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You Tube the New Normal by Dave Wann

Dave is looking for more speaking date in San Diego area for his talk 
Dave Contact Dave Wann <davewann at comcast.net>  website www.davewann.com 
The talk in San Diego is about The New Normal, which presents 33 points 
of intervention in systems from agriculture to energy to consumerism, to 
create a "social tsunami" that will shift our culture away from 
deadlines and dying species, toward lifelines and living wealth.

Welcome to my redesigned website. I hope you find useful ideas and maybe 
even inspiration here. For the last twenty-five years I've been 
exploring and promoting opportunities for making our way of life less 
destructive, more affordable and more satisfying. As a researcher, 
practitioner and "traveling salesperson" for a more sustainable 
lifestyle, I've examined the way we eat; where we choose to live; what 
policies we support; what we manufacture and buy; how we take care of 
our health; what we do in our spare time.
I've written 10 books and produced a handful of TV programs about 
sustainable communities, agriculture, transportation, restoration of 
nature, consumerism, energy... all things sustainable. Now, in my senior 
years, I'm trying to identify and report synergies among these systems. 
My goal is to create a future scenario in which Americans can experience 
twice the satisfaction for half the resources.  That's what the The New 
Normal is about. In that book I wrote, "Until we change the direction of 
our plug-and-play, no-effort-required lifestyle, we'll continue to be an 
endangered as well as dangerous civilization. We'll continue to generate 
game-ending carbon dioxide as we convert ecosystems to must-have, easily 
broken gadgets and nutrition-free, processed food."
"How can we become a mature civilization when our practices destroy the 
source of our wealth?"

It's clear that Americans in particular are tethered to a lifestyle 
support system of highways, pipes, wires, airwaves, lines of credit, and 
most importantly, an obsolete way of thinking. How can we become a 
mature civilization when our practices destroy the source of our wealth: 
the living systems and climatic stability that lie beneath the bottom 
line of our obsessive-compulsive, often fraudulent economy?  In our 
times, we seem trapped between two very powerful forces: institution and 
intuition. A harnessed, institutional mindset says, "Full speed ahead -- 
look what we've created!" But our intuition --- with the full force of 
evolution behind it --- cautions, "Slow down -- look what we are 
destroying!" Intuition counsels us to rewrite the instructions --- 
reprogram our cultural software --- so our world can be more secure, 
stable, and sustainable.
We need to more carefully observe the way nature works: In their most 
mature, climax stages, biological systems have learned how to optimize 
diversity, resourcefulness, and resilience, weaving partnerships among 
species to make use of each scrap of resource and each niche.  In the 
new era, we'll b
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