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Dear Friend,

On the outskirts of Davis, California lies a 640-acre farm - the home 
of D-Q University, the only Native American university in the United 
States not on reservation land. It is a place of great dreams and 
great hopes.

This September, collaboration between the Regenerative Design 
Institute and D-Q University will bring together an incredible array 
of permaculture teachers and Native American instructors for two 
weeks of intensive training in permaculture design, 
inter-generational mentoring and cultural connections.

We invite you to spend two weeks participating in an amazing 
experience of revitalizing land and people.
The course will introduce the ancient principles of the Great Law of 
Peace, originally brought to the people of the Five Nations hundreds 
of years ago to help restore peace to their warring nations.

Together with hands-on training in the principles of permaculture, 
this course will provide an experience of beginning to heal our 
relationships to the Earth and each other. The gift will be helping 
to revitalize a site rich in possibilities for future generations of 
indigenous people.

Permaculture Design Certification Course
Offered: September 3-18
Location: D-Q University, Davis, California

Instructors: <http://www.z2systems.com/nps//servlet/DisplayLink?orgId=regenerativedesign&emailId=36237&linkId=1965&targetUrl=http://www.regenerativedesign.org/pennybio>Penny 
Livingston-Stark, <http://www.z2systems.com/nps//servlet/DisplayLink?orgId=regenerativedesign&emailId=36237&linkId=1967&targetUrl=http://www.regenerativedesign.org/jonbio>Jon 
Young, Tom Ward, David Ortiz, Edward Willie 
and <http://www.z2systems.com/nps//servlet/DisplayLink?orgId=regenerativedesign&emailId=36237&linkId=1964&targetUrl=http://www.regenerativedesign.org/jamesbio>James 
Find out more about the Peacemaking and Permaculture Design 
Certification Course on our 
We hope to see you there!

Regenerative Design Institute
P.O. Box 923 | Bolinas, California, 94924

RDI's Permaculture Design Courses
In our permaculture design certification courses, you will learn how 
to observe and use the same principles that make ecological systems 
self-sustaining and apply them to integrated homes and gardens. In 
addition, you will learn how to apply these principles to energy 
systems and water supplies, healthy communities, meaningful and 
fulfilling work, ecological economies and global political movements 
for change.
The course also weaves together the principles and practices of 
permaculture with nature awareness - participate in activities that 
deepen your awareness and intimacy with the rest of the natural 
world. Our program is founded on the reality that we are nature and 
have an amazing role in our watershed ecosystems.
Throughout it all, you'll be engaged in learning and experiencing an 
empowering way of living in the world, surrounded and supported by 
like-minded people and instructors. Our goal is to make you a part of 
our farm community, incorporating our seasonal activities into your 
permaculture experience as time permits. Activities may include 
spring and fall pruning, seed planting, plant propagation, bed 
preparation, compost pile making, water harvesting techniques, 
natural building and other activities.
Each of our permaculture design certification courses includes the following:

	*	Permaculture principles and ethics
	*	Reading the landscape
	*	Pattern and pattern application
	*	Water harvesting
	*	Swale building
	*	Zone and sector analysis
	*	Climate and micro climate
	*	Mapping
	*	Urban permaculture
	*	Land access
	*	Community building
	*	Plant guilds
	*	Food forests and agroforestry
	*	The design process, principles, strategies and techniques
	*	Bird language and nature awareness
	*	Soil building and sheet mulching
	*	Pond management and ecology
	*	Earthworks and natural building
	*	Grey water systems
	*	Bioremediation
	*	Renewable energy systems
	*	Forest management
	*	Watershed management
	*	Group work on a conceptual design project
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