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Hey Everyone!

The February 4th Barrel Making Workshop is full!   See information  
below about the Tour on February 4th, which is open to everyone.  Kids  
are always welcome!

I've opened up a subsequent workshop on Saturday, February 11 at City  
College at 10AM.

> Great News San Diego!
> Rain Barrel Rebates for City of San Diego customers are here!  The  
> program started January 15th, and there are limited funds, so act  
> fast.  The more demand we show for rebates, even if they run out,  
> the more likely this program will take off as a more substantial  
> offering for the Water Conservation Department.  If you have a  
> barrel/tank purchased after January 1st, the Public Utilities  
> Department will rebate $0.50/gallon up to 400 gallons or $200!  See  
> the following link for details and to get an application:
> http://www.sandiego.gov/water/conservation/ 
> resrainwaterharvesting.shtml
> If you are thinking of getting a tank soon to take advantage of this  
> great opportunity, check out The Tank Source, in Alpine, our local  
> Tank Supplier.  You won't find better prices:
> http://www.thetankssource.com/sandiegotank/
> Also, if you need help getting started, I offer consultations as  
> well as installations for rainwater tanks as well as greywater  
> systems, so don't be afraid to call or email.

> Make Your Own Rain Barrel Workshop
> Saturday, February1, 2012.  10:00pm-12:30pm
> Location: City College, San Diego
> We will provide clean, recycled, food grade 55 gallon plastic drums  
> along with a kit of parts to tap it for a hose fitting on the bottom  
> and an overflow on the top, as well as mosquito-proofing options.   
> You will be able to drill your holes and assemble your barrel onsite.
> The class will begin with a presentation covering various facets of  
> water harvesting from understanding what your rainwater potential  
> is, how to use your rainwater, how to accommodate runoff in your  
> landscape, as well as greywater use and regulations.  I will have  
> literature on hand from water agencies and other educational  
> material for you to take home.
> The cost of the class is $75,  If you would like to participate in  
> the workshop but do not want to take home your own barrel, the cost  
> is $25, sliding scale.  If you would like to purchase an extra  
> barrel and parts, the cost will be $50.  Cash or check will be  
> accepted.  Don't forget that you can apply for you barrel rebate of  
> $27!
> Please RSVP by Monday, February 6 to ensure your spot. Spaces are  
> limited to the first 15 people to sign up.   RSVP to brook at h2o- 
> me.com or call 619.964.4838
> Water Harvesting Tour
> Saturday, February 4, 2012 from 1 :00 PM to 2:30 PM
> Come see water harvesting in action! Guided by Water Harvesting  
> Professional and Permaculturist, Brook Sarson, you'll see how a  
> passive water harvesting techniques, combined with a 1525 gallon  
> rainwater storage system, as well as laundry and bath greywater work  
> together to grow a garden of edibles (including 20 fruit trees)  
> using only 1/4 of the water that most San Diegans use each day.
> As you tour this urban farm setting, you'll see natural building  
> techniques including a cob chicken coop, decorative benches as well  
> as an earth pizza oven. Brook will be on-hand to talk to you about  
> solutions for your space and how you can make a difference by  
> conserving and protecting our most vital resource.
> There will be a tour starting at 1:00, with light refreshments and  
> materials to peruse relating to water in our community.  You will  
> learn about simple greywater systems, do-it-yourself options,  
> rainwater-harvesting systems, resources, or you can schedule an  
> appointment with Brook to assess greywater and rainwater  
> opportunities at your site.
> Suggested donation of $5 will go toward supporting water activism in  
> San Diego. Please RSVP to Brook at brook at h2o-me.com or call  
> 619.964.4838 and I will give you the address.
> Brook Sarson
> Smart Water Savings
> 619.964.4838
> brook at h2o-me.com

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