[Sdpg] Early Bird Deadlines for Permie and Nature Awareness Courses Approaching

Kyra Epstein kyra at regenerativedesign.org
Wed Apr 28 12:16:17 PDT 2010

Hi Permies,
There are just a few more days to enjoy early bird discounts for the following courses at the Regenerative Design Institute in Northern California. Carpool up for the intensive PDC!

Two-Week Permaculture Design Certification Intensive, June 11-26 
Early bird discount ends this Friday, April 30 - save $150!

Toby Hemenway, author of Gaia's Garden, will be teaching for the first time at Commonweal Garden with Penny Livingston and Brock Dolman!  Jon Young and Starhawk will also be there...a great opportunity to learn from amazing permaculture designers and nature awareness teachers that have been practicing and teaching for decades. Please share this event with any friends or family you think would benefit from a permaculture design course like this. See our Facebook site for a post that you can share on your page. 

Watch our Permaculture Video and read more:

Regenerative Design and Nature Awareness (RDNA) Program, Begins September 3 
Early bird application ends May 1 - save $450!

The RDNA Essentials curriculum is designed to reconnect you to the natural world, enhancing your ability to manage environmental systems in a healthy and regenerative way - learning to tend and regenerate the landscape for the future generations. If you are planning to join this life-changing course, now is the time to apply!

Find out more about the RDNA experience and watch our RDNA Video Journal:

Regenerative Design Institute
P.O. Box 923 | Bolinas, California, 94924
415-868 9681
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