanic Art of Shapeshifting
with: Elisa Lodge - Wowza

Experience the elemental power of masks to liberate and transform.  By
concealing the conditioned social face we wear and donning a mask, the
genuine emotional facets of our nature can be more effectively revealed.  More

Register with Oceanna at 805.331.1331
  *  Permaculture and the Sacred with Starhawk- December 4-6 in Ojai
[image: Starhawk]<http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1102842776893&s=1622&e=001iWT-s45dNF1L2457kZqXtipi9Sf4apgjqsZznypcEei3bN2IuUXxzvCQmNnwUsSh6WHGR-88d5DeTTquKfNJ0IJpOsJiT8b03Gx-nIAkK01xetTePn_vZtzjUvDxPJjP>
Permaculture ("permanent-culture") creates a practical model of abundance
and beauty for all, a vision that's both attainable and sustainable with
present technology, a practice that works with nature instead of against
her.  In this workshop, Starhawk, a dedicated permaculturalist herself,
takes it one step further.  Join her to explore ways to listen to the land,
communicate with nature spirits, heal the scars of past land-abuse, and
observe the wisdom of the wild.
More Info<http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1102842776893&s=1622&e=001iWT-s45dNF2N0VlA6MBKr6iF91YUlQl18Q38dhsei2TI05AfKDOiuIirpalVQY4ohUcFh6PIhV8gjpOyOOYc18HL2YuzmP3BaOQR-MZWJmf_gG2SL3klq4czSZ_vBxL2Oxv7QCrFKHkiYjVmAqdkV_on9eVETtNl>
  *The Nature of Being Human - December 8-15 in Ojai
Exploring the Four Shields

We live in a time where the world around us, and within us, is changing
rapidly- we long to connect to the true nature of who we are and to discover
the gifts we have to offer the world.
This retreat is intended to give you the means to connect on a deep level
with your Self and the rich wisdom of the Earth. You will leave feeling
deeply seen, deeply heard and with a clear reflection of yourself through
the eyes of nature. More

Facilitators: Polly McGehee and Rachel Dawson
  *New Years Eve Sweat Ceremony
* [image: NewYear]<http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1102842776893&s=1622&e=001iWT-s45dNF1L2457kZqXtipi9Sf4apgjqsZznypcEei3bN2IuUXxzvCQmNnwUsSh6WHGR-88d5DeTTquKfNJ0IJpOsJiT8b03Gx-nIAkK01xetTePn_vZtzjUvDxPJjP>We
are grateful to be offering a day of storytelling, teachings and ceremony.
Our intentions are to begin the next year with a deeper sense of our place
in the evolution of consciousness, our responsibilities as co-creators, and
an attitude of gratitude in advance.
Begins December 31st at 1PM -
January 1st at Noon

Click here<http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1102842776893&s=1622&e=001iWT-s45dNF0h2nIZ_tMwYBzqFRpSIdQ0OmgnMLb8xOBJAAw5hHBhRlFOxvqDDgEiyadPOW9q8j1hl-TxdmW_hOrnx7FsWyX1KezURcNk1LR7rGII4WhE-y8PXrO8c-Fxdi-Loyo_Meuf2Ewlj52mcUaPE52D5JYKd53f8B7xQaN5mV90G2ywZRNDpq7YYdTA>for
more information.

    The Ojai Foundation
9739 Ojai-Santa Paula Rd.
Ojai, CA 93023
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"If there is any positive side to stark changes coming our way, it may be in
the benefits of close communal relations, of having to really work
intimately (and physically) with our neighbors, to be part of an enterprise
that really matters and to be fully engaged in meaningful social enactments
instead of being merely entertained to avoid boredom.

Years from now, when we hear singing at all, we will hear ourselves, and we
will sing with our whole hearts."

"The Long Emergency", 2005, by James Howard Kunstler, Grove/Atlantic, Inc.,
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