[Sdpg] Permaculture Course- Space still available- so are discounts for teachers, work-trades and payment plans!

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Space still available- so are discounts for teachers, work-trades and
payment plans!

Permaculture Design Certificate Courses
EarthFlow Design Works brings over 20 years teaching experience to the
Permaculture Movement.

*Larry Santoyo* leads the team of veteran Permaculture Designers &
recognized Leaders in the World-Wide Sustainability Movement- including *Toby
Hemenway*, Author of the best selling permaculture book *Gaia's Garden*- *John
Valenzuela*, Horticulturist, Rare Fruit and Food Forestry expert- *Scott
Pittman* has practiced permaculture design on 4 continents and is President
of the Permaculture Institute- Local experts, hands-on training and other
community actions are also scheduled for each course.

Certificate courses for design professionals, land managers, teachers,
students and homeowners are offered throughout the year. EarthFlow
specializes in eco-urban design, sustainable land use planning and
regenerative agricultural design.

watch our promotional video here:

*Re-Skilling and finding your own Right-Livelihood are core to EarthFlow's
training programs. *Community and local economic development along with
neighborhood food security are important components of a sustainable future-
and are a major focus of EarthFlow's City Permaculture trainings.  Get
hands-on experience- farm, garden & homestead skills are essential for a
well rounded educational experience- join us at Four Elements Farm for a two
week live/learn Permaculture experience.

First weekends of each month in Los Angeles- starts Oct 2/3- finale on March
*Permaculture Design Certificate Course- **Sustainable Solutions Series*

Two-week intensive in San Luis Obispo- Oct 17-30
*Permaculture Design **Certificate **Course- **Sustainable Skills Camp

*Register Here*

*Permaculture Training Programs*
EarthFlow Design Works
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