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Fri Mar 12 09:10:58 PST 2010

Today is the last day to 
for Slow Money as one of change.org's Top Ten Ideas for Change in America.

We started the day at number 15.  We need 893 votes to jump into the 
Top Ten and make it to folks in the Obama Administration.

There can be 2 million earthworms in one acre of fertile 
soil.  (We're not sure how many organic beets there could be in a 
fertile economy, but it's a pretty big number.)

here for Slow Money on 
Words for Change in America
Folks across the country know something is wrong. There's just 
something about the system we've created over several decades that is 
inherently flawed. Some blame the government, others big banks, still 
others blame political parties, but all agree that there's something 
that's just not quite working the way it should. People are losing 
homes, jobs, and health coverage at an alarming rate because of the 
societal turbulence in the enormous yet formless thing we call the economy.

Enter Change.org and their <http://www.change.org/ideas>10 Ideas for 
Change in America. Taking advantage of the concept of "the wisdom of 
crowds," Change.org launched a campaign to find 10 great ideas. It 
began with thousands that were submitted by ordinary individuals and 
organized interest groups alike. These were whittled down through 
online voting to a more manageable 70 or so, and right now the voting 
is getting down to the wire to choose which 10 ideas will be 
presented to the White House - as in formally presented to senior 
people there, not just sent in an envelope to 1600 Pennsylvania 
Avenue. You can (and should!) vote too.

All, or nearly all at least, are worthy ideas. Each has its merit and 
is worthy of consideration. But for those with an interest in food, 
three of them rise to the top quickly, and first among equals is 
<http://www.slowmoneyalliance.org/>Slow Money.

The idea is a simple one: invest as if food, farms and fertility 
actually mattered. Get anyone who invests money (and if you have a 
401k or an IRA, that's you too) to direct just 1% of it toward small 
food enterprises and local food systems. Get at least that small sum 
of money out of the hands of Wall Street, huge banks and 
multinationals and use it, quite literally, as seed money. Invest in 
local farms, food systems, artisans, brewers, bakers, cheese-makers 
and so on and keep that money close to home.

We'd create a thriving economy that makes real, healthy food, instead 
of a fake one that just makes money for bankers. One that invests in 
people and the land, not in some distant amorphous concept called Wall Street.
In their book Inside the Apple, a Streetwise History of New York 
City, this is how Michelle and James Nevius describe the building of 
the palisade for which Wall Street was named: "The wall had two major 
problems: it wasn't needed and it didn't work."

Also interested in investing in the land is the American Farmland 
Trust, whose idea for saving farm and ranchland is doing quite well 
in the balloting, as well as an initiative to put a garden in every 
school. Both are important concepts you've heard me advocate for 
vociferously for years.

Slow Money is new and novel though, and needs more votes before this 
thing wraps up at 5pm EST this Friday, 3/12. Please 
<http://www.change.org/ideas>visit Change.org, vote for these 3 ideas 
and any other 7 you feel are worthy. It's fun, important, and it only 
takes a couple minutes.
<http://www.change.org/ideas> Thank you.
By Kurt Friese, Restaurant owner, SFUSA board member, and publisher 
of Edible Iowa River Valley
Posted: March 10, 2010 09:28 AM

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