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Circles & Cycles- Doletter!                          Winter 09

Special Opportunities in the EarthFlow Network
Continuing Education
Advanced permaculture course starts in LA one day a month in Feb 010. Email us [mailto:permaculture at earthflow.com]
if you're interested in learning more. Open to PDC graduates only.


Work Exchange Program in SouthWest France: 2010
Experience rural France
Our friends at Sweet French Cottages [http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1102894238470&s=1414&e=001-6I-sXjw0Vuvb9RsnVx2Un0OLUWEpg5RjZKHkwVO1rRfjeb0hqIn0GaguZwWiH6o_rehfRVzOcqP5B6uBIojqg4NdfWKFXhmnV_CyWM92ZuvUx5GhWf_-DLO9yI6hkX2]
are once again seeking energetic helpers (individuals or couples) who can assist
 with the management and maintenance of their rental cottage (gîte) business in 
the Valley of the Lot in Aveyron, in the southwest of France.
Just a few years ago our friends Lance and Rain discovered the incredible beauty
 of the area; since then, they have lovingly restored several stone houses and other
buildings, centuries old, near the town of Entraygues-sur-Truyere.
The site includes 14 acres of woodlands rich in nuts and wild fruits, a variety 
of stone outbuildings, hundreds-of-years-old bread oven, a dog and a couple of cats.Experience
life in a region that still understands and supports its traditional
ways- local craftspeople, local food, communally managed woodlands and
apply only if you are prepared to work hard- a variety of daily physical tasks from
domestic duties to
gardening, firewood collection, painting and cooking for guests- and have a good
 time enjoying the beauty
and traditions of rural France. Individuals or couples may apply.If you're on Facebook,
you can also check out our friend Raven's photos  [http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1102894238470&s=1414&e=001-6I-sXjw0VuNb1wD7D1OqVZvyz4IDz-kEnvOFgL6eg0dK8eoT5bFyE7YTy_owMu-A3TAKdRMK4eTCrxXCtNB4U0fD-1nVTDgB7Y4Zj7WrMK_ib3CBfEPqdRik6n4Pn1jT8quGnLJhVjK53Too8oekSC9Mpy3eQ_83rWeqUJDAxur2I4gOwfyr56Q46u9hOhCljv70EQQmWzsVt8Bi6LlNhGj-t3NjKrS]of
her time working there last summer.
If you're interested in experiencing a part of the world where people still practice
the art of village living and can spend a minimum of one month helping tend the 
cottages and gardens 5 hours a day, 5 days a week, in exchange for accommodations
and lunches, please email bookings at sweetfrenchcottages.com [mailto:bookings at sweetfrenchcottages.com]


Art and Permaculture in Brooklyn
Experience urban Brooklyn
Our friends at the House of Tiny Egosare working with permaculture principles to
 develop a dynamic global group of artists in Brooklyn and Beyond- and need your
If you're interested in being a part of this evolving community that regularly hosts
art shows, permaculture workshops and other events and would like to participate
 in their development,
are flexible in your perspective, able to do domestic, gardening and administrative
work (including computer skills), then email [mailto:the.house.of.tiny.egos at gmail.com]
them with your information. (90 day trial period with possibility for longer term
In return for 20 hours of work a week, you'll receive room and board at the House
of Tiny Egos and access to their various events.
journey {previous permaculture workshop}took us to the edge of the land where the
sky meets the water
and allowed us to truly see, hear and feel what surrounds and defines
us; the infinite possibilities and the abundance of resources in this
wonderful city; here and now.
It shed the rhetoric of preconceived notions and self imposed
limitations. Everyone
had the opportunity to step up and participate outside of their comfort
zone and did." Charlie Wasabi


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