[Sdpg] Producing doc film on Haiti's food crisis, Sustainable Ag movement

Joshua Levin joshualevin at goodeater.org
Wed Jun 30 13:04:52 PDT 2010

Big News.  Just wanted to let people know we're producing a documentary film
on Haiti and post-quake sustainable agriculture.  Our primary subject
is Nouvelle
Vie Youth Corps <http://nouvelleviehaiti.org/>, who is working to train a
new generation of young Haitian leaders in Permaculture design.  We’re also
featuring MPP <http://www.mpphaiti.org/> (of recent fame for organizing of
burning of Monsanto's "gift" of seeds), and a number of other organizations.
 Everyone down there kept telling us this film needed to get made, and no
one was making it, so we are.  We've just launched our fundraising for the
first shoot on Kickstarter, and we *really* *need some support to make this

This is the link for the full description:

In short, "*Hands That Feed
**is a film exploring the agricultural collapse in Haiti, it's role in the
post-earthquake food crisis, and the emerging grassroots development models
that seek to restore Haiti's food supply and environment.*"  Our focus is
both on permaculture and sustainable agriculture rural development projects.
 We seek to highlight the groundbreaking work these groups are doing, and to
show the world that a different kind of economic development is possible.

Kickstarter relies on viral promotion.  I'm asking if you can: *forward the
link* <http://kck.st/bc3SlW> to your lists and relevant friends.  Please
also click here to post in on your Facebook
and here to post it on your Twitter
 And of course, even small
absolutely critical.  Front-loading the
fundraising is really essential so that people see this is succeeding and
hop on.

Thank you so much for your support,


*"It was a mistake. I have to live everyday with the consequences of the
loss of capacity to produce a rice crop in Haiti," Bill Clinton told the
Senate Foreign Relations Committee on March 10, 2010. "The country has the
best chance in my lifetime to achieve this objective: to build a modern
self-sustaining state. But what it means is that we have to think about our
roles in a different way, and how we will play them in this reconstruction
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