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Kyra Epstein kyra at regenerativedesign.org
Thu Dec 3 13:22:39 PST 2009

The Regenerative Design Institute is happy to announce upcoming  
Ecology of Leadership courses in the Bay Area. For those of you in  
central or southern CA, join us, and/or keep your eye out for our  
upcoming courses in your area:

Exploring the Roots of the Great Turning
Weaving our new dream through the Ecology of Leadership and inner  
January 10: Bolinas, CA

We all hold the seeds of leadership and service within us -- and each  
one of us has the opportunity to play a unique and powerful role in  
this Great Turning of our time. The Ecology of Leadership (EOL)  
programs support you in germinating those seeds of possibility so that  
you can journey towards a personal, community, and global vision that  
reflects your deepest knowing.

EOL can help you enliven your visions, gifts, and passions, compost  
old patterns, and develop powerfully effective tools, routines, and  
skills for your life and service path. Using experiential, community- 
based leadership development, EOL blends inquiry and skill  
development, self-awareness, and deepened nature connection with  
principles of systems thinking and permaculture.

This upcoming 1-day workshop offers you a great opportunity to engage  
the core principles and practices of the Ecology of Leadership. With  
the support of a powerful and dynamic circle of leaders, you will  
explore leadership from the inside out, examine what holds you back,  
and begin envisioning and stepping into the possibilities you hold for  
yourself, your life, and your service path. There is no charge for  
this introductory course.

The RDI website has more information, details and testimonials. While  
you’re there, check out our upcoming 5-month EOL program:

5-Month Ecology of Leadership Program
Offered: February - June 2010, meets one weekend per month
Location: Commonweal Garden, Bolinas, CA

We invite you to send this announcement along to anyone else you feel  
may be interested in these opportunities, and look forward to seeing  


Christopher Kuntzsch & James Stark
Co-Directors, Ecology of Leadership Programs

Regenerative Design Institute
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