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Joel Salatin: The Politics of Food
03 Dec 2010, 11:00

American farmer Joel Salatin, the star of the documentary Food Inc, 
has become a "pin up boy" for the growing food "re-localisation" 
movement. On a recent visit to Canberra, he gives his take on food 
politics after a lifetime of experience in natural and profitable 

Salatin came to prominence with his ideas about creating abundance on 
a family farm. His methods include learning how to mimic nature and 
arrange the facets of farm life so they don't operate as independent 
operations, but rather a system of "intertwined cycles".

Disregarding conventional wisdom, the Salatins planted trees, built 
huge compost piles, dug ponds, moved cows daily with portable 
electric fencing, and utilised portable sheltering systems to produce 
all their animals on perennial prairie polycultures.
Salatin believes we're now living through an age of a "food 
inquisition", not unlike the religious inquisition of 500 years ago, 
where the powers behind industrialised agriculture and food 
production are putting heretical farmers like him "on the rack".

In this talk, organised by Milkwood Permaculture in association with 
Slow Food Canberra, Salatin lays out twelve false assumptions peddled 
by the "inquisitors" which sustainable farming methods counter.

Joel Salatin has been featured in Michael Pollan's book, "The 
Omnivore's Dilemma", and in the films "Fresh" and "Food Inc". He is 
also the author of six books including "Family Friendly Farming", 
"Salad Bar Beef", and his latest, "Everything I Want To Do is Illegal 
- war stories from the local food front". He is a fulltime farmer of 
the highly successful Polyface Farms, and winner of the Heinz 
International Award for Environmental Leadership.
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