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In light of Gunter Pauli's cancellation, we have developed an offer of a
ZERI training on the same dates (December 3-5) and location (Orella Ranch),
with a similar agenda as what was planned by Gunter Pauli in providing an
introduction to ZERI systems approach - with an extremely qualified
substitute teacher, Ms. Erin Sanborn.  She would have been the assistant
teacher with the original training, and as a substitute teacher, she would
work with Gunter Pauli in preparation.  Please learn more about Ms. Sanborn


About Ms. Erin Sanborn:   I one of the first ZERI Certified persons in the
US who has completed the certification in 2003. (See attached Resume.)
Since 2003, I am a new mom of a beautiful daughter, I have been working in
my local community supporting local agriculture, farming, running a goat
dairy, and developing the Taos Food For All Initiative, Recycle Taos, and
the Taos Youth Collaborative's first cooperative owned, non-profit
organization for positive youth development. My background is in
organization development with a focus in systems design and public-private
partnership creation. This is the perfect background for the emergence of
the Blue Economy in the US. Currently, I am Director of Publicity for the
book, The Blue Economy.


This substitute training would be offered at a lowered rate of $475
(including tuition, catered meals and onsite tent camping as before).  For
the substitute training to run, we would need at least 10 of you to indicate
that you would stay on board.   If we receive notice from 10 or more of you
by Monday November 30, we will run the substitute training.  




It's worthwhile to note the value of the training itself and the
availability of a very qualified teacher, as a balance to an understandable
desire to take the training from the founder, there is a sensibility here
that is worth considering.  We are seeking to bring Gunter Pauli to Southern
California in 2010 as part of his book tour, yet the reality of life is that
the future is not as certain as the present opportunity.  Also, the reduced
price of $475 is a great deal.  A note below from a long time ZERI student
tells more.


Best, Kolmi Majumdar

Co-Convenor, Carbon Economy Series

Programs Manager, Quail Springs Permaculture Farm





Hello all!


My name is Amber Bacca and I am hoping to participate in the ZERI training

next week. I'm about to graduate from the University of Denver with an M.A.

in International Development, with concentrations in Human Rights and

Environmental Sustainability. I also have certificates in Permaculture

Design, Topbar Beekeeping, Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms, and

Mycoremediation. I am about to graduate and set off to help poor and

disempowered communities find sustainable, healthy, and appropriate

development options. I believe that the ZERI training is the final step in

my learning process and that such communities will benefit greatly if I am

able to learn the curriculum.


I've been attempting to learn the ZERI curriculum for about 5 years now. I

was accepted into the ZERI Masters Program twice and have signed up to

complete shorter training sessions several times. Unfortunately, because the

ZERI curriculum is so innovative and cutting-edge, each learning opportunity

thus far has been held back by insufficient enrollment. Of course, each time

they attempt to reschedule the training, we gain some students, but lose

more. If this training doesn't go through this time, I fear that myself and

another participant who has been in the same boat with me these past few

years, will no longer be able to participate, as we are both moving on to

other parts of the world.


I am sorry to hear that Gunter will be unable to teach the course next week.

However, I trust that Erin will be able to provide us with the information

and tools we need to move forward and utilize the ZERI curriculum. Next to

Gunter, it seems that she is the best person to do the job. Unfortunately,

because there have been so few training opportunities, there are very few

people in the entire world who are qualified to teach this course. We are

fortunate to have the chance to learn from one knowledgeable and qualified

individual next week. In addition, as we've already been told, Gunter will

be working with her to ensure that the course is as comprehensive as

possible in his absence. It is of the utmost importance that the ZERI

information is disseminated as quickly as possible so that we can build our

community and help as many people as possible.


Please consider this as you make your decision to participate in the ZERI

training next week.


I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving and that I see you

all soon.




Amber Bacca




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