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Thu Oct 14 13:28:30 PDT 2010

Greetings all, 


While recovery moves ahead from the recent flooding in our garden and river
basin area.We intend to carry on with the upcoming Permaculture Design
Course, have all the necessary support here onsite to do so, and are very
much looking forward to the course!


We have a nearly full class with a few spaces available - let us know asap
if you'd like to join this permaculture adventure!  


This PDC, in fact, may have a great deal to share that would be hard found
at other times in terms of permaculture in action in the midst of responding
to changes.   While the flood damage to our agricultural and watershed
restoration work is major, there were no injuries to people or animals.  Our
camping area is undamaged and was well out of the way of the flooding in the
arroyo.  There is no damage to our class space, kitchen, homes, camping
areas, nor to our livestock (goat herd of 8, poultry of nearly 100).  Our
solar system is unscathed.  While we are sad to not be able to feed you
vegies from the garden, we have great local farm connections to supply our
catering, our usual bulk grains through the IV Coop, our Quail Springs'
dairy & poultry will feed the course as originally planned along with our
laden fruit trees and a good deal of preserved foods from the summer. 


Permaculture Design Certification Course at Quail Springs
October 31-November 13, 2010

Hands-On Permaculture Design Certification Course (PDC) is sponsored by
Quail Springs Permaculture, an internationally recognized permaculture
education organization. 

The grassroots Permaculture movement promotes effective methodologies for
attaining sustainability worldwide.

This 2-week course covers the permaculture curriculum for certification, and
includes hands-on learning in a diversity of applied topics that lead to
sustainability for individuals, families, businesses and communities.You
will learn to design and apply natural principles to create stable and
resilient systems that provide food, water, shelter and energy needs while
regenerating ecology, community and economy. 

Instructors: Learn with Warren Brush <http://www.permaculturedesign.us> ,
international educator and co-founder of Quail Springs, and a team of
passionate and knowledgeable instructors.

Course Topics include:

Sm. Scale Food Production - Integrated Pest Mgmt - Composting - Tree
Planting - Water Harvesting -Greywater Systems - Compost Toilet Systems -
Natural Building - Earthworks - Watershed Restoration - Keyline -
Appropriate Technology - Beekeeping - BioChar - BioEngineering - Alternative
Economics - Green Job Preparation - Livestock Care - Goat Milking - Pastured
Poultry - Cheese Making - Bread Baking - Saving the Harvest - Community
Building - Nature Awareness

Permaculture is a conscious integrated design system based on ecology and
sustainability principles to create resource efficient and productive human
environments and reduce our footprint on the earth.  Permaculture provides a
framework for consciously designed landscapes that mimic the patterns and
relationships found in nature that provide diversity, stability, and
resilience.  These systems yield an abundance of shelter, water, energy, and
food for the provision of local needs.

Cost: $950 (early bird registration by September 1, 2010) or $1,250
thereafter. Includes instruction, catered meals. Limited partial work
exchange positions & payment plans, inquire early!

Referral offer: Receive $100 off the course fee when a participant registers
who was referred by you!

Contact for more info or to register: Kolmi Majumdar info at quailsprings.org
<mailto:info at quailsprings.org?subject=HandsOn%20PDC%20at%20Quail%20Springs%2
0Interest>  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need
JavaScript enabled to view it or 805-886-7239



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