[Sdpg] ZERI Training, Dec 3-5, substitute teacher offered in place of Gunter Pauli due to unexpected cancellation

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Wed Nov 25 11:58:44 PST 2009

Gunter Pauli December USA Tour CANCELLED due to unexpected and urgent family
TEACHING on same dates (December 3-5) as original training and in same
location (Orella Ranch), lowered fee of $475 (includes tuition, organic
catered meals, and onsite camping), please contact Kolmi Majumdar at
carboneconomy at quailsprings.org or call 805-886-7239 with interest.

After the suggestion from one of registered participants that a substitute
teacher would be desirable in order to keep the ZERI training going in light
of Gunter Pauli’s cancellation, we have developed an offer of a ZERI
training on the same dates (December 3-5) and location (Orella Ranch), with
a similar agenda as what was planned by Gunter Pauli in providing an
introduction to ZERI systems approach - with a substitute teacher, Ms. Erin
Sanborn.  She would have been the assistant teacher with the original
training, and as a substitute teacher, she would work with Gunter Pauli in
preparation.  Please learn more about Ms. Sanborn below.  

About Ms. Erin Sanborn:   I one of the first ZERI Certified persons in the
US who has completed the certification in 2003. (See attached Resume.)
Since 2003, I am a new mom of a beautiful daughter, I have been working in
my local community supporting local agriculture, farming, running a goat
dairy, and developing the Taos Food For All Initiative, Recycle Taos, and
the Taos Youth Collaborative's first cooperative owned, non-profit
organization for positive youth development. My background is in
organization development with a focus in systems design and public-private
partnership creation. This is the perfect background for the emergence of
the Blue Economy in the US. Currently, I am Director of Publicity for the
book, The Blue Economy.

This substitute training would be offered at a lowered rate of $475
(including tuition, catered meals and onsite tent camping as before).  For
the substitute training to run, we would need at least 10 of you to indicate
that you would stay on board.   If we receive notice from 10 or more of you
by Friday November 27, we will run the substitute training.  

Also, we intend to reschedule Gunter Pauli with the Carbon Economy
Educational Series in spring or summer of 2010. Please indicate your
interest in a future training in the Santa Barbara area by emailing Kolmi
Majumdar at carboneconomy at quailsprings.org.  

For interest in Gunter Pauli's upcoming book "The Blue Economy" to be
released in April 2010, contact Erin Sanborn at Paradigm Publications
erin at paradigm-pubs.com . 

The ZERI approach:
• seeks sustainable solutions that are practical, affordable, and
• challenges the dominant mind set rooted in the scarcity principle and
poverty consciousness. 
• builds a new kind of leadership, stimulating creativity and innovation.
• affirms the creative potential of each individual and their unique
contribution towards the development of themselves and their communities. 
• explores the deep science that informs the workings of nature through fun
filled stories; and thus paves the way towards the creation of a new breed
of scientists, business leaders, and citizens working with nature. 

ZERI's worldwide network of vigorous operators and high performers, creative
minds seeking solutions, from all ages and all cultures assemble fascinating
insights in the sectors that will be part of the solution to the present

What is ZERI ?
ZERI is contributing towards the creation of a global consciousness rooted
in the search for practical solutions based on sustainable natural systems.
>From an environmental perspective, the elimination of waste represents the
ultimate solution to pollution problems that threaten ecosystems at both
local and global levels. For industry, Zero Emissions means greater
competitiveness and represents a continuation of its inevitable drive
towards efficiency.   For governments, the full use of raw materials creates
new industries and generates jobs even as it raises productivity. Moreover,
it provides the means to feed, clothe and house their populations without
destroying the ability of future generations to do the same. ZERI has a
total of fifty projects worldwide. It is inspired and aided by a number of
leading scientists, spread across a hundred or so countries, making their
vision, knowledge and services available, together with pioneering research
done inspired by ZERI's desire to do more with what we have.

ZERI three day training

In this course you will learn how to evolve from a model of sustainability
that requests you to invest more, save some and then earn back, to a model
where you can invest less of your purchasing power to achieve multiple
benefits while building social capital. Diverse case studies will
demonstrate that this model for sustainability is not only possible, it has
been implemented in the North and the South, in rural, peri-urban and
inner-city environments.
A dialogue will emerge around the characteristics of the economy that
operates "on what we do not have" (loans, mortgages, credit cards, energy
sources, mineral deposits ...) and an economy that is capable to respond to
all basic needs with what is locally available. The methodology is case
study based arriving at insights on how we can create a pathway from one to
the other by applying principles of production and consumption, societal
organization and desire towards the promotion of life and living conditions.
Whereas we desire to change the world around us, nothing is more pervasive
and necessary than changing the world inside us. How can we want society to
be sustainable when we are not sustainable ourselves? The course will evolve
from mere "sustainability" to making "health" our priority. The shift from
energy and material saving to health without infringing on sustainability
will be clarified with concrete examples.

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